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Buttercream frosting and royal icing flowers. Colored coconut grass.
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By KimAZ
Apr 13, 2005
By HollyDayCakes
Apr 13, 2005
Made for little girl #3 for my friend!  Next time I would make the face white and the nose pink.....too pink of a face!!
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By zoozieqv
Apr 13, 2005
Baby shower cake. Buttercream frosting with royal icing flowers.
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By KimAZ
Sep 2, 2005
Stand-Up Lamb on top of a 9X13 base, all chocolate cake, iced in buttercream with Jolly Rancher ladybugs and buttercream/fondant bees.  Made for a little guy's 3rd birthday and he is horse CRAZY!  He loved it and wanted it beside him all the way home!  Thanks to everyone's help on how to make this one 'boyish', it was a hit!
12 61
By tripletmom
Sep 17, 2005
This was for a baby shower today.  This is a design I've been working on and wanted to do ever since I started doing cakes!  I love sheep.  It finally materialized, and that was fun.  A friend of mine, Cami, joined me to learn how to decorate, and she did the stars and moon and helped lay the MMfondant.
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By APCakes
Oct 15, 2005
I found the idea on a cute UK site, they make awesome cakes.  This one is for a baby shower.  All is edible except the ribbon and bells.
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By Kitagrl
Nov 24, 2005
This boy was so proud of his show lamb, his parents chose this picture for his birthday cake.  (This is my first edible image made from an actual photograph.  I learned my printer works better on best quality for photos...this was the second edible i printed for this cake!)
By gmcakes
Mar 18, 2007
I love this cake... it was so much fun making it too! Everything is frosting except for the pond is gel.
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By chefdot
Jan 14, 2006
Well this one made me cry. It fell apart 5 times and then finally I managed to snap a few shots before my little time took his 6th and final faceplant to the floor.. It was my first 3d cake and I didn't have the right pan. Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to try it agian.
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By Nermal03
Feb 4, 2006
These are SO cute! I loved doing them. Now that I see how easy it is, I'm going to try chickies for easter!
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By Sugarbean
Mar 5, 2006
A 12X18 2 layer yellow cake with strawberry filling.  This is the biggest (and heaviest!) cake that I have done.  The theme of the shower was lambs since that is what she is doing the baby's room in.  The lamb, tree, and fence are FBCT and the writing is an edible image.
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By tinabee
Mar 12, 2006
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By CindyW
Apr 8, 2006
This is my take on the Debbie Brown tree stump. I made it into an Easter cake by adding lots of little tiny easter eggs all around the cake. I also put in an easter lamb! I also added a little fairy!
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By bmote1
Apr 9, 2006
Here's the lamb!
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By bmote1
Apr 9, 2006
Inspired by the 2004 Wilton Yearbook. I made this cake to take our church gathering after services. The lamb is eggless chocolate cake w/ bc, the base cake is a 16" yellow w/ bc.
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By rlm5150
Apr 15, 2006
This was done on a 12in base yellow cake with the cow made using the 3D lamb pan and the same yellow cake used for the base cake. I used the "durable cake for 3D...cake" recipe.  All buttercream, the black frosting is chocolate bc.  This was done for my sisters 17th birthday.  The cake and I made a 130mile trip for delivery - made it without damage Yay!   She loved the cake!
By dianagreen
Apr 16, 2006
Here is the cake that I made for Easter this year.  The Easter grass is made from tinted coconut.
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By pastrypantry
Apr 16, 2006
Easter Lamb Cake for church brunch, lower layer is 1/2 sheet marble cake with banana cream/fresh banana filling, buttercream icing. Lamb is spice cake with banana cream/fresh banana filing, buttercream icing.  Color flow fences and butterflies, RI flowers.  Thanks for looking.
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By Samsgranny
Apr 17, 2006
This is my first attempt at the "Fun-n-Fluffy" lamb cake.  I made it the week before Easter so I'd find out about any quirks associated with the 3D lamb pan.  I didn't put hooves on the lamb because I planned to cover the base with flowers.  I used Betty Crocker's pound cake mix, and it was too bland for my taste.
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By Sara-P
Apr 17, 2006
This is the lamb cake I made for Easter, and I've never had so many problems with a cake before!  I was interrupted while frosting it, so I put it in the microwave to keep it safe.  My husband removed it, and smashed the frosting on the top of the lamb's head.  While doing the face, I bumped into the mouth, so I had to redo that part.  As I was redoing that part, I bumped the chin, so I had to fix that.  I breathed a big sigh of relief after I put that cake on the dinner table!
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By Sara-P
Apr 17, 2006
I made these to take to Easter at my grandmother's.  Come dessert time, she wouldn't let the kids eat them.  She said they looked too pretty and she didn't want to see them "destroyed."  She made the poor kids wait until it was time to go and then she passed them out.  (Although a few kids snuck into them, hehe.)  I used antonia74's icing recipe.  To some of the colors, I added Lorann Oils orange extract.
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By ps3884
Apr 17, 2006
Pound cake with all-butter BC.  Complete with coconut grass and some jelly bellys thrown in.  Idea taken from the Wilton pan box.  I made this for Easter this year.  :)
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By candy177
Apr 23, 2006
I did this cake for a friends baby who was turning 1.  It was barnyard/lamb themed.  I used buttercream except for the lambs face and dark blue diamond shapes on the side which were MMF.
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By vjones20
Apr 25, 2006
Very first fbct done for my baby sweet William. Satisfied with the results and love this process.
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By mommachris
May 3, 2006
I made these for my Awana Club.  I wanted to incorporate the real meaning of easter so I want with a lamb and cross instead of the regular easterbunny and eggs.  They turned out pretty cute.
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By SarahJane
May 13, 2006
I made this cake for my step daughters birthday as she loves sheep.I baked the cake in two glass bowls and put the smaller bowl cake upside down on top of the larger one,then shaped it to look more like a sheeps head.I then covered the cake with buttercream,and mini marshmellows.It was a fun cake to do,and quite simple.
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By melbell
May 20, 2006
This is my first cake with the barn and animals and I thought it turned out so cute!  Lots of ideas came from CC!!  Thanks to all of you that have done them!
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By _ChristyB_
May 27, 2006
Cookies to match Barn Scene cake.
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By _ChristyB_
May 27, 2006
I did this for my best friend's rehearsal dinner.  She is getting married in a field on her parents sheep farm.  The lamb is made from the wilton stand up lamb pan, fondant daisies, and the picket fence is popsicle sticks dipped in white chocolate.
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By alicia_froedge
Jun 2, 2006
My first FBCT!  I ran out of green icing, so I finished it up with chocolate.  It's for my dh's birthday and he really doesn't mind... he just ends up scraping all the icing off in any case.  The FBCT aren't very smooth because I was running after my toddler and preparing dinner while doing them and they crusted over before I could smooth them, but I think it turned out great!
By veronika
Jun 17, 2006
I was a bit disappointed in this one :(  I used the Wilton 3D bear pan (yet another use for that versatile pan!) but should have cut the arms off the cake before looked wierd & lumpy around the arms.  Was a hug hit at the shower, so I don't think anyone else noticed...but I'm a perfectionist so it bugged me!
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By Viks
Jul 7, 2006
Wilton Course One Cake Number 2.  This was really fun!
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By scastiglione
Jul 18, 2006
Another Easter cake.  Also orange pound cake with vanilla buttercream.
By celticoak
Jul 29, 2006
this was made alot like the cheetah i also did a while back. i had a little trouble with the stripes at first and i added brown sugar around the base after i took the pic but this is it other wise.
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By tabs8774
Aug 17, 2006
My first 3D cake!  This was for day 3 of VBS when we were teaching on the parable of the 1 lost lamb.  Lamb is yellow  cake, base is chocolate.  All iced in buttercream
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By ME2
Aug 22, 2006
I baked a Lamb Shaped cake using wiltons Lamb Pan, then placed this on top of a Sheet Cake.
I actually baked this for a Family Reunion for the family "LAMBS" lol. Thought it was a cute idea !!!
This could be used for Baby Showers, Easter and more!
By Cakesbykaye
Aug 27, 2006
This is my first paid cake!

Butter Pecan cake with Cream Cheese Pecan filling.
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By Vanaya
Sep 16, 2006
This cake matched the bedding/accessories for the new baby's room.  :-)
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By ChocolateGirl
Sep 18, 2006
This Bible cake is actually a tiramisu; a light genoise brushed with an espresso syrup and filled with a tiramisu filling made from marscapone, marsala and chocolate. It features hand modeled white chocolate lambs and sugar flowers. 

By: Maria Short <a href= target=_blank>Creative Pastries</a>
2 15
By Anonymous
Apr 13, 2005


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