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By tippyad
Jan 4, 2008
These were for a baby shower that was lady bug themed. The ladybugs were fondant w/royal icing and the flowers were fondant/gumpaste. The icing was b/c.
Thanks for looking!
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By Amy729
Jan 19, 2008
White cake w white bc icing.  My first attempt at Lady bugs and bumble bees.
By KieslerKakes
Jan 30, 2008
Chocolate cake with raspberry filling, iced with bc and covered with fondant.
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By GrannieJ
Feb 6, 2008
I made these and the pull apart butterfly  cake for my little girl for her class.  She was really excited.  They were made in the little egg pan.  I smoothed them with white bc and sprayed with red color.  I trimmed them out in chocolate bc and little colored candy for the eyes.
By pastrypantry
Feb 6, 2008
6" round completely decorated with buttercream icing
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By Chrys211
Feb 13, 2008
Mini egg shaped cakes decorated to look like lady bugs with hearts instead of dots which makes them "love bugs" for Valentine's Day lol  All buttercream
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By KHalstead
Feb 16, 2008
Sports ball and mini ball pans. I got the idea from mom2aeml (thank-you!).
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By dabear
Feb 18, 2008
Two layers 9" round cake, using 50% Less Sugar cake mix per customer's request. Ladybug was made using 1 Sportsball pan and cupcake for head. Buttercream icing. Antenna are licorice.
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By KimsCakeCreations
Feb 22, 2008
A sample bouquet I made for my display. NFSC with royal. TFL
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By zacharysmom
Mar 5, 2008
This is a dummy cake I made for the Cincinnati Cake show this past weekend.  It is mostly fondant and RI. "Water" is piping gel. I'm a Critiques subgroup Member. All comments are welcome and appreciated. TFL
By jadak
Mar 11, 2008
For a little girl who loves fairies.  The fairy and lady bugs are gum paste.  The leaves and flowers are MMF.
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By Berecca
Mar 21, 2008
This was done for a 4 yr old who loves Ladyu bug. Buttercream with fondant accents. 
Lady bug is Rice krispie.
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By anku
Mar 24, 2008
I've been meaning to upload this forever - here's the dummy cake I did for the SC State Fair this past year - sorry it's fuzzy.  I re-did the ladybug lamp cake I had made for a coworker's baby shower...too bad styrofoam doesn't taste good because it sure as heck is a lot easier to decorate!  I won best overall for amateur decorators (you can barely see part of the purple ribbon behind the cake).  Grrrr...they turned the cake the wrong way in the display case.
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By afolk
Mar 26, 2008
NFSC, DCRC, MMF Rest of cookies made for daughter's neighbor birthday
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By linedancer
Apr 7, 2008
Baby shower cake done for my sister-in-law's baby, which will be the first girl in the family since I am expecting my 3rd boy! Anyway, this was my first 'girl' cake ever. The nursery is lady bug themed, so I went for sweet baby lady bug. Cake was originally going to be pink and brown, but my MMF was incredibly hard and I decided to make new and just didnt have the time and patience to color it.  Cake was strawberry covered with thin layer BC with MMF. Baby is MMF.
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By kweenofengland
Apr 7, 2008
This was my lady bug baby on top of a baby shower cake.
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By kweenofengland
Apr 8, 2008
This was for a lady bug party. All the girls were in a group called the "lady bugs"   The lady bugs were made out of the egg pan.
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By cakeprincess80
Apr 8, 2008
All BC, baked in pyrex bowl for rounded top, placed on 9" layer for height, 5" round for head. Used frosting-covered dowels for antennaes.
By Mencked
Apr 11, 2008
10 inch and matching smash cake for 1st Birthday.  The party 
decorations were bright flowers and lady bugs!
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By debrab
Apr 11, 2008
8 29
By darylrc
Apr 12, 2008
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By darylrc
Apr 12, 2008
Sugar cookies with RI
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By wyckedwytch
Apr 21, 2008
This is a cake I made for my Grandmother's 80th Birthday Party.  It is a 1/2 sheet cake, iced in buttercream with royal icing flowers.
It gave me a lot of trouble and the icing cracked a bit in the 2 hour car drive.  My grandmother loved the flowers and wouldn't let anyone cut that part of the cake.
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By punkinpie
Apr 22, 2008
Buttercream, except for ladybugs (my son requested ladybugs on his cake), bananas and yellow hat, which are all fondant.  The George figure is store-bought.  I tried to make a George out of fondant, but failed miserably.  I also attempted palm trees, which would have been great if I had made them earlier.  I didn't give them enough time to dry.  It was the first time I started a cake without any idea of where it was going to go. I guess I couldn't be disappointed if I had no expectations!  I liked this one.
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By SpringFlour
Apr 22, 2008
Some "spring-like" cookies. NF with royal.
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By yankeegal
Apr 27, 2008
I know it's not an animal it's an insect but still she's cute buttecream, twizzlers pull apart for lashes, mini oreos for dots royal flowers
By froglover
May 2, 2008
Very special cake made for a friend adopting a daughter from China, ladybugs are considered good luck in the adoption cummunity. 8 and 12 inch layers, bug made from mini wondermold pan. Buttercream with fondant accents.
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By pattycaker
May 5, 2008
This cake was done for a baby shower,iced in buttercream,stripes and polka dots are fondant!Thanks for looking!
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By lynsey
May 9, 2008
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By Kiddiekakes
May 10, 2008
Small bouquet made for my sister.  NFSC and Antonia's RI.  Thanks for looking!
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By Schmulie65
May 12, 2008
NFSC and Antonia's RI.  Mother's Day gift.  Thanks to bakinccc for the butterfly inspiration!!
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By Schmulie65
May 16, 2008
10" choc bottom w/raspberry b.c. filling, 8" orange cream layer cake for middle, 6" top tier is choc. chip w/van b.c. all fondant accents done to match nursery decor. my first cake done for non family...guests raved..
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By peggyl
May 16, 2008
I made mini smash cakes to match this. Buttercream & airbrush
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By Jenn123
May 19, 2008
19 regular size cupcakes.  Tip 1M for flowers.  They are sitting in small plastic drinking cups stapled together to form the bouquet shape.  Butterflies are candy melts & ladybugs are red M&Ms with candy melt details (ideas from "Hello, Cupcake")
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By cinjam
May 19, 2008
This cake was the smash Cake to my tiered ladybug cake. Chocolate pund cake, half of the ball pan then a carved head out of scraps. Pipe cleaners for the antennas and MMF butterfly.
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By BlairsMom
May 23, 2008
19 regular size cupcakes.  Tip 1M for the flower.  Butterflies are candy melts.  Lady bugs are red M&Ms with candy melts details
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By cinjam
May 25, 2008
19 regular size cupcakes. Butterflies are candy melts. Lady bugs are red M&Ms with candy melts details
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By cinjam
May 25, 2008
10 in. base and 1/2 off sports ball pan for the lady bug.  All white cake with buttercream filling.  Buttercream icing with fondant accents.  Used pipe cleaners for legs and antenas (sp?)
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By Tallmama
May 29, 2008
3 9
By Denae
May 30, 2008


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