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This is my version of the oh so famous clothes line cake. I wanted to use both blue and green frosting so I tried not blend it to much. I used chocolate trasfers for the clothes. I need to work on writing straight.
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By jenurator
Mar 28, 2006
I made this for my mother-in-law, she is hugely into line dancing.
It is made out of rich fruit cake and iced with fondant icing.
7 6
By lauracox79
Apr 20, 2006
I needed a quick cake. I had a chocolate cake in the freezer and canned icing in the cupboard but I had no idea what to do for decorations. So, I just filled and iced the cake, filled a bag with a small round tip on the end, and this is what I ended up doing. It all only took me 5 minutes....or less. Quick and easy design in choco for men, primary colors for boys, or pastels for girls. Chocolate icing, caramel filling/deco.
9 34
By ellyrae
Jun 23, 2006
This cake was inspired by tammiemarie.  I made this for my sister's shower.  This was my first "airbrush" cake.
1 8
By katrich00
Jun 24, 2006
I have been wanting to do this cake since the first time I saw so many of you try it. I was pretty happy with the way it turned out.
1 20
By chefdot
Jul 27, 2006
This is a 3 teir cake covered in fondant. The babies are hand molded out of gum-tex and fondant with the help of a toothpick.  Everything else is also decorated with gum-tex and fondant.  I wish i had known to make my fondant thicker, it think it would have laid flatter/smoother if i didn't roll it so thin.  This cake was a blast to make!  The big yellow bow was added at the mom-2-be's request, i felt unsure of it all along...
11 40
By sherrialex
Aug 18, 2006
I used the four tier acrylic cake stand.  6" choc., 8" white, 10" white, and 12" choc.  Each cake is a different design.  I painted the "F" with gold luster dust and did swiss dots.  (my first time to use luster dust!! Very exciting!) 8" was the diamond impression mat, 10" was swirls, and the 12" I was running out of ideas so I did vertical lines.  Accented with fresh mums.
5 9
By alicia_froedge
Sep 5, 2006
This cake is iced smooth with buttercream.  Fall colored designs all done in buttercream.
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By gourmetcakes
Sep 15, 2006
Coffee cake with walnut filling, sugarpaste decorations. I was soo happy to finally get my turn making the washing line! The ducks match the invitation.
17 51
By Bayamoy
Sep 20, 2006
7 41
By tirpak
Sep 21, 2006
I was inspired by many of the clothes line design cakes on this site, but in particular the cake done by susgene.  Thank you susgene!  The recipient of this cake could really steer a lot of business my way, so I hope she loves it as much as I do! LOL
1 16
By momsandraven
Nov 10, 2006
Cake to match invites...buttercream icing, fondant bear and accents
2 8
By Schmoop
Nov 10, 2006
Yellow cake, buttercream icing.  BC and fondant finish line and toy cars.  Simple but the two year old loved it!
1 4
By destini377
Nov 20, 2006
butterceam with fondant clothes
4 34
By sampy
Nov 24, 2006
airbrushed buttercream icing, fondant clothes, and buttercream piping.
3 21
By 411angela
Dec 23, 2006
I used buttercream icing and only did the clothes line and blanket in fondant.  The one in the wilton yearbook is covered in fondant and the mother does not like the fondant.  So we settled on this design.
4 6
By Barbend
Jan 3, 2007
cake with chocolate around it, baby and clothes all marzipan.
1 1
By catherien
Feb 16, 2007
The first one I have gotten to do for a girl....don't you just love girl colors!
13 48
By mkerton
Feb 16, 2007
Fun baby shower cake for a friend's daughter, inspired by Wilton and many on this site.  Vanilla enhanced butter cake with Chocolate filling, BC with fondant accents.  They loved it!  Hooray!
2 9
By FunCakesVT
Mar 2, 2007
I got the idea for this from this site.  Did my best recreate it.  I am fairly new at this.  My friend loved it, it was for her sister's baby shower.
4 8
By rashell34
Mar 5, 2007
My first attempt (at a clothes line cake) - this was for a church baby shower.  Next time I'll make a larger cake so I have more room to work!
5 1
By riveritaly
Mar 10, 2007
All decorations are made of MMF. Details on the clothes are piped in BC.
3 70
By jewelykaye
Mar 24, 2007
My first attempt at line work and my first buttercream roses.  I was somewhat pleased with the "roses" although I'm not quite sure if the actually look like roses.  My line work needs more practice though.
By meowkitty30
Mar 29, 2007
decorated in buttercream with mmf accents
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By darylrc
Apr 8, 2007
My version of a clothesline cake. :) Friends of ours just had a baby boy, so my girls & I got this cake made to take over with a pan of Lasagna & Salad when they had got home from the hospital. We used little Clothes stickers(with the backing still on) to l to decorate the line & cake with. Will have to keep my eye out for the Wiltons cutters to try our hand at an edible version of the clothes for our next go at this style of cake :)Thanks for looking!
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By chefshar
Apr 15, 2007
my version of the baby clothes line
1 7
By TandTHarrell
Apr 29, 2007
2 tier cake, bottom is lemon with cream and rasberry filling, top is chocolate with oreo cream filling covered with chocolate ganache.  Decorated with fondant clothes line and baby shoes, light frosting clouds
2 7
By joelni
May 5, 2007
1 4
By lacie
May 27, 2007
Cakes are White Almond Sour Cream Wedding Cake.  Round Cake is covered with MMF and MMF decorations.  My version of Wilton's Baby Clothes Line Cake.  The Baby  is a Wilton Cake Topper.  The other 2 sheet cakes are covered with BC.  The overall and buttons are MMF. Since this was for a very large baby shower (100+ guests) the customer wanted a cute cake for the table and plain sheet cakes to serve from the kitchen.  Thanks for looking.
6 65
By LittleBigMomma
May 27, 2007
Iced in high humidity buttercream with line impression mat on sides and diamond on top. Fondant bead border and gumpaste flowers/bow on top. This cake was one disaster after the other, but I sure did want to eat it!! Too bad I donated it... WASC cake with white choc raspberry, rasp filling, and white choc rasp buttercream... Yum! :)
3 3
By jenndga
Jun 1, 2007
Cake went out of town for the party - mom added her own final touches.
1 3
By Lambshack
Jun 25, 2007
8" Square one layer yellow cake, one layer Devil's Food, chocolate buttercream filling, all iced in buttercream.
4 11
By notjustcake
Jun 29, 2007
I have to say this is one of my favorites I've done so far, for many reasons. First off, my husband helped with a lot of this. He helped color the fondant and cut out shapes. He made the buttons and the wood posts. Second, of all I love the colors of this cake. They are just so vibrant (which is due to my husband's wonderful kneading abilities). Last of all, it was fun to make!
This is my better butterscotch cake with Satin Ice Fondant for all the decorations. I hope you enjoy!
By jewelykaye
Jul 9, 2007
This is so much fun!  No wonder people love making these cakes.  The wire is inserted into a straw and not touching cake.  The M is made from royal icing covered with cake sparkles.  Thanks for looking.
8 12
By Cake4ever
Jul 10, 2007
MMF covered with bc accents.  Much inspiration from several ccer's.
5 7
By shipleyc
Jul 12, 2007
Based on the many beautiful clothes line shower  cakes here on Cake Central.
2 1
By belindajax
Jul 28, 2007
Cake covered in MMF and decorations are MMF and buttercream frosting.  Cake was for double baby shower at work.  My co-workers are due 3 weeks apart and are both having boys.  Thanks to the other CC members in this forum for their inspirations with the clothesline cakes, "Oh Boy"  and "heaven above" sayings.  It was a hit!   I am uploading several pics to show side detail as well.
1 7
By carimama
Jul 29, 2007
yellow cake with white buttercream icing.  Pinks, lime green, and yellow clothes.  Clothes line done to match the invitation for baby girl shower also the colors of her nursery
2 13
By Sweetpeazmom
Aug 16, 2007
I saw this cake here on CC. Thanks it was a big hit at the Baby Shower. I used a 10" and a 6" hexagon pans  and the clothes basket on top was a mini loaf pan. Thanks for looking.
2 14
By kimmycake
Aug 30, 2007
This poor cake suffered a mishap on the way to class and I thought I was going to just have to sit out and watch the others decorate their cakes.  But somehow, by the grace of God I think, I was able to make it look half way presentable with my line design transfer.  It is a really nifty technique!
3 1
By maknmap
Jan 24, 2006


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