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Fondant Bows & Ribbons painted with luster dust.  Sugar Calla Lillies on top and a cascade down the side of the cake.
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By Anonymous
Aug 2, 2007
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By jmcooley
Aug 4, 2007
A simple little cake.
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By estherhead
Aug 12, 2007
This is another cake I did this weekend.  Unfortunately, the picture did not come out great, but i was pretty pleased with it:)
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By moralna
Aug 13, 2007
This is the back view of my hat box picture I just posted.
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By moralna
Aug 13, 2007
Simple 3 tier wedding cake.  Sugar arium (calla) lillies
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By Arty
Aug 14, 2007
Pleated icing done on 3 tier wedding cake.  Lillies placed to both sides of cake with strands of bear grass.  Rum fruit with rum apricot glaze.  All modelled in fondant, lillies done in florist paste.  Drapers were dusted with pale gold luster dust.  I also made the monogram topper as well.
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By Arty
Aug 14, 2007
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By keonicakes
Aug 19, 2007
this is a close up of the top of the cake that i made for my grandma's 90th b-day party. this is my first attempt at gum paste calla lillies and my third time with gumpaste roses.
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By iggygirl35
Aug 24, 2007
Rich chocolate cake with chocolate ganache. Had to photograph before the table and cake flowers were 100% finished as the florist was running behind schedule and I could not stay till it was finished. There were 5 double layer single cakes to go with it also covered in chocolate ganache, choc shavings and gold sparkles.
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By Leigh01
Aug 27, 2007
3 tier sponge cake covered in fondant. Arum Lillies and leaves are made from flower paste.
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By smdr
Aug 31, 2007
3 tiers of fruit cake covered in marzipan and then covered in fondant. Arum Lillies and leaves were made from flower paste. The bride requested the silver dagrees as her colour scheme was pink, purple and silver.
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By smdr
Aug 31, 2007
12" 9" 6" white almond sour cream, iced with buttercream with gumpaste calla lillies.
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By moosey
Sep 2, 2007
My first wedding cake.
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By thekeith
Sep 10, 2007
11x15 sheet cake   white cake with BC icing  FBCT of cross.
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Sep 10, 2007
Here are some sugarpaste flowers I am doing for an upcoming wedding. I have not yet taken a class but have been studying hard, the work of Scott Wooley as well as other books.
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By loriana
Sep 18, 2007
Gumpaste lillies made to put on cupcakes.
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By SugaryGoodness
Sep 20, 2007
French vanilla with strawberry filling and Buttercream.  MMF, gumpaste roses and calla lillies - there is a glass bead "C" and glass beaded twirlies on the top tier - hard to see on the pic.  Silver ribbon around the base of the tiers.  Needless to say I do need to keep practicing - this was for a small wedding at a B&B and the couple liked it and it tasted wonderful.
Thanks for looking...
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By ValMommytoDanny
Sep 24, 2007
This is for my friend's husband's birthday.  The large alligator and small alligators are all choc molds.  I used Wilton green candy melts and then colored them with dusts.  The cypress knees, lillies and cattails are all done in fondant.  The icing is Toba's Godiva choc recipe.  The cake is butter fudge.   TFL!!!
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By bonnebouche
Sep 29, 2007
6", 8", 10", 12" & 14" White Cakes w/ Stablized Whipped Icing & Filling.  Gum paste Calla Lillies to decorate.  3 of 4 cakes this weekend.  Thanks for looking!
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By ThatsHowTcakesRolls
Sep 29, 2007
Fresh flowers, and ribbon with bc icing.
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By faitheve
Oct 2, 2007
My grandmother asked me for a cake to take to her bible study.  I made on friday and drove 3 hrs to her, then she froze (wrapped box in suran wrap) until monday night put in fridge, until moring and took out couple hours before class.  This was WASC with cheesecake filling and buttercream filling.  FBCT for cross/ lillies.  Everyone loved it and I was glad to make her happy.
By shanasweets
Oct 2, 2007
First try at MMF.
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By Zahrah
Oct 4, 2007
2 tier fruit cake covered with marzipan and fondant, gumpast flowers
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By Shazzicakes
Oct 5, 2007
The colors of this wedding was baby blue and light pink.  I was held at the Isle of Capri Casino. Gumpaste flowers. (at the bottom you see some flaws around the flowers because a little boy was hungry and went and dug in at the bottom..tried to fix the best I could.
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By abeverley
Oct 9, 2007
to tie them into the wedding theme I painted the gold spots and had gold stamens... ididnt make the cake just the flowers.  made with my flower paste
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By Ariginal
Feb 27, 2007
My first time making and icing a square cake. It's not as easy as I thought it would be! Any pointers appreciated...TFL
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By laurakelly2
Oct 13, 2007
again just an order of flowers... these ones made to look more life like in natural colours. made with flower paste
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By Ariginal
Feb 27, 2007
Customer wanted a traditional style wedding cake, but with contemporary colouring.  Think that the combination of burgundy, gold & ivory works well.  Bride was very happy with it.  Burgundy colour was custom made.
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By Arty
Oct 26, 2007
This was my first attempt at a real cake shaped like my daisy cake.  I decided it is a unstable design.  It was really leaning forward by the time they did the cake cutting ceremony.  I was praying they would hurry up before it fell over!  :)  I used 2 inch styrofoam to make the tiers extra tall.  Fondant with royal icing lillies.
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By brnrlvr
Oct 28, 2007
gum paste, calla lillies, 8 in square cake
By sweetcaques
Mar 12, 2007
What a relief!  My first wedding cake order completed and delivered.  This cake was italian cream for the first 2 tiers and WASC for the 
bottom tiers.  It was covered in ivory MMF since the bride's dress was ivory.  The calas are made out of gumpaste.  It was the first time I
worked with gumpaste.
3 6
By jojo12
Nov 4, 2007
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By drewitz
Nov 6, 2007
I do jewelery making with a group of women on fridays and we celebrate everyones birthday on the second friday and this is the cake i made for it.  Sadly i did not get a pic before it was cut.
Also I use these cakes to try making new things.  This one  i made mums,some of the leaves, sycamore seeds ( the little helicopters we all played with when we were children)  all for the first time.
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By momvarden
Nov 10, 2007
Homemade chocolate with strawberry buttercream icing, strawberry pirouette cookies and silk lillies on top. Made for a charity auction to benefit abused horses. Not too sure how much money this fetched, but was very pleased with the results. Was inspired by all of the beautiful cakes displayed here on CC that used pirouette cookies!! :)
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By lkfarley
Nov 11, 2007
By Strazle
Nov 14, 2007
wedding cake with pearls, bc frosting, white cake,  maroon accents, gumpaste calla lillies, fountain
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By Wiltonlady
Nov 19, 2007
3 of 3 cakes - (wedding dress shown alone) Made for a grooms dinner. Bride as a young Daughter - Though it would be nice to have 3 little cakes. This was a lot of fun, just finished the 6 hour work, and I had to post it.  Calla Lillies are not to scale, and that is due to my Artistic view of it. Thanks to Arosstx and Hunbun for the inspiration.  Thanks for looking.
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By gateaux
Nov 23, 2007
Trip choc cake w/creme bouquet BC.  Calla lillies and roses are real.   Bride saw the Amber cake made by Meeka in the galleries and wanted a cake similar to it.
By Lalana
Nov 26, 2007
this woman wanted something for her bf's 3rd wedding. she didn't want anything extravagant and only wanted to feed 12 friends and family members. gumpaste calla lillies. all in all, it turned out good (it's leaning a bit in this pic).  tfl!
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By jwong9664
Jan 11, 2008


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