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1/2 choc/1/2 white cake covered in buttercream and satin ice fondant.  The ladybug in the raft was a special request.  This was for a surprise birthday party.  I was scared of this one until I just jumped right in.  Thanks to quite a few people who've made these cruise ship cakes for the inspiration.
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By susgene
Jul 13, 2007
This cake is a replica of the invitations sent out from   double layer cake for body in bc with fondant accents.  hand molded face, feet and other accents.  a mini one was made for the one yr old bday girl
4 8
By Jennifer9800
Jul 15, 2007
This was for a springtime B-day... I just freehanded  some thing it was simply a last minute one...
3 9
By Cakeyladey
Jul 17, 2007
Another one for the school fundraiser. Notice that kiss on his cheek! :)
4 28
By mom2aeml
Jul 21, 2007
all is covered w/ fondant as well as the lady bugs
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By spanky62798
Jul 22, 2007
A lady bug for my daughter.
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By semka
Jul 25, 2007
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By Cakeyladey
Jul 28, 2007
This cake was made to replicate the napkins.  It was very large!
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By AlamoSweets
Aug 7, 2007
Lady Bug Fondant Cake
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By deniseayon
Aug 9, 2007
Half sports ball to make the lady bug's body, styrafoam for the head.  Cake is buttercream, ladybug, grub worm, and daisies are fondant.  This was a fun one to make.  I think it came out pretty cute.  I didn't want to "over do it".  Thanks for looking!!!
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By ByTheSlice
Aug 11, 2007
Lady bug is  1/2 of the large ball pan with the small soccer ball pan used for the head. I cut about 1/2" off the bottom of the small ball. All covered in bc except eyes ad antennas are fondant.
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By Gale
Aug 15, 2007
I promised myself I would not do ANYMORE cakes (it just hurts my hand too much), but I didn't want to turn this woman down, as she was so excited over the Dale Jr. cake I made (and she's my supervisor).  So, I caved...
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By andrealynmoore
Aug 15, 2007
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By kkhigh
Aug 17, 2007
This was my first character pan. Chocolate cake with bc - it was fun!
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By ahenricks80
Aug 24, 2007
I let my daughter, Irene (7 yr), have a free time with my fondant, and a 3' cake. This is the result  (100% unsupervised!). Mum: "why not 'pet parade'?  Irene: "Because dingo is not a pet, it is national animal. So is ladybug!?" This is a welcome home cake for her daddy who was away for 1 week.
By alwayscake
Aug 26, 2007
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By jwong9664
Aug 26, 2007
This was a thank you for a friend;-)  These are roll out peanut butter cookies with mmf decorations;-)
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By kden3980
Sep 7, 2007
I saw a picture of a cake on here and I made a few changes on it for a friend's baby shower. I also make jewelry, so I made a little bracelet for her baby and put it on this baby's wrist, you can kind of see it.  Don't worry, the baby's head is gum paste sculpted around a styrofoam ball... so no one will be cutting into the baby's head... just the cake under the giant daisy and the ladybug's body. ;o)
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By smanda
Sep 8, 2007
The cake is chocolate with chocolate buttercream covered in fondant.  The face is made out of chocolate fondant  which I love for turning black.  My DH cute me out a leaf that I covered in fondant and then painted with food gel and put ribbon to finish.  This was fun and much easier than I first thought!
6 19
By mjulian
Sep 9, 2007
nfsc and antonia74  royal icing
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By connie1220
Sep 20, 2007
I made this cake for a friends Daughters 4th birthday. I actually liked it better w/o the ribbon, but the little girl LOVED, that's all that matters!!! All buttercream with royal ladybugs on the side.
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By Jillithan
Sep 26, 2007
A lady bug cake I made for a friend at work.  She was having a party for a little girl a her church and this was the cake she had me make for her.
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By diamond008
Sep 27, 2007
This was for my cousins little girl who LOVES lady bugs!  This was so fun to make....3 layers of butter cake with vanilla bc...cut out my own board (thanks mjulian for the inspiration!!!) and painted it green with light green veining...the antennas are made out of floral wire and MMF, the head is a rice krispie treat covered in MMF and the spots and flowers are also MMF.  Thank you SO much for looking!!!
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By chqtpi
Oct 5, 2007
All buttercream
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By jenncowin
Oct 5, 2007
Strawberry Cake with BC. Strawberry Shortcake and border pieces are FBCT.
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By Melody25
Oct 5, 2007
12in with BC and fondant accents
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By roxxxy_luvs_duff
Oct 15, 2007
Lady bug cookies I did as part of a bouquet for a coworker's 50th birthday
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By jlg0508
Oct 17, 2007
This was taken before writing Happy Birthday Marissa! on the cake. The little girl *loved* picking each lady bug off of her cake to carefully inspect then eat them. I made the ladybugs & flowers with royal icing.
By Lea81
Oct 22, 2007
An inspiration  made of gum paste and fondant for a delicate and precious details.
19 150
By JazG
Oct 25, 2007
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By Lea81
Nov 2, 2007
I did these for a friend's little girl's first birthday party.  She didn't like getting dirty though, so the smash cake got cut up and served to her.  What a princess! :)  I borrowed the idea from someone on here, though I can't remember who.  If it's yours, please let me know so I can give you creative credit! :)
By Froggytat
Nov 12, 2007
Vanilla enhanced cupcakes. All buttercream.
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By tasteebakes
Nov 15, 2007
For a 75th Birthday.  Wildflowers, fluttering butterflies, dragonfly, and lady bugs.  All buttercream.  Butterflies/dragonfly rice paper.
10" Square White Almond with Pineapple Nutmeg filling, Almond buttercream
3 12
By 2kiddos
Nov 15, 2007
All fondant bug with gumpaste flowers.  Thanks to Sugarshack for her original design!  =0)
3 17
By nefgaby
Nov 18, 2007
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By teressah
Nov 26, 2007
This ladybug matched the party invitations from Party City.  Kind a cute, funky colored bug.
3 6
By bonnebouche
Dec 2, 2007
I used the petal pan to create the bottom cake.  I used a 6" round cake and decorated it to match the bottom one for my daughters first birthday.  I also created a frog on the bottom and a lady bug on the top.  The two cakes were seperated with push in pillars.  Usually with first birthday cakes I make a small cake matching the large one for the birthday child to demolish.  The top 6" cake was for my daughter to demolish and she did a fine job!
3 10
By cakestodiefor
Dec 14, 2007
Big lady bug is a 2 layer 9" cake carved into ladybug shape, head is 1/2 of a ball pan turned on its side and then the bottom cut off so it will fit flat.  I cut out part of the inside of the ball cake so it would fit up snuggly to the body.  The baby lady bug is 1/2 of a ball pan.  All is covered in fondant.
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By Georgiared
Dec 19, 2007
A Wondermold body and 5"x4" round for head.  Wings are iced cake board.  Spots are fondant.
By kakeladi
Dec 22, 2007
Made this for Shannon, one of the teachers for the lady bug class at the kindergarten school.  Cake is a sculpted chocolate cake with buttercream and fondant icings.
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By reenie
Dec 29, 2007


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