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This cake matches the new theme of 1st birthday Planes, cars, trains and the #1.  I used a Fondant covered board rolled with a spiral roller.  All cutouts and strips are MMF, everything else is buttercream.  The letters are gumpaste on lollipop sticks.
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By Inlovewithcakes
Mar 20, 2007
These cute baby animals are just learning to spell. The decorations are all made out of fondant.
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By bmac
Mar 24, 2007
I actually made this for a baby shower.  All the decorations are chocolate, some molded...some drawn out by hand on parchment paper.  The only things that are not edible are the tractor and the truck.
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By melyissa
Apr 5, 2007
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By pippilotta
Apr 8, 2007
Can't do much (as far as color goes) with chocolate icing, so I did these chocolate transfer Happy Birthday letters. My aim was for them to look like fire, but they didn't really turn out that way. I still thought it looked pretty cool though. One question, does anyone else think that the icing looks like what I think it looks like????
By ahmommy
Apr 17, 2007
one of my favorites!
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By chefamanda
Apr 30, 2007
A 2-tier oval cake with fondant accents in gold, silver and black.  The letter R is fondant.
This idea came from a cake I found on this site.  
I really enjoyed making this one.
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By Amyr
May 2, 2007
This is the sheet cake the customer ordered to go with the sleeping baby cake they ordered
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By susanscakebabies
May 5, 2007
I made this cake for my boss' retirement party.  He is the principal at a high school (the "N" stands for our school name).  The red color was supposed to be a bright red, but it didn't quite turn out that way - with more experience, I am sure I will figure it out!
By KTcakes
May 6, 2007
THis is a butter cake with choc icing (I added super brown to make it dark).  The dots are fondant.  The toppper is gumpaste.  I just printed out the font and cut out the letter.  I left a 2 inch tab at the bottom to stick in cake
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By acookieobsession
May 10, 2007
8" white  and strawberry preserves, 5" white and green buttercream. Fondantdecorations and ondant letters all iced in buttercream.
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By notjustcake
May 18, 2007
This was made before I found out about the wonderful smoothing trick of Viva! :-) My brother-in-law was 
sensitive about turning 30, so this is what I came up with. It's an 11x15 Funfetti cake with vanilla buttercream.
I used a press-set for the lettering, but I think I like free-handing better.
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By Staceface81
May 30, 2007
This was for a woman and her partner.  They wanted something different and that would honor her heritage.  It is the chinese symbol for love.  The top tier had additional symbols along each side as well.
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By cykrivera
Jun 6, 2007
This was for my 4-year-old's preschool graduation party.
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By Gina_A
Jun 7, 2007
Although Sponge Bon is not a favorite of mine, this cakes was so much fun!  I made one round and two square ten inch cakes, then carved them into letters.  I used color mists over the buttercream and gel transfers for my character patterns.  Unfortunately, I took this picture after the birthday boy rearranged Sponge Bob's smile!
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Jun 12, 2007
Made for soroity anniversary
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By jackson
Jun 12, 2007
By jackson
Jun 12, 2007
This was the first time I ever made blocks. They were a little crooked, but still very cute and a big hit at my friends baby shower.
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By pryncesslia
Jun 14, 2007
Full sheet on the bottom, half Chocolate, half French Vanilla. Star is Strawberry cake with lemon flavored BC and hat is Butter Pecan with Fondant accents. Chocolate Letters. Thanks for everybodys inspiration.
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By Natali3
Jan 1, 2007
baby boy shower
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By chefamanda
Jun 15, 2007
This was for a girl who graduated from high school and LOVES the Sox... I'm a Yanks fan, but had a great time making the cakes! lol The jersey has the grad's last name and the graduation year on it. Inside was dark chocolate amaretto mud cake with amaretto-espresso IMBC filling and vanillia frosting - covered in fondant with fondant letters and piping. The hat was made from a stainless steel bowl - vanilla butter cake with raspberry IMBC filling. covered with navy fondant - fondant B and brim. Enjoy!
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By heavenlycakes
Jun 17, 2007
This was a cake I did for  a friend who had a pussycat doll party.  The top and bottom are WASC and the middle is Darn Good Chocolate cake covered in Satin Ice.  Sorry I didn't get a picture without all the candles in it.
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By Badeerah
Jun 19, 2007
WASC with cream cheese icing covered in mmf.  MMF accents too.  Fondant didn't smooth out very well on the bottom, but cute cake anyway :)
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By startropics
Jun 24, 2007
9 inch round devil's food cake with 1/2 sports ball cake on top. Made with marshmallow flavored buttercream.
This one was fun to make! It's for a Little League banquet dinner. I used the letter-press to get the letters right on the sides......I was afraid I couldn't free hand it straight. :-)
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By Staceface81
Jun 26, 2007
The soccer ball was 2 halves (using 1/2 soccer ball pan) of white cake with BC icing.  (Caution ~ the lines on that pan do not match up for a full 3-D soccer ball!) The bottom was 1/2 chocolate & 1/2 white baked in a hexagon pan.  They are decorated in BC icing.  The names are all RI painted with white Luster Dust.  The stars are foamcore covered in Fancy Foil.  The center dowel goes through all layers.
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By Steady2Hands
Jul 1, 2007
From the Wilton Cupcake fun book
2 35
By thecakegirl
Jul 5, 2007
This was my practice run for my daughter's second birthday cake. The letters are sugar cookies, iced and sprinkled with colored sugar. The buttercream is tinted orange. I decorated the rest of the cake with India Tree Pretty Pink Bubbles, bubblegum flavored candies. The cake itself is chocolate with chocolate whipped cream filling. Yum!
2 4
By pryncesslia
Jul 11, 2007
10" 2-layer doctored funfetti with BC Dream filling and frosting.  Tip 21 for grass skirt and 2D for flowers in lei.  Sand is honey graham crackers crushed with a few chocolate ones too.  Flip Flops are funfetti and also BC Dream frosted.  Gumpaste bands with amethyst LD (CC).  Smash Cake is 6" 2-layer carved to shape and frosted with BC Dream.  Handle is fondant/gumpaste.  Name is made with gumpaste/ fondant blend and dusted with Amethyst LD.
6 32
By marthajo1
Jul 21, 2007
I wasn't so sure about this one when the bride described what she wanted, but I was really pleased with how it turned out!  The bride was Korean and wanted the Korean letters to spell love.
7 4
By southerncake
Jul 24, 2007
My little boys adopted the little lady next door and call her Gramma. They often meet her out by her fence and mailbox and talk and get hugs and kisses. So this year for her birthday I made her my Pecan Pie Cake and edged with it broken Piroulines tied with ribbon, for a look reminiscent of 'fencing.' The mailbox and letter are chocolate transfers that I freehanded and mounted on Lollipop Sticks.  The ivy and zinnas were fresh picked by my boys and used as accents......omg did this thing smell yummy!
4 1
By southrnhearts
Aug 2, 2007
This is a baby shower cake I made for a friend.  It was my first time doing a tiered cake, 6in on 8in.  Still need more practice with that.  I used the Wilton Letter Mold using MMF.  (Tip: I sprayed Pam to help get the letters out of mold, the cornstarch method did not work for me)  The bottle and safety pins are candy mints I made.  The booties are not edible :)  The rest is Crusting Cream Cheese  Icing from this site.
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By celosita002
Aug 8, 2007
Carrot cake with orange bc and covered in fondant icing with royal icing accents . Made to match the invitation - for a 1st birthday. Serves 40. The "L" is unfinished as this pic was taken before I delivered - had to finish up on site as the cake was on 2 seperate boards (could not find any long enough to accommodate it) and the "L" sat right over the join (conveniently planned!!)
7 19
By Leigh01
Aug 14, 2007
8" vanilla, 4" chocolate buttercream icing, fondant diamonds, spirals, mask, letters, gold dragees, and pearl dust on mask and letters, hope they like it
5 3
By notjustcake
Feb 25, 2007
so sad, the 'h' broke before i got a photo!  ah well, i was the only one who noticed at the party.  the letters are sugar cookies.  the dots are royal icing. the cake plate is lined with cookies and i also passed out cookies as favors. (see photo)
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By my3girlies
Sep 16, 2007
i made this cake for a lakewood church small group. they are called L7 and this is their logo. i havent delievered it yet, so we'll see if they like it or not... buttercream with fondant accents dusted with pearl dust.
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By princessdepastel
Sep 20, 2007
Half soccer ball pan, spongebob color flow and fondant "go girls".
By gingersoave
Sep 21, 2007
By rybicka
Sep 23, 2007
Ivory buttercream with fondant pearls and chocolate brown satin ribbon. The B's are made from Wilton's new fondant and gumpaste letter molds. Behind the B's are plaques made from color flow and royal icing reverse shell border.
The writing is from first Corinthians 13 (the love chapter) and is written in buttercream in several "fonts".
5 5
By nweppler
Sep 28, 2007
All satin ice fondant. This one took me forever for some reason. The letters are gumpaste. Cake is triple choc. fudge with oreo filing. Thanks for looking!
4 10
By faitheve
Oct 20, 2007
This is a cake that I made for my Mom's birthday.  She loves chocolate so it's a chocolate cake w/ chocolate buttercream, then covered with chocolate ganache.  The flowers and the letter are MMF.  I was inspired by other cakes here on CC.     Thanks for looking!
2 4
By luv2cake
Oct 28, 2007


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