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I made this cake for my sister in law, whom everybody calls chocolate.  I was looking for somethin special so I cut a giant Hersey kiss in half and placed in the middle of the cake and used regular ones for the border.
By tika
Apr 13, 2005
My friend, Kelly, shares her birthday with St. Patrick's Day. It's a chocolate cake with peanut butter filling and buttercream frosting. Peanut butter Hershey kisses (her favorite candy) round the tiers. The top tier is ganache with a candy shamrock. Chocolate candy drizzle.
19 42
By Sunflowerbagel
Mar 16, 2006
This is all MMF. Its for a girl who likes kisses a lot and the color purple.
By ChicosMom
May 9, 2005
This was made with buttercream for a "KISS" fan.  I used a large paint brush to smooth it out & try to make it look "real".  I didn't have time to paint on the silver luster dust as I had planned, but I think it turned-out okay!  Thanks for looking!
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By OCakes
May 10, 2006
Made for 13 year old who loves KISS the band. I wanted to incorporate the long tongue, but I didn't get a chance to. The back top Smile and shirt is a cookie kabob. It was very hard to make those on a stick together!
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By sweetsomethings
Jun 22, 2006
This is a chocolate cake made w/ root-beer in it (you don't really taste it, but it makes it VERY moist!) Vanilla buttercream filling. Chocolate syrup buttercream (first time working with it). Hershey kiss roses (kiss used as base - so cool thaks for the tip!). This was a last minute cake. I would take the top two roses off - but the frosting stated to come off with it, so they stayed.... FBCT on top
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By imartsy
Jul 14, 2006
It's teacher appreciation week at my son's school and today's theme was "Hugs and Kisses."  We were asked to bring in Hershey Kisses for them, but I thought they might like something different.  So I came up with the idea for the heart and lips (made using a football cookie cutter!) and wrote a little poem that almost, but not quite, rhymes for the note to tie to the bag.  They were a hit!  No fail sugar cookies with Antonio74's Royal Icing.
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By Blessed_Patty
May 1, 2006
This cake was inspired by Tuggy.  She was very helpful by emailing me the instructions for the frog!  (Why my frog turned out different - you got me! LOL!!)  Cake is larger than it looks.  Four 8" tiers of Chocolate with Bavarian Cream filling.  Cake board is decorated with fondant and the wishing well cake is covered in Butter Cream with handmade MMF decorations.  All decorations are edible!  The groom is called Prince Charming so it was a hit at the wedding!
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By CakesUnleashed
Jul 22, 2006
A birthday cake for my niece.  She wanted a Hershey cake.  the kiss is a pattern transfer.  Actual kisses and hershey bars for the borders
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By mjlaw78
Jul 26, 2006
Cinderella FBCT. Didn't turn out so great.... the black kinda smudged in places and her mouth ended up looking weird but I didn't want to outline it b/c I thought that would look worse.... the roses are made w/  Hershey kisses as the base. All in all I think the little girls I made it for will love it- it was a practice cake anyway....
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By imartsy
Jul 28, 2006
These are vanilla cupcakes with french vanilla BC.  The center of the roses are Hershey Kisses.  This is the first time I've tried that and it is so easy.  They were supposed to be for a one-year old's birthday party but due to illness, they are going to work with me as a "just because" treat.
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By awolf24
Oct 1, 2006
My friend's son was really into the rock group Kiss so she asked me to put this particular album cover onto a cake. I found a picture of it, converted the picture on the computer to a pencil sketch so I could transfer it to the cake with piping gel. It's frosted with buttercream and mostly done with a star tip.
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By boosqmom
Oct 4, 2006
I made this edible image on my new printer.  VERY FUN!  I'm not sure if I like the seems a little plain.  It's for a guy that's turning 35 and loves Kiss.  Any suggestions on what to add?
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By Derby
Oct 22, 2006
Wedding rehearsal dinner cake for young couple who loves the band KISS. Fondant covered 8, 10, 12-inch rounds. MMF & rice paper guitar, edible MMF spikes painted with lustre dust, silver dragees on logo and bottom tier.
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By mqguffey
Oct 28, 2006
Here's a closeup of the band holding a rice paper and MMF guitar. You can also see the edible MMF spikes painted with silver lustre dust.
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By mqguffey
Oct 28, 2006
Here's the KISS logo: black MMF letters with silver dragees adhered with black royal icing. Time consuming but I loved the finished product!
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By mqguffey
Oct 28, 2006
My 3rd wedding cake and one of my first fondant covered cakes. Have gotten the hang of covering the large cakes now. The drape on the side is actually the bride's train.
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By bohemia
Nov 2, 2006
This was a cake I did for hubbies Holiday party.  BC icing on yellow cake.  Squares are filled with colored coconut and foil wrapped chocolate kisses.  I did a rendition of this for easter (thanks again Ladycake) and thought I could encorporate a christmas theme.  Very versatile design.
9 88
Dec 12, 2006
Done with ball pan, cone covered in chocolate sits on top and aluminum foil wrapped around it
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By onceuponacake
Dec 19, 2006
Brownies/mini cakes decorated w/bc.
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By kris10rae
Jan 14, 2007
Made for a co-worker turning 50...  I got this idea from another picture on this site (Sorry I can't credit the original cake artist!).  It's a basic white cake covered in buttercream with black piping gel for the writing & dots, and Hershey kiss borders!
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By krstik
Jan 18, 2007
NFSC & royal icing
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By MahalKita
Jan 20, 2007
Valentines day cookies.
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By rezzygirl
Jan 21, 2007
Roll-out cookies with royal icing.
3 6
By Mac
Jan 24, 2007
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By charman
Jan 31, 2007
My Mom is the world's biggest chocoholic so I made her a giant Hershey's kiss birthday cake.  This was my first attempt at sculpting a cake although I didn't have to carve much.  It came out okay, but had some consistency problems with my buttercream so not as smooth as I would have liked.  I also couldn't get the darn fondant "paper" to stand up.  Gumpaste may have been a better idea...
14 58
By indigojods
Jan 31, 2007
I've been wanting to make these little mice -- my granddaughter and I had fun with them.
2 1
By craftermom
Feb 6, 2007
Hershey Kiss cookie, made with icing and a LOT of luster dust
By MystiqueFire
Feb 6, 2007
Snickerdoodle cake with BC, Covered in MMF with MMF Accents
4 14
By belindajax
Feb 9, 2007
NFSC w/ Antonia royal - Just a few more Valentine cookies
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By CindyM
Feb 10, 2007
a kiss cake for my fanatical brother in law
7 7
By laurawendte
Feb 14, 2007
I made these for my dd's pre-school valentine's party.  (which ended up being rescheduled due to a snow day.)  NFSC with antonia74's icing.  The lips and a couple of the hearts were dusted with superpearl luster dust.  I had a heck of a time with the cornelli lace.  Tip #1 can be tempermental sometimes.  :-)
6 11
By ps3884
Feb 15, 2007
I got the idea for this cake from Jodie (indigojods).  It is a strawberry cake with chocolate buttercream.  The "banner" was made using 50/50 fondant/gum paste.  The lettering was written on with a paint brush and Ameri Color brown.  It was a big hit.
14 21
By kakedecorator
Feb 23, 2007
By mistygaildunn
Feb 23, 2007
chocolate cake filled with fresh strawberry jam and covered in ganache.
By chefleslies
Feb 25, 2007
It was a miriacle that this kid graduated, so when I came up with the theme of this cake, she loved it.
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By skstuard14
Mar 15, 2007
NFSC with Royal Icing
By MelZ
Mar 19, 2007
Bottom cake is 6 in white, top is half ball pan chocolate. Cream cheese buttercream. Haven't done basketweave or a rope border in a long time - now I remember why! What a lot of work! The roses are all buttercream although a few (the best looking ones) are made with a white chocolate kiss (like a hershey kiss) center (made a/ mold). Best trick ever to use the kiss as a base! Makes roses soooo much easier & tastes great!
7 25
By imartsy
Mar 19, 2007
This was a cake for a first birthday. Chocolate with buttercream icing. This was alot simpler than I would normally do,but  I was planning my son's birthday the same weekend, and his cake and party took priority.
2 15
By ctorno
Apr 1, 2007
I made this cake for an 11-year old boy who loves the rock group Kiss.  This is an 11x15 cake decorated in all buttercream. The heads were created with the mini egg pan,  I used a  #1 tip to create the detail work on the faces. I was very happy with how well it turned out.  My inspiration for this cake came from this website, so I would like to thank everyone who has posted pictures of their Kiss cakes!
1 5
By Boshellbug
Apr 3, 2007


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