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Barbie's fish tail is made of gumpaste and fondant, making it appear that she sits on the cake. She is actually stuck into the center as requested by my 6 yr old. The shells are moulded chocolate and the coral is royal icing.  All is theoretically edible except for Barbie herself.
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By steph
Apr 13, 2005
3 13
By Connie515
Apr 26, 2005
The Little Mermaid and her friends.
3 5
By JennB
Sep 3, 2005
HI!  I'm pretty new to this site and very new to buttercream transfer.  Here is my attempt at a buttercream transfer of Ariel.  Thanks for looking and for all the helpful tips on this site!!!!
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By jlm80249
Sep 16, 2005
My least favorite cake to do! The lady brought me the Ariel doll...she had seen another similar cake I had done for someone else!
4 8
By traci
Jan 4, 2006
This cake was for one of my daughter's friends. She saw a picture of another mermaid cake I did. One of my least favorite cakes to do!
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By traci
Mar 5, 2006
Little Mermaid and Cinderella - BCTs - Chocolate cake, Buttercream frosting
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By vmw774180
Mar 7, 2006
I just finished this cake for a little girl that is turning 3 ...I keep her during the day. All Butter cream with chocolate fudge cake and strawberry cream filling.....details are made mostly with candy melts.
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By twoprincesses
Mar 17, 2006
Flounder is made of fondant. Seashells and seaweed are Royal Icing. Everything is edible except torso up on the mermaid.
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By Redkraze
Mar 29, 2006
A cake for my friends daughter. Iced in buttercream with chocolate shells and coral and a fondant tail.
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By glitterkris
Apr 1, 2006
I was asked to make this for a friend's daughter's third birthday.  The shells are made from sugarpaste (gumpaste?) and coloured with edible lustres.  

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By dkcrooby
Apr 20, 2006
This is the first time I make a mermaid cake.  I did the tail in fondant little circles,   the face, arms and body are also fondant. The sides of the cake are long leaves performed with leaf tip.
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By Chary
Apr 25, 2006
I was lucky enough to get this pan... paid a little bit more for it, but worth it!!  :D
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By angegreene
Apr 27, 2006
This is a buttercream cake, with chocolate seashells.  The characters were plastic toys.  A treasure chest meant for a fishtank was placed between the tiers (it was brand new).  The dolphins on the sides were created with chocolate.  It only seemed appropriate to display it on a fountain.
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By Angiecakes
May 21, 2006
I used a 6,7,8 inch instead of the wondermold, and cut holes through the middles and it worked great. All buttercream decorations.
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By maddog
May 21, 2006
This one accompanied Scooby-Doo for the same birthday party. Really wanted to get her body in but was struggling with the room I had on top of the cake & how small it would have made Ariel. These, even with help from my cake-decorating mom, kept me up pretty late!
By saranac2000
Jun 20, 2006
This cake is for my niece's 6th birthday. Chocolate and white cakes with buttercream under fondant. All fondant accents. Luter dust accents too.
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By krissy_kze
Jul 8, 2006
Cake I did for my neighbors daughter.  She was dressed as a mermaid and so was her American Girl Doll!  It was such a cute party . . .
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By LulaBelle
Jul 16, 2006
this is a strawberry creme ice cream cake with ariel edible image...iced in whip cream...thanks for looking!
By cakefairy18
Jul 21, 2006
This was a last minute (2 day notice) cake and as we all know little mermaid isnt too popular anymore so I couldnt find any toys or cake toppers anywhere. My brother found these in Houston they went to a leggo set and drove them to me in Lake Charles. It was a life saver! I think it came out pretty good for such short notice! All the shells are chocolate.
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By AmberC2
Jul 25, 2006
Daughter's 4th birthday used chocolate seashells had letters out of chocolate also but had a few break right before my daughters party so had to use laminate letters.
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By donvi
Aug 8, 2006
I made this for my daughter's 5th birthday this weekend, we had an Ariel party.  I marbeled the fondant to look like water, the bottom layer darker than the top because it's "deeper."  I used brown sugar for sand and made the flowers out of fondant.  The seaweed is buttercream and the seashells are chocolate (Wilton candy mold).  The cake is yellow with regular buttercream.
10 90
By sgauta
Aug 28, 2006
Stacked construction, all buttercream.  Ariel, Flounder, and Sebastian are from the Disney Store.
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By Meagan
Sep 16, 2006
What was Sleeping Beauty dreaming of for those 100 years? What if she had been reading a book of fairy tales before she fell asleep? Her world melts down into the top of Cinderella's castle, which is in the clouds of Snow White's forest, which rests atop the Little Mermaid's world under the sea. As you can see, each princess is asleep, dreaming of their own true love.   ( fondant/ beginning of idea from Debbie Brown's Sleeping Beauty)
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By dydemus
Sep 18, 2006
10" & 6" b/c icing with fondant creatures & chocolate sea weed.  Creatures were made with a flexible mold for clay work.  So easy to use & fun too!
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By bjfranco
Sep 22, 2006
8" & 4" BC icing, Fondant fish, shells, turtles & banner, chocolate shell & seaweed. Gold Sanding Sugar for Ocean Floor.  Thanks for looking!
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By bjfranco
Sep 30, 2006
Oops!! Sebastian is kinda big...looks bigger than Ariel (oh well, it was a learning experience)!!  
Half-sheet double layer with buttercream filling.  Ariel, Flounder and Sebastian and rock made with fondant.  Palm trees piped with green buttercream using leaf tip.  Shells made with melted almond bark and brushed with gold luster dust.  Beach made from crushed graham cracker crumbs.  Water is colored piping gel.  Thanks for looking!
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By adkenney73
Oct 2, 2006
Disney princess Ariel from "The Little Mermaid"
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By socake
Oct 7, 2006
No fail cookie recipe with Antonias Icing.I used my Kopykake projector to project flounder on a clam shaped cookie.The fish cutter alone was too small and I was charging quite abit for each cookie so...I did 50 of these yesterday!
5 5
By Kiddiekakes
Oct 7, 2006
Alyssa's 3 yr. birthday cake - I had to hand-cut the flounder cake shape as I couldn't find a flounder pan
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By jeniferrice
Oct 9, 2006
this is a dummy cake for an expo
9 32
By xinue
Oct 15, 2006
This cake was fun to do and loved by everyone at the party.  I was at the party and cut the cake.  I made the kids laugh when I took the body out of the cake and then proceeded to take the ariel head off (just for fun),  the 4 and 5 year olds said AHHH and laughed.  Too cute.
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By sweetcreation
Oct 23, 2006
All made of fondant. Would change a few things if I did it again. Just started doing cake decorating about a month ago so it's all a learning curve!!
By seraphim
Oct 29, 2006
Chocolate cake with buttercream. Ariel is a frozen buttercream transfer.
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By sassz
Nov 3, 2006
This was a cute cake.  White chocolate fondant covered cake, with under the sea-type toys attached with royal icing, and edible glitter over the top.
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By Botanesis
Nov 8, 2006
2 5
By marina34
Nov 10, 2006
fbct, cake frosted in pastry pride.
14 73
By chestercheeto
Nov 10, 2006
Chocolate cupcakes with BC frosting and FBCT of Little Mermaid.  Really loved doing this cake as she is one of my favorites!
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By mariamom
Nov 19, 2006
What fun!  Chocolate cake with almond bc.
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By ccwkg
Nov 23, 2006
My first attempt at a BCT.  A learning experience!  Also my first cake for a customer in years. :)  2/3 chocolate and 1/3 white cake.  Iced in butterncream.  12 x 18.
4 9
By Cakeasyoulikeit
Apr 13, 2005


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