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A John Deere First Birthday And A Pig Smash Cake ! 
 Both Are Choc Cake And Buttercream Icing, Fondant Letters And Number, Thanks For Looking !
By fiddlesticks
Jan 6, 2009
This is a practice/display cake on styrofoam dummies.  Fondant, pink is painted on with colored piping gel, topper "B" is colored white choc.  I accidently started putting on the roses on the top tier before I put the stripes, oops!  I tried and learned a lot of things with this project!  The inspiration for the design was a beautiful cake by Toptier (thank you!).
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By KathyTW
Jan 8, 2009
I made this cake for a friend at work for her Birthday. I didn't have much time, which is why the crumb coating isn't very well done, but the letters are gum paste. She says her kids LOVED eating the letters.
By k33bl3r
Jan 30, 2009
Chocolate and vanilla buttercream with nonpareil sprinkles.
By ginascakes
Feb 1, 2009
chocolate bc & white choc butterflies
Feb 6, 2009
I know I am going to have so much fun with these little impression letters, this is project No. 1 I'm going to move on to cookies this afternoon.
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By saracupcake
Feb 7, 2009
I made this cake for my nephew/god son's Christening. This was my third fondant cake and my first tiered cake. It took me forever!! A later picture of this belongs in the cake disaster's gallery (although we did manage to fix it before the party) !!
Top tier is all mmf, bottom tier is buttercream w/ mmf accents
By Amanda621
Feb 11, 2009
Cake I made for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day. He is a postal worker.
The cake is a basic white, with butter cream frosting and fondant layer on top. The postal worker his bag and all the letters are made from fondant as well.
By heater79
Feb 11, 2009
I copied the design from cupcake envy :)
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By PoPoK
Feb 11, 2009
These are letters and gifts for Cupid either thanking him for the love he helped them get, or begging for it lol. The letters are addressed from: Desperate Housewife, Happy Newlywed, Heartbroken, and Hopeless in Love. And yes, the address-5683 spells LOVE. Everything is edible! Made everything myself except the sweetheart cadies in the candy box.  TFL!
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By Alicia0620
Feb 13, 2009
The cake was made for a friends baby shower.  She knew she was having a boy so I used the colours of the nursery to decorate the cake.  The elepant and the bear are molded from MMF and the additional letters on the cake to spell out  the rest of "Noah" are molded chocolate.  Thanks for looking!
By coldwaterbaker
Feb 14, 2009
Red velvet cake w/ marshmallow frosting and vanilla fondant hearts & letters!
By lovinfromtheoven
Feb 17, 2009
Penny's Sugar Cookies covered with fondant. Inspired by cookies by gilpnh. Baked these along with Valentine Ice Cream Cone cupcakes for my son's first grade Valentine's party. He ended up getting strep throat and couldn't go. Poor little guy was so bummed. Thanks for looking!
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By toodlesjupiter
Feb 17, 2009
By Tanis26
Feb 23, 2009
first attempt at using edible images and royal icing. it was for a friends 30th bday. i had in my mind what i wanted to do with the pictures but it was really hard to find a place to print out specific sizes for me, finally i found a publix that could do it.  the pics were B/W but got tinited green sitting over night on the icing. royal icing is cool, but SO fragile, i made tons of extra letters for the initials and im glad i did, it had to travel from birmingham to atlanta.
By savdbygrace20
Feb 23, 2009
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By cookinqueen
Mar 2, 2009
Fondant letters, lavender and white
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By -Raquel-
Mar 7, 2009
This was my first attempt as making a character. It took me about 2 hours to make Nemo. I was pretty pleased and I learned a lot, what to do better next time.  Chocolate cake, chocolate icicng  $55.00
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By pounds6
Mar 7, 2009
This cake was for two brothers, one graduated college, the other had a birthday. Swiss meringue buttercream icing which pipes like a dream! The tiles are made of fondant and the letters are airbrused on using a stencil.
By pounds6
Mar 7, 2009
Fruit cake, My attempt at a figure!
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By Meg123321
Mar 16, 2009
Cake for my niece's 5th birthday.  The party theme was polka dots and her favorite color is yellow.  Letters cut from chocolate cake (except "i" which was yellow cake) with buttercream icing and fondant dots and daffodils.
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By wickedreamer
Mar 19, 2009
NFSC with MMF, Antonias RI for details.
9 13
By Lcubed82
Mar 19, 2009
Birthday cake for a lady. She attended one of the weddings I did a cake for and loved my strawbery cake w/ strawberry mousse filling. She said she couldnt wait to order one for herself. She was pleased. $60.00
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By pounds6
Mar 21, 2009
This is for my daughter's 2ns birthday. She loves to count and sing her ABC's so,  I thought I would put them on a cake.  :)
By kgyurisin
Mar 28, 2009
This is a one layer 9x13 chocolate cake with buttercream frosting.
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By xfilepunk
Mar 31, 2009
These are cupcakes for a little girl's first birthday party.  The letters are made out of fondant and brushed with Super Pearl Dust.
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By mcshay
Apr 4, 2009
I iced out the letters to my sons name on homemade MMF using Antonia74 icing. These were put onto cupakes for my son's 12th birthday party.
By Puppylove
Apr 6, 2009
Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream filling. Fondant accents.
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By tammy712
Apr 9, 2009
This was for a customer that belongs to a Diamond Diva club..  Sculpted diamond covered in fondant.  D I V A covered in pieces of fondant and painted with silver luster dust.  TFL!
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By bdrider
Apr 19, 2009
Valentine cookies for the coffee shop I supply.
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By Cathy741
Apr 24, 2009
Made for my nephew who's due in a couple months!!
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By MikiWeinstein
Apr 24, 2009
2 tiers, 10 and 6 inches covered in MFF.  Gumpaste lettering using funky alphabet tappits.  I took photos of the cake before and after adding the personal touches that the recipient requested :)  Thanks so much for looking!!
15 118
By jardot22
May 1, 2009
6/8/10/12 cakes, designed to serve 130, all BC, except for fondant letters and ribbon.  (Wow, how do you guys get the ribbon on straight!  This looks terrible!)  Bride gave me a list of words to put on the cake.  Took me 2 hours to cut them out, which I didn't think was TOO bad (was it?)  Except for the ribbon that needs to be straighter, I really like making this cake.
4 6
By indydebi
May 2, 2009
The second confirmation cake this weekend, a reworking of a cake I made some times ago. Now in the favorite colors of Kristin and a little more girly....
1 17
By pippilotta
May 3, 2009
By klo289
May 4, 2009
This is the cake I made for my daughters graduation from preschool.  I used 2 10-inch rounds stacked on bottom and 2 6-inch rounds stacked on top.  The cake is iced in buttercream with the letters, numbers and shapes cut from fondant.  The graduation cap I purchased the morning of the graduation, because I didn't know they were actually wearing graduation caps and receiving diplomas at the ceremony until they had their practice that morning.  My original intention was to have the stars standing up on the top, but they didn't dry completely so I bought the cap instead and made due.  They stars on top have the 5 childrens names on them that were graduating from the class.  The cake was a hit with the kids!!
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By yangers
May 4, 2009
Made for my son's class for valentine's day.
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By sweetcravings
May 6, 2009
My daughter wanted a crown cake for her 3rd birthday.  The crown is gumpaste made thanks to Sugarshacks instructions.  I painted it with gold luster dust and glued on the plastic hearts.  All buttercream with fondant accents.
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By Heatherly30
May 12, 2009
Name cookies for the nieces and nephews. NFSC and ri, sanding sugar. My kids love that song by the tings and of course its stuck in my head  so thats where the title came from.
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By bbmom
May 14, 2009
Birthday cake for a guy whose nickname is "K2."  I found a cool scroll font, printed out my message, put it under my clear vinyl mat, and used it as a guide for creating my letters (I added more scrolls than the font provided).  The letters were made out of chocolate fondant with Tylose added, which I extruded out of my clay gun with the appropriately-sized rope disc.  Easy!  Once dry, I airbrushed the letters with a combination of AmeriColors' pearl sheen and gold sheen, and then airbrushed my bow loops the same way.  In retrospect, I wish I had airbrushed the entire cake with vodka to bring out the luster of the chocolate fondant, but the guy loved his cake and didn't know the difference.  He was really fascinated with the silvery sheen on the bow and message.  LOL  :D  TFL!
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By Cakepro
May 17, 2009


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