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100% of the decorations are edible!  The armor is painted with edible silver, the dragon's coins painted with edible gold.  Details include the blue birds in the tree top, bumble bees on the bark, squirrels among the rocks, tiny white mice on the ground, & flowers painted on the tea service.  All hand molded and hand painted (no airbrushing). Made with fondant, pastillage, & royal icing.
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By mommykicksbutt
Apr 13, 2005
Bundt cake with fondant knight and dragon. Both figurines made from books by Debbie Brown. It´s a birthday cake for a 3 year old.
10 37
By Tuggy
Nov 9, 2005
For my nephew who is totally into this. Knight and dragon are fondant w/gumtex, brushed with luster dust. Thanks for looking.
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By sweetie
Oct 1, 2005
This is hand sculpted from a double layer 12" cake...fondant covered, each scale cut by hand, and then the cake hand painted as I don't quite yet have my airbrush.  :-)
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By Kitagrl
Feb 10, 2006
This was done for a boy and a girl joint birthday party.
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By redhead1872
Feb 19, 2006
4 layers 8 inch squares.Used pringles cans for towers.Made royal icing plaque,banner and flags.Dollar store toys to finish.Blue gel for water around mote.
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By Kiddiekakes
Apr 20, 2006
After my daughter's castle cake was such a hit, my son wanted a "boy" castle (obiously NO PINK) for his Knight Birthday Party.
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By ccoth
Jan 1, 2006
This was my first 'paid' cake.  A mom won the church auction for a custom cake for her son's birthday.  This is what we designed.  His party was knights and dragons.
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By feverfixer
May 13, 2006
My baby turned 6! He wanted a knights party so I made him a castle cake-SO much inspiration from CC-THANKS TO ALL THE TALENTED CAKE ARTISTS!!!  It took a fair amount of time but was lots of fun.  Main castle section is a yellow sheet cake halved and stacked with a 2 layer 6"round chocolate on the top.  Corners are tw ice cream cones stacked and then one for the center turret. All BC. Lot's of fun designing!
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By jewels625
May 15, 2006
Castle covered in Royal Icing rolled and pressed on to resemble stones.All figures made of Fondant and either dusted or painted with Lustre dust.Windows and flags are fondant,Crests are colorflow.Rocks are chocolate bought from the store.Board covered in fondant and dusted.Entire castle dusted with Moonstruck lustre dust.
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By Kiddiekakes
Jun 20, 2006
Made for a congratulatory gift package shipped to a client's out-of-state niece for making junior cheerleader.  I was told the colors were black and gold, the name of the school, and the mascot was a knight.  Recipient loved them and shared with fellow cheerleaders!
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By Lambshack
Aug 2, 2006
The castle was made with a sandcastle pan.  I used buttercream to turn it into a real castle.  Rocks are candy, the drawbridge is made from Kit Kats and the soldiers are figurines that belonged to the birthday boy.  The dragon was two bunt cakes cut and formed into the fire breathing dragon.  It sat on a cardboard sheet over a pan that contained dry ice.  I inserted two straws down through the nostrils and through holes in the cardboard.  We added water and smoke came out the dragons nose.
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By stessie
Aug 11, 2006
German chocolate groom's cake.  I was asked to make Knight Rider chase the General Lee and make it look like the General Lee had just jumped a river.  A big, big, big thank you to ChristyB on this one!  I modified the cakes of hers I found on this site and she was super helpful with instructions as well.  Filling was German chocolate icing and all decorations were buttercream (except the matchbox cars!)
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By astro
Aug 25, 2006
Other than my #4, I think this turned out pretty cool.  Used my projector to put the image on the cake.
By sunlover00
Sep 4, 2006
Again a fantasy wedding cake and the couple choose to be a knight and a female wizard, fighting against a dragon. Cake is covered with fondant and the stones, leaves and "trees" are made from fondant, too. All figures are made form polymer clay and the eyes from the wizard and the dragon are Swarovski Kristalls. The "sky" is blue luster dust with a little bit of black, painted with a sponge.
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By Tuggy
Apr 30, 2006
I put two designs by Debbie Brown in one to make this cake for my son's 7th BD.
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By tiarra
Nov 12, 2006
I’ve made this for my little boys 6th birthday today. It is totally different to what I had in my head but I think he will like it. The dragon is gumpaste and the knights are toys - part of a gift for him. I never want to make this again, putting the cobblestones on was horrendous! What we do because we love our kids!
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By katharry
Nov 29, 2006
This was done in IMBC, sponged to look like stucco.  THe dragon was a nightmare because the only fondant I had was Wilton green fondant and it was SOOOOO soft the dragon kept collapsing into himself!
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By SweetResults
Dec 3, 2006
A friend wanted a cake for his wife, said she liked tales of the Knights Templar.  So I searched for some related images.  He liked the seal.  So I did a 10in yellow, iced in buttercream with the seal of candy clay.  I cut it out, dusted it with Aztec gold and super gold luster dust.  The brown is brown Wilton paste color, dabbed on with a paintbrush.  The sides have red Templar crosses and dragees in between each snail trail of the border.  This took forever.  My thanks to those who answered my call 4 help
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By karateka
Dec 28, 2006
This was for my father's 75th birthday.  The cake is decorated in fondant and buttercream.  The towers are pringles cans covered in fondant and buttercream.  The coat of arms is fondant, as are the doors and windows. I wanted to add fondant rocks around the tops of the towers and the castle, but I ran out of fondant.
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By skeet1zp
Jan 14, 2007
Three tier cake w/rice krispie and fondant sleeping dragon, fondant knight. Idea came from multiple cake in cake deco book.
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Jan 31, 2007
This is a 3 layer, 8-inch square.  The towers are made of Rice Krispie treats.  The whole thing is covered with individually placed fondant 'stones'.
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By DianeLM
Feb 2, 2007
I had a S-shaped stand cut from plywood with dowels to support the board, hidden inside the legs. The end of the tail and head are rice krispies. The whole thing is covered in fondant scales. Fondant accents, with modeling chocolate for the knight and teeth.
59 532
By mamacc
Feb 12, 2007
Another angle...
6 53
By mamacc
Feb 12, 2007
A customer found this castle on some "how to do your own party" site and insisted she wanted one exactly like I obliged.   My dh says its ugly haha...I hope she likes it ok.  There are supposed to be toy knights on it but she is going to provide those.  The only other thing is on the site it said you could just put flags on toothpicks and stick them on the top of the coated cone.  Yeah breaks the cone!  Hope she isn't disappointed but I just had to change that part.
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By Kitagrl
Feb 16, 2007
Ice cream cake with whipped cream icing and buttercream stones.  Water is jello. When I put it in the freezer the jello froze and looked like waves! I really didn't know what I was doing here...the towers are made of cake....with toothpicks everywhere holding it together...and it still wouldn't stand up straight!! Oh well, better luck next time!! :) I'm learning more as I go....
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By krystalp
Mar 5, 2007
This is my birthday cake...a practice for 2 I have upcoming.  I am glad i practiced (plus i never had a castle cake as a little girl :( ).  The cake was a new recipe and it was too soft so the squre is sagging.  Plus I was lazy and decided not to make more BC to ice the Rice Crispie towers and now they are bumpy.  I should have put support under the towers in the back because they were sinking into the soft cake. towers tops are gumpaste and the cake is covered in MMF. The figures are gumpaste and were FUN!
15 11
By acookieobsession
Mar 18, 2007
I'll rewrite the description later when I stop being annoyed that my picture size upon submission was too big forcing me to have to retype the whole thing.
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By Monica_
May 28, 2007
FBCT 1/2 sheet chocolate cake
By reesesob
Jun 9, 2007
The event was a 4th grade author's night. The cake tells an open ended story of reading children crossing a bridge into a medieval realm converting into knights and princesses as they do. All pieces are gumpaste, cake is fondant.
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By regymusic
Jun 19, 2007
I'm not entirely happy with how this turned out, but it worked for what it was.  I accidentally bought reg and pure white chocolate for the blue, so the battlements and the strips under them are different blues (I colored them myself).  I used a buttercream for the icing, but it was a pain to work with on this.  I would paint the gold on before applying decorations next time. Most importantly, I would start much sooner than I did so I could get the rest of what I wanted on there.  The towers are all cake.
4 9
By luv2grdn
Oct 23, 2006
My nephew is into knights and dragons.  He wanted a castle cake.  It's all cake with bc and chocolate accents.  The flags on the turrets are made from fruit roll ups.
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By Coverdalegirl
Jul 16, 2007
Here's a cake I made for a friends son on his 7th birthday. He loves knights, dragons and all that stuff and he simply adored this cake. 
And it was really fun making it.
40 173
By Gunilla
Aug 2, 2007
full sheet - filled yellow cake with fbct of Gaelic Knight- scrolls and sprinkled with white sanding sugar.  I hazte writing on cakes- I think I'll try a parchment bag next arrrg....
By sweetviolent
Aug 4, 2007
For my 5 yr old son who wanted a Knight Castle cake and a party with NO GIRLS this time!
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Aug 8, 2007
I made everything except the toppers on the "traditional tier".  Close-ups of each tier will also be posted.
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By kakedecorator
Aug 20, 2007
This is one tier of our 25th anniversary cake.  I did this because my husband is my "Knight in Shining Armour"
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By kakedecorator
Aug 20, 2007
I borrowed the idea off here (Thanks!) but it needed something extra.... so I added the knight;-)  I wanted to add a dragon too, but my friend came early to pick it up, so I didn't have time;-(
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By kden3980
Aug 21, 2007
This is a horrible picture - my fault for not taking a photo myself!  Carved from a sheet cake.  I've learned a lot since this was done!
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By amysue99
Sep 5, 2007
I did a double sided castle for my niece and nephew's joint b-day party. I wanted then to each have their own cake, but my sister only wanted me to make one. And, of course, my niece wanted an orange castle with princesses! So, this is the orange castle and if you turn the cake around, it's a knight's castle.
5 7
By jadak
Oct 8, 2007


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