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This is the going away cake that I made- but a much better picture. I forgot that the person was going to Budapest to do some missionary work.
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By m0use
Apr 13, 2005
This was for my niece. It was fondant flowers and chocolate ladybugs
8 28
By cakeconfections
Jul 1, 2005
The cake was for a little girl who wanted a LADY ladybug with lips, shoes, flowers and a big yellow sun.  I aim to please and she was delighted!
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By Rexy
Jul 30, 2005
By amberlicious
Aug 8, 2005
This cake is made with edible frosting sheet for the picture. 
It was iced with 50/50 BC and torted with straberry filling.
7 6
By psurrette
Sep 9, 2005
Lady bug cake for one of our girls 4th birthday, again before knowledge about cake decorating and digital camera...
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By dky
Sep 11, 2005
Two layer round white cake filled with strawberry filling. Ladybug made from mini sports ball pan. Daisys and mini ladybugs piped with buttercream.
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By KimAZ
Sep 14, 2005
Made for a cake auction to raise money for the Air Force Ball.  Cake is Red Velvet with chocolate and regular BC.
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By oohlalacakes
Sep 19, 2005
This was a practice/sample cake. I was pleased with how it turn out.
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By angelcake4u
Oct 3, 2005
Made to look like party napkin.  All buttercream. Ladybug is holding a wand and sitting on a tablecloth in the center of the flower and there is a mini cupcake beside her. It looks kind of red but it's really hot pink and pale pink.
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By KimAZ
Oct 8, 2005
This is my 3rd decorated cake, and my first star tip cake, the funny part was my hubby with the black tonge when he ate it!!! had a lot of fun doing this little cake.
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By Claudine1976
Oct 29, 2005
This little 3yo girl wanted a ladybug cake and this is what I came up with!  She loved it!
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By wyatt
Nov 5, 2005
This was fun - I was so inspired by others on this site - kimistry, trisha1972 and charman all led me in the right direction.  Thank you all!  The cakes are strawberry with whipped raspberry filling.  The smash cake worked just as it should have - the photos will be adorable.
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By Newbie
Nov 23, 2005
3 2
By tinascakes
Dec 8, 2005
This cake is for a friend of ours who loves ladybugs. This is a surprise for her birthday and I wanted something very simple. 

4" and 6" stacked (no dowels so we'll see how it works!). French vanilla cake and vanilla buttercream. Ladybugs, ribbon roses and leaves are fondant. Thanks for looking!!
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By mamafrogcakes
Dec 15, 2005
This is the cake I made for my neighbor's daughter's first birthday.  The theme came from the party decorations.  I have to say that I stressed way too much over getting the icing colors to match exactly like the decorations.
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By kelleygirl
Dec 20, 2005
This a lady bug cake I made an other view
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By crishna
Dec 21, 2005
This Cake was copied from one I saw on  It was 4 10" round layers covered in fondant and painted by hand.  The gumpate pansies were painted with luster dust and the holly was purchased gumpaste.  The mushrooms were fondant as were the ladybugs.  The butterflies were edible images covered in piping gel but I never could get them to dry stiff.  The limb was Styrofoam covered in fondant.  I am still amazed by this cake.
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By frankandcathy
Jan 2, 2006
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By marina34
Jan 19, 2006
For my stepdaughter's birthday
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By elliott1
Feb 2, 2006
wonder mold pan. fondant icing
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By Sunflowerbagel
Feb 4, 2006
This was for my 3 year old who was in love with ladybugs at the time. It was my first attempt at a tiered cake.
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By ericka
Feb 5, 2006
This is my version of a cake featured in American Cake Decorating as a surprise for a friend's birthday.  Everything is done in buttercream.
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By Nana784
Feb 12, 2006
This was for a mad science party. The mom said anything with "cute" bugs. This is what I came up with and they were very happy with it.
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By traci
Feb 13, 2006
This is my first paid order. If was for a little girls birthday.Just a yellow cake with vanilla buttercream covered with mmf. Decoration also with mmf. It was a loy of fun making.
24 50
By DeniseRoy
Feb 16, 2006
Cake for a client/friend.
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By ericka
Feb 16, 2006
No Fail Cookies w/the icing from the article - Thanks Antonia74!  These are my first cut-out and decorated cookies.  I wanted to get more cookies in the bouquet but it started to get a little top heavy.
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By CranberryClo
Feb 17, 2006
One more toothpick drawn cake from years ago...the ladybug in the center is actually a little removable "smash cake" on its own little tiny cake board.
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By Kitagrl
Feb 19, 2006
I have to confess I ordered this part of my daughter's bday this year.  We asked for a green base of frosting with simple flowers in yelloe, blue and purple.  Then I placed the royal icing ladybugs that I purchased at a local cake store.  These were for the kids party and I was just too overloaded to bake cupcakes too.  The kids and my daughter loved them.
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By beanyhunter
Mar 4, 2006
Here is my daugnter's bday cake.  I is cakelifted from CC.  It is a 2 layer 9' Strawberry cake with Choc fudge filling covered with MMF and decorated with creamcheese frosting and royal icing ladybugs that I bought from a local cake store.  This was the first time I have made and used MMF, it molded wonderfully and easily to the cake.  I am pleased with the turn out of this cake.  I had been planning it for several months now.  On to next week's birthday cake!
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By beanyhunter
Mar 5, 2006
This is a 2 layer 10" cake with the Betty Crocker Dome cake on top. I used a small number zero cake pan for the face and poured melted chocolate over it to get it a smooth finish. The eyes, mouth and spots are all made out of chocolate. I also did cupcakes to match. I had a great time making this one.
9 25
By kimmycake
Mar 5, 2006
I did these to go along with the Ladybug cake. The ladybugs here are made from chocolate.
7 21
By kimmycake
Mar 5, 2006
This is a side view.
8 18
By kimmycake
Mar 5, 2006
this cake was made for my daughters first birthday party.
13 13
By tmaaclark
Mar 6, 2006
Garden theme cake in all buttercream.
7 16
By pinkflamingo
Mar 6, 2006
Just having fun and trying to model a dog for the first time.
12 21
By mylan
Mar 9, 2006
Here are the cakes I made for my daughter's first birthday.  She loved digging in to them!  She ate the big one and the rest of us shared the little ones.
By namaman
Mar 13, 2006
This is the birthday and smash cake for a 1st birthday party for a little girl.
7 11
By NeeNee30
Mar 15, 2006
7 1
By ShelbysYummys
Mar 15, 2006
This is the cake I made for my daughters 1st birthday.  This was her cake to destroy. Her nickname is Ladybug!
5 3
By mtdk454
Apr 13, 2005


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