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6" Smash Cake- white cake, buttercream icing
2 1
By tysmom
Jun 23, 2006
Lightning McQueen Sheet Cake
7 7
By tysmom
Jun 23, 2006
I had so much fun doing this cake, a quick freehand job, but none the less it was a favorite for my little boy
7 14
By helipops
Jun 24, 2006
Cake I made for my boys, just because. They love the new Cars movie and I bought the pan, so i figured I'd make it for them. Orange cake with Crusting Cream Cheese Icing. I could have made the sides smoother, but they won't mind!
4 8
By Brendansmum
Jun 27, 2006
This was for a little girl who was born on the 4th of July, so we added fireworks around her name & a red, white & blue border!  I was very happy with how he turned-out!  I used the "NASCAR" pan, but it was a little long.  Next time I may try cutting a portion of the middle out - but that is also a very scary idea!  Thanks for looking!
10 19
By OCakes
Jul 3, 2006
Since this movie became popular with my kids as well as all others I have had many request for any kind of cake to go with it. This is made from the Wilton Lightning McQueen Cars pan covered in BC icing. Pretty simple cake lots of detail w/6 colors!
By oreochic
Jul 5, 2006
Lightning McQueen FBCT...sooo fun to see it turn out!  Other idea would be to put lightning bolts around the outside of the cake...but it was late, and I was done!
4 11
By ladybug03
Jul 13, 2006
Baked in an 11x14 inch oval tin and cut to shape. Dark choc mud. Covered in a layer of dark choc ganache and red fondant. All decorations made with gumpaste.
Thanks to Connie (boween) for sending me the logos : )
26 72
By boonenati
Jul 15, 2006
Used Wilton 3-D car pan on a 12 x 18 sheet cake.  I'd like to put more details on my next one.
5 11
By Steady2Hands
Jul 15, 2006
My 1st FBCT.  The car and the checkered border are done using the Frozen Buttercream Transfer technique.
30 158
By Steady2Hands
Jul 15, 2006
Half chocolate/half white sheet cake.  FBCT of Lightning McQueen.
4 2
By alicia_froedge
Jul 16, 2006
This is Lightning McQueen from the Disney movie Cars.  I made this cake for my son's 2nd birthday this past weekend.  He is all about Cars (the movie) right now and he LOVED this cake.  His reaction to it is was priceless!  It is actually a red velvet cake made in the 3d Car cruiser cake pan.  It iced in buttercream with fondant accents.  The wheels are mini donuts covered in fondant.  This cake actually looked bettter in person.  I think the flash of the camera highlights all the flaws.
Thanks for looking
9 22
By luv2cake
Jul 17, 2006
This is both cakes that I did for my son's 2nd birthday.  The half sheet cake is 1/2 white cake and 1/2 chocolate cake, iced in buttercream.  The cars are actually the toys that he had gotten out of the Happy Meals.  He loved both of his cakes, as did all the party guests.  That always makes me feel good!

Thanks for looking!
5 23
By luv2cake
Jul 17, 2006
This is one of the cakes I made for my sons birthday party.  I used the Wiltons character cake pan and it is decorated with IMBC.
4 1
By Chef_Mommy
Jul 17, 2006
I made this cake for my sons 3rd birthday party.  My DH was the one who came up with the design and he was there every step of the way helping me decorate.  The cakes were frosted in IMBC then airbrush brown.  I enjoyed making this cake very much everyone loved it.
6 32
By Chef_Mommy
Jul 17, 2006
My first character cake with fondant
6 2
By Bosch00
Jul 17, 2006
9X13 chocolate cake iced with buttercream and decorated with 2 DecoPac sets.  Fast and easy!
1 25
By tripletmom
Jul 22, 2006
The Wilton Cake Pan makes it very hard to take any credit for such a simple cake. Just followed the concept of the picture. Cake was French Vanilla with strawberry filling.
1 7
By edibleartwork
Jul 31, 2006
I made this for my son's 5th Birthday. He wanted McQueen to be blue instead of red. So we sent McQueen off to the "body shop" for a new paint job.
2 4
By mamaof4
Aug 1, 2006
I made this Cars cupcake cake for my sons birthday party.  All the kids liked it.
2 16
By joesmom583
Aug 7, 2006
Lightning McQueen and Mater with the Cars logo and flames around each side of the cake.
6 26
By KimAZ
Aug 12, 2006
All freehand buttercream with star fill in on car.  Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream.
1 17
By sarahnichole975
Aug 13, 2006
no fail cookie with mmf red base.  details done in modified royal.
15 59
By mangiamangia
Aug 17, 2006
This was my first FBCT.  It was a lot of fun.  This website is just amazing for giving great ideas and techniques I would have never found anywhere else.  The enire cake is BC.  My son was very excited when he saw it!
2 9
By 3beattieboys
Aug 18, 2006
this was for my nephews 4th bday. bigt time Cars fan!!
2 4
By cakeladee
Aug 21, 2006
Lightning McQueen for my nephew's bday.
3 18
By beachcakes
Aug 22, 2006
Another Cars cake featuring Lightning McQueen--all buttercream
8 35
By pinkflamingo
Aug 25, 2006
Buttercream icing over triple-layer chocolate cake.  Fondant checkerboard and Piston Cup; plastic figures and printed flags.
5 65
By andersonsg
Aug 26, 2006
From the "Cars" movie. !/2 sheet cake with all buttercream design.
13 25
By KimAZ
Aug 27, 2006
Child's 1st birthday cake. My boys LOVED the "Cars" movie so I imagine I'll be making this one again :)
1 4
By mqguffey
Aug 29, 2006
Chocolate cake, BC icing, top done with star tip. (First attempt at this.) My 6 yr old was more than thrilled with his cake. I was so glad it turned out as well as it did. The cake itself was pretty easy to do once I had the outline of the car. Although the photo shows there were some small "spaces" in the road, noone could see them looking at the cake.. ;) I think my camera is too good for my own good. lol
2 3
By kjackson
Sep 3, 2006
Second shot of cake with candles. "Happy Birthday Brandon" was piped around the side of the cake which I had frosted with a "color swirl" effect. (Something I just thought looked cool LOL)
By kjackson
Sep 3, 2006
This was my first go at Lightning McQueen from CARS the movie. not bad........... maybe........ i thought.
By makingcakes
Sep 4, 2006
I was happy with the improvement on this cake, compared to my first go. still a fiddly one to do though - very time consuming.
By makingcakes
Sep 4, 2006
Used a KopyKake projector for this one. I love that thing!!!
8 9
By KittisKakes
Sep 10, 2006
This was done just for fun.  It was my first "free hand" cake.  I used the Wilton car pan.  I built the spoiler with the cake I'd cut off the bottom.  The wheels are made with Thin Mints.
3 8
By Momofjakeandjosh
Sep 10, 2006
Made this 3-D Lightning McQueen for DS 4th birthday. I painted piping gel on his headlights cause as you know he has stickers not 'real' headlights! I built him up using two 13x9 cakes, cutting and shaping. Doughnuts for his wheels. See side pictures for lightning detail.
2 3
By bambi64
Sep 15, 2006
Lightning bolt is a btc. Ds helped "decorate" as in telling me where everything should go. Hence the lightning bolts in the front.
1 1
By bambi64
Sep 15, 2006
My VERY FIRST try at cake decorating!  Thanks so much for all the great inspirations (from posted photos & chats)!
Lightning McQueen is royal icing transfer.  Broke in 3 pieces (can see the repair job).  Did it break because not enough time to dry?  Would love to hear advise.
This cake is for friend's son's birthday.  Practicing for my daughter's in 3 months and my son's birthday (same theme) next March.
1 10
By jerridgrace
Sep 16, 2006
Here is my second cupcake cake for my other twin's birthday party at preschool.  It's of Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars.  Free handed the image with bc icing.
4 19
By Blessed_Patty
May 21, 2006


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