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this is a cake made of fondant and buttercream. the tiger print was printed on edible photo
paper than placed on the buttercream icing.
By tripleD
Jul 7, 2008
I made this cake for a 10 year old girl's birthday.  It was inspired by the favor boxes for the party.  It was a chocolate cake with chocolate bc, covered in fondant with fondant accent pieces.
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By bambuf
Jul 13, 2008
Este bizcocho fue para la madre de una amiga. Lo hice tal y como me lo pidió!
Cake for the mother of a friend, as requested...
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By Bomboncito
Jul 16, 2008
This is for a friend of mine that I used to work with for her birthday. NFSC with RI.
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By Mattie1
Jul 21, 2008
shoe, lipstick, nail polish are made from fondant.  The cake is covered in fondant and the animal print was "painted" on.  Thanks for looking :)
By Cake_Bliss
Jul 23, 2008
Purse Cake with Shoes, Lipstick, customized credit cards, gift checks and money for a 50th birthday!   This cake was so fun.  Airbrushed the purse with Lucks Pink Shimmer, Frosted and Smoothed out Buttercream on the 10" Round
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By tc4cake
Aug 6, 2008
Cake is iced in buttercream. Decorations are all fondant or gumpaste.
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By mommy2owen
Aug 7, 2008
Just playin...Love these cookies from Eleni's so here is my interpertation. NF with royal....TFL!
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By yankeegal
Aug 11, 2008
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By AdeleP
Aug 20, 2008
1/4  sheet and 6" round cake cookie nail polish and lipstick.  with 
fondant accents
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By leannsloan
Sep 2, 2008
Made this for my niece's 7th bday. She wanted a "big kid" cake with a purse and makeup and stuff. I got the colors from the party decorations. This was my first purse cake. It's been one of those days, I'm very tired, but I did my best so I hope she likes it. I'm not quite satisfied but her opinion is all that matters in the end. TFL.
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By kimmypooh79
Sep 13, 2008
These cookies were inspired by bakinccc.  Ever since I saw that "spa girl"  I had to try it, I was just waiting for someone to order it, and finally they did!  Thanks so much for the inspriration;-)  Some others were inspired by cc as well;-) Thanks!!!
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By kden3980
Sep 19, 2008
This is a different version of a cake I have done before.  The makeup bag and makeup was done using one of Debbie Brown's great books.  The cake is buttercream with fondant accents.  The makeup bag is covered in fondant. The makeup pieces are done in fondant.
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By jaklotz1
Sep 27, 2008
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By sandralita
Oct 12, 2008
This is my second sculpted cake... There is stuff in the bag like (lotto ticket and coin clinique lipstick and compact, coin bag, gum, and keys...) again taken with a cell phone
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By katyscakes
Oct 15, 2008
Another shoe box cake, but a fun one!  I made it for my hairdresser's wife who is especially fond of designer shoes. The box lid is cake and the decorations are gumpaste.  The hardest part was getting the tissue paper to look right!  TFL!
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By 2muchsugar
Oct 15, 2008
mm fondant make up and purse covered in mm fondant. Inspired by cakes here on cc.Thanks!
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By twistedsplinters
Oct 22, 2008
This was done for a friends Bridal Shower.  I was paranoid the purse was going to take a plunge before we cut it, but all went well.  Tranporting was the biggest problem, it was sliding everywhere.  But it made it in one piece and everyone was amazed that cakes could look like that.  Thanks for all the other purse and shoe box's on CC  for inspiration!
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By KutieKakes
Oct 22, 2008
Cake for a thirty year old.  Cake and accents matched color scheme of her party, chocolate, green, and silver.  Lipstick, compact, brush, and purse are all fondant/gumpaste mix brushed with luster dust.  Cake is chocolate covered with Satin Ice fondant and Choco-pan chocolate circles. Board is covered with fondant and brushed with silver luster dust.
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By skeet1zp
Oct 24, 2008
Another purse/makeup bag for a little girl this has become a hit for girls and I love making the little rings and make up (all fondant) and I just LOVE this Disco Glitter stuff is awesome.
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By CakeswLove
Nov 6, 2008
Another Louis Vuitton purse!  The birthday girl's initials were HM, so I used Photoshop to change the pattern and change the LV to HM on the pattern.  I was pleased with the results!  TFL!
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By 2muchsugar
Nov 10, 2008
Vainilla cake with guava filling. MMF that wes terribly melty because of the heat and humidity.  Gumpaste acsesories.
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By arnab
Nov 10, 2008
Two-Layer white cake (on it's side) with buttercream icing and detail.  AVON business card, lipstick tube, and nail enamel all made from colored fondant.  Purse handle is made from non-edible wire and beads.
By BuffyAndCompany
Nov 13, 2008
Shopping bag cake with fondant accessories...I cut the letters from fondant with an exacto....thanks for looking!
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By adven68
Nov 28, 2008
First time making a purse cake.  I carved this out of an 11x15 sheet made from chocolate pound cake.   Now that I've done one, I think the next one will be easier and cleaner looking.  The plaque is gumpaste.  The accessories are fondant.  TFL!
By SugaredUp
Dec 7, 2008
I used an 8 inch round cut in half for the bottom of the lipstick tube. Then used a sheet cake to cut out the rest. Covered the cake in MMF and decorated the board. I think next time to make it look more realistic, I will use smaller rounds cut in half to make the tube. Thanks for looking!
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By Momof4luvscakes
Jan 18, 2009
I did these for a spa themed party! I put shimmer on them and the birthday girl LOVED it...she's 8! :o)
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By CristyInMiami
Jan 25, 2009
Iced with buttercream and decorated with fondant polkadots and pearls.  The makeup bag is a 5" cake covered with fondant.  The lipstick, blush & brush are made from fondant.
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By MelZ
Jan 26, 2009
My 30th Birthday cake.  TFL!
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By doughdough
Jan 28, 2009
I've never done such an intricate birthday cake.  Ordered by the triplets grandmothers for a surprise 1 year birthday.  They wanted "everything girly" in turquoise and white with feathers.  This is what I came up with.  Yellow cake with white chocolate mousse filling. All the accent decorations are out of gumpaste.
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By khoudek
Feb 4, 2009
A husband ordered this for his wife and wanted all of her interests highlighted.  The images were transferred via piping gel from clipart.
By yellobutterfly
Feb 9, 2009
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By pennywells
Feb 16, 2009
This is a 10" yellow cake with a 6" chocolate cut to make the make-up bag.  Buttercream icing and then fondant accents.
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By SueB
Feb 17, 2009
M.A.C. Make-up Cake
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By kfinaleed
Feb 19, 2009
I wanted to test out a new cake recipe with my MOPS group... thought the lipsticks with the lip sprinkles were appropriate for a bunch of moms!
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By pinkpiggie78
Feb 20, 2009
Butter cream with fondant accents.  Gumpaste handle.  For my friend's daughter's 5th birthday.
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By alanaj
Feb 21, 2009
I had a customer that called and asked me to do a cake for her very Sassy, upbeat Aunt that "loves" animal prints. I ironically I had just seen a cake a few days before on CC that had a leopard shoe on it. Thanks CC Member!  So I happily did this cake for her. They loved it and so did I. The cake itself was a delicious chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream frosting with fondant and modeling chocolate accents including the compct and lipstick. And when I delivered the cake to the party I was amazed that the cake actually matched the entire decor of the home, Leopard! 

Thanks for looking.
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By Lefemme410
Feb 24, 2009
This was done for my friend's 10-year-old daughter ... despite much coaxing and cajoling, they had their hearts set on putting actual nail polishes and lip glosses on the cake so their friends could take them home off of there. So, I lost that battle, and mounted them as the topper. Yellow butter cake with white chocolate-strawberry filling, MFF and gumpaste details.  Thanks for your comments! :)
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By emiyeric
Feb 28, 2009
This is a variation of a cake I posted in January.  Buttercream iced and decorated with fondant.  The makeup and jewelry are made from fondant too.
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By MelZ
Mar 14, 2009
NFSC with Antonia RI.  A local hair salon will be giving these to the girls who come in to have their hair done for prom.
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By tljkids
Apr 2, 2009


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