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I did 2 of each letter for a classroom party today, in bright green, blue & purple.
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By antonia74
Dec 2, 2006
Pretty cake, simple, delicate and tasty
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By Ada
Oct 16, 2005
This is my favorite baby shower cake, because I made it for my sisters first born, Joey!  The "baby head/O" actually matched the little face on her invitation.  It was a very fun challenge and prompted future "3D" works of art.  Thanks for looking!  Christina
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By OCakes
Mar 8, 2006
10" & 6" Round Almond Cake w/Fresh Strawberry Filling, Fondant Covered and Fondant Pearls made w/Pearl Maker from Cakes by Sam.  Fresh Roses & Ribbon Accents.  First time w/Fondant ~ lets just thank goodness for the ribbon! :)  White Chocolate Letter brushed w/ dry Super Pearl Dust.  Tried it wet but chocolate was too waxy to stick so tried dry & it worked!
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By bjfranco
Mar 31, 2006
Envelope cake made for post office customer appreciation day.
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Apr 2, 2006
This was ordered for a baby shower--very simple with red monogram letters in fondant.
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By Mac
Apr 9, 2006
This is a white cake with buttercream icing for a friend.  She came up with the idea and I did the rest.  LOL I used a 10 inch round and 2 ten inch squares then carved the letters.  The center of the "O" was used for the child's cake.
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By Granpam
Apr 30, 2006
Cookies made to match my daughter's 9th birthday cake. I didn't have a good spot on the cake to write Happy Birthday, so I did cookies instead.
By deeniereenie
Apr 30, 2006
This was a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and MMF lettering and bow.  I let this crust a bit too long before I tried to finish smoothing the icing, so it cracked a bit, but this was for a family member so I didn't worry too much about it.  The cracks were actually less obvious in person, but I think the flash on my camera made them stand out more!
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By Sammy-2002
May 31, 2006
This cake was done in buttercream and pink and white mmf.  I love this style.  People choose it frequently.
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By frankandcathy
Jun 4, 2006
This was my daughter's first birthday cake so I'm particularly fond of it.  It was iced in buttercream with mmf accents.
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By frankandcathy
Jun 4, 2006
Three 6" square blocks designed with baby animals and letters to spell out "baby" on sides. Inspired by versions from cakemommy, alengirl and pinkbunny.
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By KimAZ
Jun 10, 2006
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By LaceyLou
Jun 28, 2006
I did this cake for a sweet 16 birthday party.  My first topsy-turvy cake.  I was TERRIFIED something was going to happen to it, like it was going to collapse once I left the party, but it didn't!  I have learned several lessons for next time though (like put my borders on at the site).  Bottom tier was chocolate cake with oreo filling, middle tier was yellow cake with dark chocolate raspberry ganache filling, top tier was yellow cake with lemon filling.
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By WebDiva
Jul 3, 2006
Sorry, someone asked to see the side and I don't know how to add multiple views all in one photo.  So, here you go.
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By taznjo
Jul 20, 2006
This cake is all buttercream except for the gumpaste lily's. The bride wanted a very plain, white cake, except for a garland of lily's & ivy sweeping down one side... however, it was 117 degrees that day! So, I didn't completely fill-in with lily's, incase they started slinking down, which she was fine with. So, really scary delivering & assembling in that heat, I had to assemble in an office with AC & then my husband & brother had to carry it about 20 yards! But it all worked-out great! Thanks for looking!
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By OCakes
Jul 25, 2006
This is a practice cake that I just finished for an upcoming wedding, the cake will have mint green orchids and it will be 4 tiers.  I'm not very happy with the border, I used a tip #47 for it, the bride wants that kind of border.
And she gae the topper, I don't really like it, it looks very cheap, is made of aluminum, but that's what she wants.  Let me know if you have any tips on how to prevent the hand shaking when making an straight border.
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By ShabbyChic_Confections
Aug 4, 2006
Family Reunion Name Cake.  Each letter was cut from a 12 x 18 sheet pan.  All done in buttercream.  150+ people were to attend the reunion.
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By debrab
Sep 3, 2006
very simple cupcakes for a freinds birthday.  i really like how the M's came out.
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By seven
Sep 7, 2006
This matches one of the number templates I uploaded. Though it was pretty unique!
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By czyadgrl
Sep 12, 2006
I made this for my own baby shower... this is the first side (his name is Alex!)
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By Melvira
Sep 20, 2006
Last minute birthday cake done with buttercream icing and buttercream dots.  The letters are from sugarveil icing and were not fun to work with.  Turned out pretty cute though I think!
By asweetcake
Sep 23, 2006
Got the idea for this cake from Collette peters Birthday Cakes book.  Her favorite colors are red, black and silver as you can see.  The letters are made from royal icing and outlined in red and black piping gel (which I wouldn't recommend doing by the way).  But she LOVED it and that made it all worth it!
By asweetcake
Sep 23, 2006
Mde this for my son's 2nd birthday.  We are in the process of moving back to the U.S. from Italy so I have been limited on supplies and time so this is all I could crack out.  He is in love with moons and stars.  He really got a kick out of the cake.  He always thinks the cakes I make are for him and he is always upset when they are not, so when I set this one in front of him he was SOOOOOO excited.
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By carrielynnfields
Sep 27, 2006
Lemon Cake with fresh flowers and blue chocolate letters
By lisalisa72
Oct 14, 2006
I thought I'd give it a shot, looked like fun! And it was! I really like the individual letters for her name. NFSC and Royal Icing
By aligotmatt
Oct 20, 2006
This is a cake I did for the cake walk at my kids' school carnival.  I was short of time because of an emergency, so not like I had planned it, but the kids liked it.  Just a sheet cake cut out like our logo and BC frosting.  Thanks for looking!
By mariamom
Nov 20, 2006
funfetti cake mix, buttercream icing, piping gel transfer, this design was mimicked from another cc'er,, sorry I forgot the name,, I'll post later when I find it.. but thanks for the inspiration.. she loved it.
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By debilou68
Dec 1, 2006
Full sheet on the bottom, half Chocolate, half French Vanilla. Star is Strawberry cake with lemon flavored BC and hat is Butter Pecan with Fondant accents. Chocolate Letters. Thanks for everybodys inspiration.
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By Natali3
Jan 1, 2007
This was for a birthday of someone on a cheerleading squad whose initials were TNT.
By Suebee
Jan 6, 2007
I got this idea from a website.  I thought the notebook was a cute idea.
2 10
By ncrachel
Jan 11, 2007
2 12
By Richiescakes
Jan 22, 2007
2 4
By Richiescakes
Jan 22, 2007
Block 1st birthday cake. Cust saw something similar on an oprah show where they spelt the childs name out with one letter on each block. Could not find the pic so I went on her description. 6 x 4 inch dark chocolate mud cake covered in fodant. All accents fondant. Took forever. Happy with outcome although would do differently next time... to save time. Thanks for looking.
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By dky
Jan 25, 2007
This is a cake I made last year for my friend's birthday. I'm really proud of it cause I made it the week I was learning to make roses. Meaning those roses at the top were some of my first tries! It was quite an accomplishment for someone who didn't even know how to write properly!! :D It was a sponge cake with vanilla buttercream. Sorry about the quality of the pic. The camera was kapoot so we had to use her webcam camera. thanks for looking!
By eagerlearner
Feb 3, 2007
8" vanilla, 4" chocolate buttercream icing, fondant diamonds, spirals, mask, letters, gold dragees, and pearl dust on mask and letters, hope they like it
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By notjustcake
Feb 25, 2007
Funfetti cupcakes, vanilla buttercream and sprinkles.  Sugar cookies on top with royal icing.
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By SherryGrrl
Mar 4, 2007
This is a cake made for my 5 yr old nephew.  He really likes Bob the Builder so I made the lights look like eyes.  I also used John Deere colors.  I made the letters with chocolate melts and a letter mold.  I made them into mini-lollipops by attaching toothpicks before they set.  Each of the kids enjoyed having a letter with their cake!
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By marthajo1
Mar 6, 2007
This was my first time to try these letters on the curled wire... not sure if I did it right..?..... Everything is satin ice fondant except for the BC pearl border.
3 2
By faitheve
Mar 14, 2007
This was a really mixed order of cookies! I had never used the cake cutter before...but it worked pretty well.
8 19
By antonia74
Jun 8, 2005


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