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Just a thank you cake for my child's teacher.  First time making bleeding heart flowers and lilly of the valley flowers.
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By KimAZ
May 5, 2005
Oval basketweave cake with royal lillies on top.
9 26
By CakesByEllen
Oct 14, 2005
Royal icing lillys, petunias and drop flowers.
8 14
By KimAZ
Oct 3, 2005
pink lilly cupcake wedding cake
13 48
By socake
Mar 20, 2006
lillys and roses
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By socake
Mar 20, 2006
This is my final class project. I graduated on Saturday. 
I made the fondant from scratch and it's tastier than ready made.The cake was pound cake with strawberry and pineapple filling. The top tier was filled with "dulce de leche"  (spanish caramel)with a little brandy flavoring.
24 45
By Lucygoosey
Apr 4, 2006
French vanilla cake with BC icing. I'm not to confident on how this turned out.
By bethanne73
Apr 14, 2006
So, here it is!  My first flower pot.  The pot is all chocolate cake, the calla lillies are gumpaste, dirt is oreo crumbs, the rocks are made of fondant and the butterfly is painted with gel colours on rice paper (I'm not trhilled about the butterfly but not bad to be my first).  Thanks to the people on this website for all your help, specially Carol and weefot.
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By lpino
Nov 18, 2005
2 days and flowers already chosen! Buttercream with huckleberry filling. They are staircase stacked. Backs are all lined up straight.
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By tirby
May 20, 2006
this is a Lemon cake with seedless raspberry filling.  The Icing is SugarShack's buttercream (thanks).  I made the flowers to reinforce what I learned in course 3....I donated the cake to the school.  I learned a lesson, make sure you ahve enough stamens before you start: hence the 2 different colors. thanks,
8 34
By acookieobsession
May 24, 2006
I borrowed the idea for this cake from Boween (my idol).  It's for a school fundraiser cake raffle.  Free publicity...YEAH! The frogs, lilly pads, flowers and lilly pads are all MMF and it is iced in buttercream (which I could not get to ice smoothly...ARGH).  I don't know if it was the cake recipe I used or what but the cake did not tort very kind of sank.  So the top is smaller than the bottom.  Why is it that when it really counts everything that could go wrong goes wrong?
5 31
By janetwhitson
Jun 1, 2006
I made this for Father's Day.  It was my first stacked cake...okay my 2nd if you count that I dissasembled this cake, took off all the icing and made a whole new batch of icing.  I taught myself and in any case learned a few things.  I wish it had turned out a little smoother, but I am satisfied considering my first try was a complete embarrassment.
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By springlakecake
Jun 19, 2006
Cake for combination celebration - welcoming family to summer retreat from across the country and two birthdays!  Dark Chocolate and Vanilla ckae layers, with Chocolate Syrup Frosting filling.  Buttercream under marbled fondant, then 'waves' applied to sides.  Birthday boy is a fisherman, hence the frog catching a fish.  Thanks for looking!
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By FunCakesVT
Jul 13, 2006
Chocolate mudcake cupcakes with pink lillies made from gum paste, hand coloured with petal dust. I made the Bride and Groom from gumpaste to look like the happy couple!
4 24
By socake
Aug 1, 2006
I have made about 30 of these for a wedding cake. It took me a LONG time to figure them out. Getting a real cutter and veiner from Sugarcarft helped. I made them from a half and half mix of gum paste and fondant,  then painted and powdered them with petal dust. All the instructions I have found on making them said to make the stamen on florists wire, but I found that making a rope of paste/fondant yellow at one end and green at the other, worked better for me.  Thanks for looking!
7 13
By carlysun
Aug 2, 2006
close up of the calla lillies made for wedding cake for county fair.
8 17
By cakesbybert
Aug 13, 2006
I think all my work on these paid off. The Bride loved them.
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By carlysun
Aug 13, 2006
My sister Krisi1984 and I made this for our final cake.  Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, fondant roses and easter lillies.
11 30
By isakov1
Aug 16, 2006
I made this cake for some friends who just bought their first house.  It is a white cake w/pudding filling and BC icing.  The frog decorations are MMF.  This was my first time using MMF - lots of fun!  I looked up other frog cakes here on CC and copied one of the frogs.  Thanks for sharing all your great cake ideas!  (I need to get some sculpey clay books! ) I didn't think I could write neatly on the wavy, water-like cake, so I printed the wording on cardstock.
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By SweetTater
Aug 21, 2006
Decided to try making the calla lillys in fondant.  The cakes are white chocolate almond cakes with white chocolate buttercream icing.
By adams2shop
Aug 26, 2006
Another practice cake with dummies.
6 11
By jeking
Sep 6, 2006
NFSC with MMF and MMF calla lillies, leaves and royal icing stems.  Saw prettycake's cookies and thought they were so beautiful I had to try......hers are way better, but I tried !!
16 50
By KHalstead
Sep 15, 2006
For a surprise party.  Gumpaste pink Calla Lilies, Ivory Fondant.
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By PerryStCakes
Sep 16, 2006
Chocolate  with vanilla filling, and vanilla with cherry cheesecake filling. Thick vanilla rolled buttercream circles placed on top of each cupcake and then topped with royal icing flower (Lillies). Used along side of cake for large Bridal shower.
By caryl
Sep 25, 2006
Another view of the flowers.
By caryl
Sep 25, 2006
whit cake using wilton cross pan yellow bc icing and whi royal icing lillies
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By srod911
Sep 27, 2006
Chocolate cake with whipped ganache filling.  Butter cream icing.  Roses with 
pine boughs and lilly of the valley. Idea from a book by Roland Weinbeckler.
3 5
By sandie
Oct 15, 2006
6 3
Oct 26, 2006
50th Anniversary - MMF, brushed with gold pearl dust.
8 45
By SweetResults
Oct 29, 2006
I love this cake!  It's all fondant and gumpaste.  There are hydrangeas, calla lillys, and roses for the flowers.  Tons of edible pearls!  There was supposed to be a monogram topper, but it wasn't to the location yet when I set the cake up.  I want a picture with the topper on.
11 36
By dolcesunshine20
Nov 5, 2006
This is a fruit cake covered in fondant.  The lilly are made from modelling paste.  The rings and ribbon are non edible.
4 9
By debbiew1
Jan 5, 2007
14, 10, 6" rounds BC icing and purchased gumpaste flowers for 50th wedding anniversary.  Needed to duplicate a pic of wedding cake and found the already made gumpaste flowers on line for $8.  Could not pass that deal up!
15 45
By bjfranco
Jan 12, 2007
By Minta
Jan 18, 2007
This is my first real "wedding cake" design that I did for a friend.  I would like some constructive criticism on what I could do better.  I've started my own business at home and would really appreciate the feedback.  Thanks!
2 2
By shamley0701
Jan 24, 2007
This was just a quick cake I made for my moms friends retirement to share with her co workers.
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By sillyoldpoohbear
Jan 30, 2007
This frog sitting on a lilly pad holding a bouquet of hearts was made with the Wilton's large 3D bear pan. Ready-made decorator's icing (tinted) was used. This cake was recently made for a friends birthday. The idea came from another website but turned out great.
2 32
By HalesAngel
Feb 5, 2007
30th birthday cake for a friend who loves coconut, her surprise party theme was "Queen for a Day".  The top tier was a coconut creme cake, bottom tier white cake filled with rasberry filling iced in BC.  Crown was made from fondant and decorated in royal icing, flowers are gumpaste.  The first time making gumpaste flowers...lots of trial and error, I have never taken any classes but I was happy in the end.
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By luvmy2bugs
Feb 19, 2007
10 x 4 & 6 x 4 cake done in buttercream with royal icing flowers.  I had fun!
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By MrsMel
Feb 22, 2007
FIRST WEDDING CAKE!!!! Whew, glad to be finished, it was quite a project! (Wish someone had warned me to stay simple on the first try-) Including a 2 tier grooms cake, there were five different cake and filling combinations, plus satin ice fondant.  Small gumpaste decorations (ran out of time for more detail) , ribbon and real cala lillies and accent flowers. Used tailor cut 18" and 6" mdf boards, 2 floor flanges and a 1" wide 18" tall steel pipe for the center construction.  Thin vase hold the top flowers.
14 32
By melysa
Mar 4, 2007
This is a real sneak preview, the bride to be will be getting this cake tomorrow morning (monday 11 march 2007).
Flowers are made of sugarpaste and the top layer is also sugarpaste, the filling is white chocolate with chocolate crisps.
3 5
Mar 11, 2007


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