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Half maltese cross, Half Star of life.
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By TinaRe
Jul 1, 2005
Basic yellow sheet cake crumb coated with BC, covered with MMF. Star of Life is Chocolate Fudge cake, crumb coated with BC, covered with MMF. The staff and snake is MMF. Made for my son's paramedic class.
5 6
By LittleBigMomma
Oct 17, 2005
1 11
By lisamarie182
Oct 25, 2005
A 60th birthday cake which showed the persons interests, hobbies and life acheivements.
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By lauracox79
Feb 6, 2006
Under the sea with Nemo and friends.  Traced character's pictures with a corsage pin onto cake. Seaweed, coral & plants all hand drawn.
4 51
By KimAZ
Feb 24, 2006
This is a chocolate fudge cake with all buttercream icing.  The anchors and life preservers went all the way around the sides of the cakeconnected with a thin rope of icing.
3 6
By FatAndHappy
Mar 17, 2006
20th Anniversary at the office done on the Game of Life board.
5 17
By msbask
Mar 24, 2006
Turtle Cookie Bouquet for my sister's b-day.  She loves turtles and thought this was awesome. Got a couple ideas from Bohemia, so Thanks!
6 1
By kyjettachick
Apr 12, 2006
My husband is the pilot for this company and I thought the flight crew might enjoy a suprise.
By keonicakes
Apr 15, 2006
No fail with Antonia's icing (pink outline, white to flood) and MMF "ribbon" on each one.  Made 100 of these to donate for sale to benefit American Cancer Society at our Relay for Life tomorrow night.  Inspired by another similar cookie posted here on CC.
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By slejdick
May 11, 2006
Smaller cookies (1 1/2 inches each) made with no fail recipe and Antonia's icing.  Pink outline, white flood, and pink icing to make the little ribbon.
2 3
By slejdick
May 11, 2006
I made this cake for our Relay for Life a couple of years ago.  It was for Survivors at the end of their lap.  Yellow cake, BC, free hand design.
By egarman
May 14, 2006
This was my first try at FBCT.  My waxed paper was wrinkled so I have a big ripple through the design.  I also bumped into the border while I was doing the writing.  Good thing it's for a friend!
4 25
By bradleysmom
May 22, 2006
This cake was done for my chiro's office with an edible image and mmf stars.
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By frankandcathy
Jun 4, 2006
After some searching, I found this pic.  THIS is actually my first cake ever.  I made it as a practice run to see if I could bake a decent character cake.
By veronika
Jun 15, 2006
Thanks to Cake Corner for sharing some hints with me for this cake!  Although I totally messed up and was not even able to build a stand as instructed, so this cake is luckily staying home for my son because it does not have any inner support to travel with except the board inside the shark.  I also broke a few of my own "all edible" rules by making the lower jaw of styrofoam and the fin of paper plate.  My son will like it, that is what counts!
27 150
By Kitagrl
Jun 15, 2006
Fondant game of Life for a 40th birthday.  Special occassions in his life were all around the board.  Game piece was a mini fondant golf cart - huge family joke there!
1 7
By SweetResults
Jul 9, 2006
Cupcakes are iced in BC with Fondant ribbon.
By ConnieB
Jul 14, 2006
Cake created for Ballroom Dance Lovers Event. The theme for the evening was The Love Boat. Torted vanilla cream and chocolate mahogany cake with chamboard soak. Filling and icing are raspberry sherbert IMBC. Coverature is fondant, decorations are gumpaste and fondant. Picture of dancers is hand painted with petal dust 'paint' (sunset is dry luster dust) on a gumpaste plaque.
11 18
By regymusic
Jul 16, 2006
This was my first paid cake for two people (dad/daughter).  She likes boating and he likes golf and John Deere.  I wasn't sure what to do with the request so here it is...
By chloe1979
Jul 25, 2006
Another cake made to match the invitation for little brother/big sister combo beach themed party.  All the kids were fighting for a piece of the rope!  Yuk - fondant!
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By Lambshack
Aug 2, 2006
Made for the 2006 Relay for Life Survivor's Dinner. I traced the ribbon and filled it in with tip #21 stars.
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By firegal79
Aug 3, 2006
I seen this cake on a Food Network competition. I found the recipe online somewhere and printed it out. Well I have finally made it. It is a chocolate cake in a tube pan...have to say the best chocolate cake I ever had. Then it has a glaze on top then pecans and marshmallows and drizzled chocolate coating.
6 3
By FancyLayne23
Aug 25, 2006
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By aobodessa
Sep 23, 2006
This cake was to represent everything that described this man.  I tried to find a font for each of the words that kind of reminded me of that particular word.  Kind of like the way the word would be written on a greeting card.
7 5
By kerririchards
Oct 4, 2006
Apparently, a Miller High Life 30-pack is called a "dirty 30".  Woman ordered this for her fiance's birthday "dirty 30" party.
By LeckieAnne
Oct 19, 2006
This cake was for my FIL's 80th I decided to do a "this is your life"style with all the items in the bookcase being a part of his life and him sitting in his lounge chair.  This was a bit fiddly but enjoyable.  It went over well at his party.
13 13
By Sparklepop
Dec 14, 2006
A close up of the details in the bookcase.
4 1
By Sparklepop
Dec 14, 2006
Here is an up-close view of the billboard.
2 12
By rstml
Jan 6, 2007
Cupcake cake with Ariel and Flounder under the sea.
7 30
By KimAZ
Jan 26, 2007
the topper for the sail boat cake for and 80th b-day who loves to sail
5 13
By dawnbakescakes
Jan 31, 2007
Here is the birthday cake I did for my husbands 30th birthday.  Thank you to TinaRe for letting me use your idea!!!
By dshlent
Feb 6, 2007
I made this for a coworker for his birthday. The staff and snake are made of fondant. I used two 12" rounds so it was a pretty big cake. I'm happy with the way it came out though....except for the cake board. :)
2 3
By amber6258
Feb 28, 2007
Twins first birthday.  Customer saw similiar cake online. Wanted me to do similiar but with 2 octopus on top.  Customer wanted a more realistic look than cutesy.
35 58
By mykidsarekillingme
Mar 8, 2007
My first fondant cake ever.  This was for my boyfriend's birthday.  He's played the bassoon for over 10 years.  It was 42 inches long (20% smaller than life-size).  Used "Durable Cake for 3-D..." recipe w/ DH Dark Chocolate Fudge mix.  Baked in 12x18 sheet cake pan, cut, and carved.  Iced with Chocolate Syrup Frosting  w/ McCormick Raspberry extract added.  Covered in Satin Ice chocolate fondant; Nu Silver and Super Pearl luster dusts were mixed with vodka and painted on sculpted fondant pieces.
10 11
By Britton
Mar 19, 2007
This is the cake that I had a lot of help in creating from CC members.  Thanks!  Each tier represents one portion of this lady's life: birth/childhood, teen/college years, adulthood.  I wish I took more photos of the details because it was a lot of free-hand work!!  But this gives you an idea.  All BC except for the little flowers and bow.
6 3
By divaofcakes
Mar 21, 2007
By nautkl1
Mar 23, 2007
I made this for one of the guys at my work who is retiring this month.  Had a lot of fun making this and everyone just loved it!  Bottom layer is carrot cake with cream cheese filling and the top tier is white with raspberry filling.  Plastic animals, icream cone trees and fondant rocks.
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By angelcakes5
Mar 24, 2007
Baby Woo Woo
My first lifelike sculpted baby  shower cake.Edible art .Made with Pound cake,fondant.Pan used Wilton wonder mold kit .Head ,feet, hands, made with fondant sculpted by hand.
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By thecakecookiesculptor
Mar 26, 2007
My version of Ariel sitting on a rock in the ocean with sealife in the sand under the sea.
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By KimAZ
Jun 21, 2005


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