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NFSC with Antonia RI.  A local hair salon will be giving these to the girls who come in to have their hair done for prom.
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By tljkids
Apr 2, 2009
9 inch rounds topped by 6 inch rounds fed 40.  Fondant lipstick, nail polish, purse, sunglases, hearts and flowers.
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By chica07
Apr 5, 2009
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By val25dejesus
Apr 12, 2009
A purse cake I made for a friend's birthday, inspired by CC
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By Thinknice
Mar 9, 2008
Made these for a lady who was having her birthday at a day spa.
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By cookiesbyms
Apr 22, 2009
NFSC w/ Antonia RI.  More the the Accessorie bridal shower.
7 39
By CindyM
Apr 24, 2009
Dummy was used for the class I took to learn how to make this type of cake.  It was taught by Adven68 (Irene Likokas) on Sat. 4/25/09.  Unfortunately I was about a half hour late so I rushed through my icing and fondant steps, so I'm unhappy with my base fondant, but I think the rest looks pretty good (though I do need to practice now that I 'know' what to do).  Thanks for a great class, Irene!  TFL
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By Sugar_Plum_Fairy
Apr 26, 2009
My first purse cake made for my niece Natalie.  :)
By andysprite
Apr 28, 2009
My sister and I made this for an all ladies church retreat...the theme was women and your inner glamour.  The bottom tier was orange chocolate chip w/ CBC filling...the 2nd tier was chox cake w/ andes mint filling...and the top tier was lemon cake w/ raspberry BC.  The lipsticks,nail polishes, lips, dots, and swirls were all made from chocolate and completely edible.  The diamonds and wires w/ beading were not edible, but added the"bling" that we needed. We were going for a whimsical but glamorous cake and had a blast making it...BTW  it tasted great too!
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By boatander
May 9, 2009
First time attempting a purse cake. It didn't take that long to decorate. I used some scroll imprints to accent it. The cake started to lean a little toward the front but I think it's because it was heavier in the front with more decorations. My mom absolutely LOVED it, she went head over heals!
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By Kerry_Kake
May 11, 2009
I made the toppers for these cuppies to match the decorations out of fondant.  This was for my niece's bday.  TFL!
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By Michelle104
May 17, 2009
Fondant shoe and lipstick, Gumpaste plaque
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By kimmybritt
May 18, 2009
Cake was made for my daughters 2nd birthday she loves purse and all the girlie stuff for it.  All fondant brushed with super pearl dust. Cake is WASC with vanilla buttercream filling.
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By justfun
May 18, 2009
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By turtle3264
May 30, 2009
CSM: fondant covered carved chanel purse. Lots of fondant straps and gold painted accents. High heel and lip stick are fondant as well. Lots of details on a purse like this. It was fun though. I loved the stitching and complexity of the details from the picture they sent me. Thanks for looking!
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By sylly
May 30, 2009
Cake had lipsticks, mirrors, blower, flowers all around.
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By CristyInMiami
Jun 6, 2009
Little girl's Mom was unsure whether she would have enough cake for her daughter's bratz themed 6th birthday party. She asked me to bake some cupcakes with some Bratz accessories. This is what I came up with - all fondant with lustre dust.
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By ursular
Jun 7, 2009
NFSC with fondant.
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By laje14
Jun 13, 2009
Made for my sister's b-day.
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By laje14
Jun 13, 2009
Made this cake for my daughter's 7th bday spa birthday party.  The face is a party store mask covered in fondant.  Lipstick and nail polish are also fondant
By devwo05
Jun 22, 2009
Made for my niece's birthday.  Harder then I thought to cover in fondant.  Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks
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By LittleLamb2
Jun 25, 2009
9" devils food iced in buttercream with MMF accents - all edible.
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By korensmommy
Jun 28, 2009
Customer wanted a cake like the Spa cake on my website. Made a few small changes..."spilled nail polish", and "glass" in the compact. The "glass" is made from sugar and corn syrup. All the other pieces of "make-up" are fondant. 8" WASC cake with almond bc. The black "bag" is a 6" cake, cut in half and covered in fondant. The bottom cake is bc with fondant accents. All writing is hand painted. TFL!
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By mgdsue02
Jul 8, 2009
My good friend asked me to make her a travel bug birthday cake.   She likes pink and purple and this is what I made for her!
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By PatFoskett
Jul 10, 2009
red velvet cupcakes with strawberry cream filling and chocolate cupcakes with chocolate peanut butter cup mousse filling.  Covered in fondant. Fondant iipsticks and food gel color kisses done with foam stamp.  :)
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By cakeheart
Jul 24, 2009
All cake.  Made for a 30th birthday bash.  Everything is made of fondant.  First purse cake.  Love every minute that went into this cake!!!!
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By cakekim
Jul 25, 2009
..... Just another one of these cakes ! :)  All fondant, all edible.
Thanks for browsing, have a good day
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By Makeitmemorable
Aug 1, 2009
This was for a little girls glitzy glam party. Everything was edible. Edible rhinestones, Colorflow pieces and lots of yummy buttercream! They loved the cake!
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Aug 1, 2009
2 2
By Cakeonista
Aug 3, 2009
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By oOSo-Tasty1
Aug 5, 2009
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By Junecakes
Aug 15, 2009
vanilla cake with buttercream frosting.  for a girls 6th birthday.  she loves cosmetics and perfume!
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By doublezizzle
Aug 18, 2009
For a 16 year old's birthday
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By alanaj
Aug 25, 2009
This was done for one of my daughter's friends birthday.  My first time doing any figures...WOW new respect for that...there were 4 girls at the party so I did one for each...they thought that was sooo cool and even took home their figures...LOL!  Tried to incorporate sleepover stuff...wished I would of done a few more accessories on and learn...customer very happy!  :)  10" round white cake with strawberry filling...frosted with buttercream...fondant decorations.  TFL...would love any constructive advice of course!!!
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By CareyI
Aug 29, 2009
Two tiered square cakes. First tier is chocolate cake with chocolate mousse covered with chocolate ganache and marshmallow fondant.  Second tier is White Almond Sour Cream cake with Blackberry cheesecake filling covered with buttercream and marshmallwo fondant.  This was for a 50th birthday party.  She is always putting on her lipstick.  Which is why there are lips and lipstick on the cake.  Her Favorite color is red.  Lipstick is gumpaste
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By friendtilthend
Sep 1, 2009
I made this for a friend's 40th birthday. Vanilla cake with fresh strawberry filling. Shoebox is buttercream with a fondant top for lid. Gumpaste shoe (to replicate the shoes that she bought to wear that nite) fondant roses and chocolate lipstick. All edible except the NY logo and Kim's Couture. Thanks CC'er for inspiration! Enjoy!
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By ncbert
Sep 1, 2009
fondant covered shoe box cake, gp shoe to match the actual bride's shoe, pearl necklace (from Earlene's pearl instructions), red lipstick tube, red rose petals, gp plaque.  Butter yellow cake with vanilla SMBC and chopped reduced peaches in the filling.
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By sweetiesbykim
Sep 8, 2009
Cupcakes for a friend,    girl taking a hot bath, hand bag, lipstick :)
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By GSweetDesigns
Sep 14, 2009
I made this cake for a little girl's 10th B-day party. Made all the decorations out of gumpaste, Purse is Rice Krispy treats. This was my first fondant bow, so go easy!!
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By cakechic77
Sep 21, 2009
Birthday cake for an 11 year-old girl who was having a spa party with her friends.  The lipstick, eyeshadow, her name and the spilled nail polish bottle were 50/50 gumpaste and fondant mixes.  The cake was chocolate with a chocolate buttercream filling.  The 'make-up bag" was a rice krispy treat covered in fondant and then brushed with luster dust.  When I brought it to her house, the birthday girl stared at it with her mouth open, which made me so happy : )
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By DLo912
Sep 27, 2009


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