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This is how I made the lion cub face, covered with MMF. Later I have added  rice vermicelli to make whiskers.
I have previously posted the picture of the entire cake, in case you care to see the complete cake.
The cake was not carved, was made from an old Wilton retired pan from 1974, 3d lion cub.
By anamado
May 8, 2008
Made these for some cupcakes I am making to go with a cake this weekend.
By Bubbl3h3ad
Sep 7, 2010
All made from fondant. The elephant and lion were tutorials on youtube by teafortwobakes, the giraffe was a clay tutorial on hgtv's webiste, and the monkey was a tutorial by TFL!
By CakeMama625
Mar 24, 2011
Animals for an upcoming Safari cake for a 1st birthday. The Hippo is going to be poking out of a pond that is why I only did his head and shoulders :)
By SweetTreatsbyJess
Mar 30, 2012
i got inspiration for this little lion from aine2. obviously its not as good as hers as she is a master at fondant figures! still i had a lot of fun with him. he will be going on a cake with a few friends (who at present dont exist lol) which will be given to my boyfriends sister to celebrate the birth of her little girl. more pics will follow as it develops!
By staceyd1984
May 29, 2008
Made of fondant.  I got my inspiration from a lot of people on CC.  Thank you!!
By Bellanina
Apr 13, 2010
These are my first try at making sugar animals. They are made from fondant. I have a jungle cake order for them, next week
By Susan_cakes
Mar 31, 2011
RKT Covered in MMF. I tried the "duff" Fondant and really liked it.
By Kleo
May 28, 2010
Second set of animals along with trees and bushes..all mmf.  again Hippo to go in the water/pond
By dods
Oct 31, 2006
hand made fondant wild junge animals
By My_Edible_Art
Jan 23, 2011
Lion for my Jungle theme cake :)
By StacyN
May 27, 2011
I'm working on animals to put on my son's cake next month for his birthday!
By JaeRodriguez
Feb 23, 2010
This was inspired by Aine2.
By Sneezie
Dec 3, 2009
made with buttercream and vanilla wafer
By rosemandy
Oct 26, 2010
This was my first attempt with modelpaste and i loved every minute
By stellastarchild
Sep 6, 2007
I did a Jungle Cake yesterday, and these were the animals I made. The little girl celebrating her birthday wanted herself and her brother on the cake too. 
All of Fondant, with a little tylose powder added. Eyes, ladybird spots, stripes on bees  with royal icing.
By karennayak
Feb 19, 2007
By MacsMom
Jun 29, 2008
Jungle animals made primarly out of gumpaste...a few have a touch of fondant mixed in.  These will be used on a baby shower jungle themed cake I'm doing this weekend.
By shalderman
Sep 26, 2007
Close up of the topper for my Easter cake.  Thanks to aine2 for the awesome figure tutorials, and thanks to tamivo for the inspiration for this topper!  Figures are MMF and royal icing.
By Sassy74
Apr 12, 2009
By sunnyca
Mar 10, 2011
By tasteebakes
Oct 14, 2007
Made these for my grandsons 2nd Birthday cake. My caterpillar isn't quite dry yet so he's leaning on the froggy. lol Enjoyed every minute doing these. Still need more practice but I really love'em! TFL :)
By Chippi
Jun 27, 2009
Jungle Cake
By brennorley
Aug 14, 2013
By CakeArtbyRabia
Feb 25, 2013
Noah's ark cupcake toppers.
By mariajoselunas
Jun 1, 2013
By Miffy
Mar 3, 2013
Lion cookies on top of cupcakes
By SayItWithFrosting
Aug 28, 2014
First attempt with sp, other angel
By stellastarchild
Sep 6, 2007
He was made for a baby shower cake
By CourtneyLS99
Mar 24, 2010
My first try at fondant animals. There are definitely some things I could have done better! Thanks for looking!
By Dells
Jul 14, 2011
Fondant animals made for my version of Wilton's amazing amazon cake.   They're molded on globe pillars that sat between the tiers.  This one was fun!
By nfanel
Dec 7, 2009
Giraffe, Lion, Tiger, Zebra, Elephant and Monkey for a jungle-themed baby shower cake.
By DSmo
Dec 5, 2010
By CakesUnleashed
May 18, 2007
Three more of the jungle animals I just made for the jungle themed baby shower  I am doing this coming weekend.  Mmf with cai tylose powder added to harden more.  Insperations all came for cc members. so, thanks for all the pics.  TFL.
By manders
Aug 5, 2007
Diego and friends close up shot from the Diego cake I posted the other day.
By helipops
Mar 17, 2007
Cupcakes iced in buttercream with fondant animal toppers
By jenbenjr
Oct 9, 2010
Lion King
By joyandcake
May 19, 2013
Made for my daughters birthday cake.  The mane is a little large i think, but for a first attempt i'm happy.  It was great fun to make TFL
By gothicfairy
Mar 14, 2011
By kimmyboo925
Dec 8, 2009
gumpaste lion for jungle cake.
By luvbakn
Aug 13, 2009


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