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The cakes were baked in mini loaf pans. I cut marshmallows in half for the tops, covered with fondant & airbrushed
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By flamingobaker
May 8, 2006
8" square chocolate explosion cake.  I used the Chocolate Whipped Cream recipe from this site.  It was awesome.  She said that she wanted a simple cake for only about $25 with some form of legos or power rangers theme.  I wasn't sure what to do for power rangers and I thought this seemed fun and simple.  Didn't end up looking too much like a "kids" cake, but she gave me rave reviews for how cute it was and then how great it tasted.
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By doc_farms
Mar 22, 2006
For the double stack of legos I took a 10" square cake and cut it in half and stacked one on half on top of the other.  The blue lego is another 1/2 of a 10" square cake.  They are iced in buttercream.  The "pegs" on top are buttercream iced rice krispie treats.
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By mycakesandmore
Aug 11, 2006
Chocolate cake with buttercream icing.  Used M&M's for the border.  My son made his own Lego topper for the cake!
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By mlynnb
Aug 21, 2006
1/4 Sheet chocolate cake with buttercream frosting. Bioncle masks - drop star.
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By ElyD
Aug 7, 2006
marble cake, buttercream frosting.  Can anyone tell me if humidity plays a role in frosting success?  This just wouldn't smooth...didn't seem right from the mixer...i've made it a ton of times and don't know why this turned out different, except that it was very humid today...please give any suggestions...this was a bear!  Glad it's done.  Seemed like such a simple idea.
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By maemae
Sep 8, 2006
These cakes were made for our son and a friend's little girl on their first birthdays.  I like to  make the cupcake doll for little girls smash cakes, this was my first one.  We used the lego containers from baby wipes to wrap his gifts in. I have learned a few things since these cakes. (still have a long way to go)
By Mommyofseven
Sep 12, 2006
All butter cream icing on white cake.  Started out as a 12 in square, cut into shapes stacked and iced on piece at a time.  Thanks for looking!
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By FatAndHappy
Nov 1, 2006
White cake with bc icing. Def. not my own creation.... lots of inspiration from CC members! I used nilla wafers to make the "pegs." Kids loved this cake!
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By chefamanda
Nov 10, 2006
Lego Bionicle logo.  Buttercream on cake, all decorations in royal icing (I didn't know about FBCT)
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By justduit
Jan 12, 2007
My son wanted a bionicle cake, and went to a rock climbing wall for his party, so I combined themes.  Shaped cake with buttercream and crushed chocolate wafer cookies.  The flag says "Happy Birthday T.J." in bionicle letters.
By justduit
Jan 12, 2007
white cake with strawberry filling, ding dongs for lego bumps(?), covered in BC.  LEGO men made by my hubby(!) from fondant.
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By Lalana
Aug 29, 2006
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By Twisted_Sifter
Jan 15, 2007
Crusted too quickly to smooth!  It was aweful!  Liked my design, hated the outcome.
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By sweetrat
Jan 29, 2007
I used a loaf pan and cut up a larger cake to make a couple of loaves.  They are covered in fondant and then airbrushed to save time.  The knobs are cup cake bottoms.
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By geehouse
Feb 2, 2007
This is all buttercream.  The giant lego is 2 6" squares stacked.  The little legos are rice crispy treats.
By divaofcakes
Feb 6, 2007
This was for my son's best friend's 8th birthday. I made a sheet cake and cut and stacked them then placed cupcakes on top to look like Lego's. Frosted in buttercream. (*I already uploaded this last night, but it was a small picture and when I tried to make it bigger, I couldn't get the picture to appear, so 2nd try here!*)
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By mmstormont
Feb 6, 2007
A fun birthday cake...  Themed afte Lego building blocks.  The Green Base Board was Vanilla cake with a Bavarian Cream filling.  The Blue and Red Building Blocks were baked in mini-loaf pans and the Yellow block was a small square pan.

I used the pre-packaged primary colors pack of Fondant from Wilton... I found it to be very wet and hard to roll out w/o sticking, but we got through it.
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By LvMy4Runner
Feb 7, 2007
Lego Star Wars theme cake for 2 five year old boys. Greta fun to make all the figures and the boys LOVED it!
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By murf
Feb 10, 2007
This is a cake I made for my Godson Zac, who is mad about Lego Exo Force!! - so I thought I would have a go. The cake was half butter cake and half chocolate. I used Fondant for everything else and hand painted the pictures of the characters (images off the Lego website...thanks Lego!).
By mandanz
Feb 14, 2007
So the actual cake pic is around somewhere on a disk lol. These are the legos I made out of MMF (painstaking I tell ya lol). I used hardened negative MMF molds to make these with. That was tough. I found online somehwere you can get silicone to make molds at home. Havent tried it yet but hope it works. Cause these would have looked way better lol. But the boy loved em cause he's a lego freak lol. I have another lego cake I wanna do in May so maybe I'll have figured out how to make silicone molds by then.
By oceanspitfire
Feb 16, 2007
Thanks to CAKEMAN_JEF for the inspiration.  My SIL and I did this for my nephews birthday and it was a hit.  Chocolate cake with buttercream icing and fondant head, hands and light sabre.
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By aliciababcock
Feb 27, 2007
This is for my son's 6th birthday party.  The Lego is made out of fondant.  It is a cherry cake with vanilla BC.  Thanks for looking!
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By luvalot
Mar 3, 2007
Done with a 9x13 pan, made 3 layers, used two for the base of the lego adn used a 2 1/2 inch Biscuit cutter for the lego connectors on top! Also thought about useing Dingdongs.  Just made it a chocolatelego, Nephew requested a Chocolate cake with chocolate and more chocolate!
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By cliffsbabytiff
Mar 23, 2007
This is a cake I did for my 3 year-olds b-day. The body is two 1/4 sheet cakes cut in 1/3rd's and stacked. Carved in a slightly triangular shape. Head, arms, legs and feet are RK Treat covered in MMF. Airbrushed and painted on colors.
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By rjtaconner
Mar 25, 2007
mask of light made in royal icing, colored dots are iced candy melts.  The dark streak on the transfer was a patch job after breaking it when removing from waxed paper.
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By justduit
Jan 12, 2007
This was for a teacher that wanted lego themed cookies.  I hope these look ok  i tried to make them look like the duplo block.  I used royal icing and nfsc cookie recipe to make these.
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By jackie20201
Mar 28, 2007
Lego Style blocks
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By spicc26
Mar 29, 2007
Fondant covered with fondant cutout pegs.
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By DianeLM
Apr 22, 2007
This was for my son's 8th birthday.  It was the easiest cake I have ever done!  I ordered the edible image online.  No one could believe that I made the cake until I told them about ordering the image.
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By Jagroth
Apr 23, 2007
This was my first paid cake, well kind of, my co-worker never paid me.  It was a good lesson learned.  Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling, bc frosting.
By hillmn
Apr 28, 2007
MMF covered chocolate cake & MMF Lego man.
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By bpshirley
Apr 28, 2007
This is a Lego Cake covered with MMF.  I was inspired and helped by others who have submitted Lego cakes on this site.  Thanks to those who guided me through this cake!  It was fun!
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By dianab
May 11, 2007
This one was also packaged when I realized it hadnt been cousin LOVES legos...and this is one that my aunt CANT step on in the middle of the night :)
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By chqtpi
Jun 29, 2007
Boy, are these tougher than I thought they would be! She wanted a single red block. I need to work on getting my corners sharp!
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By berryblondeboys
Jun 30, 2007
I used the sports ball pan for the death star.  It is covered in fondx. I used a viening tool to make the details in the death star. My sister HERs helped me by sculpting lego luke and his light saber out of fondx.
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By SweetTcakes
Jul 3, 2007
Lego cake for Spanish class.
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By Fishercakes
Jul 20, 2007
This was inspired by a Chef Duff cake.  Choc cake w/choc buttercream icing. Covered in Fondant.
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By aimers
Jul 23, 2007
I was looking for something quick to do for a friend's son.  I was too lazy to do anything fabulous so I dug in my box of presents and pulled out a Lego set.  I made the little car and figured I could give him the rest of the set for his birthday.
By twooten173
Jul 28, 2007
Lego cookies as part of an order...vanilla butter cookies with royal icing and glace
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By chqtpi
Aug 10, 2007


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