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A little boy next door is having a lion king bday party and these are for the take home present. Will wrap them individually, when they are completely dry
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By Ursula40
Apr 2, 2007
This was an idea I found on CC. This is a yellow cake with chocolate & BC icing. I made this for my boyfriend's 37th birthday. He is always saying he is the king and his favorite drink is crown royal so this was PERFECT for him!!
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By ajeffery2001
Apr 8, 2007
I created this for my son's 8th birthday.  All the buildings,taxis, monuments, etc. are made from candy melt choc.  The cake is mocha choc. chip w/ raspberry filling. The buildings were created by tinting melted choc. placed in a pastry bag.  I squeezed the design with a based color onto wax paper. After it cooled, I peeled it off and added more colorful details onto the flat/front side. This was a blast to create, the choc. images is a medium that opens up endless possibilites.
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By stuart
Jan 11, 2006
I had never tried FBCT or upside-down cake icing, so I decided to try them together! My husband loves King of the Hill, so it seemed like a good picture to start with. I'm not super happy with the smoothness of the icing, but I'm pretty sure I know what my problem was and how to fix it.
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By edencakes
Jul 31, 2005
You can't tell from the picture but this cake was humongous.  The base board is 22" square.  All layers had a different filling and the steps were carved triangles and then notched with a decorating comb.  The topper is moulded chocolate dusted with gold lustre dust.

Thanks for looking,

P.S.  I know the pyramid style is Aztec and the topper is Egyptian but that's what the customer wanted.
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By suzyqqq27
Nov 21, 2005
I've posted King Kong again at a larger size since I put a pic that was too small and hard to see before.  Sorry for the duplication!!!
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By frostings
Feb 8, 2006
This is a 1/4 sheet white cake iced and filled with buttercream, the kingkong image is a royal icing transfer.
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By sgirvan
Feb 17, 2006
Gold MMF crown.  I would have like to do this in a different color, but this is what the client wanted.
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By teesue
Mar 3, 2006
recipe from this site with royal icing flowers left over from course 2
By jdelectables
Mar 13, 2006
I got this idea from Mac on here. (thank you so much for your help and the pattern).  I did his face as a BCT.  My first try at one! Also, the cake has musical notes all around the cake in black and white.  It is a pale pink cake.  This picture really doesn't do this cake any justice at all.  We'll see just how the birthday girl likes it tonight.  I still need to work on my BCTs and my handwriting some more.  Well- everything.  Practice makes perfect.  Thank you all for viewing. Please leave comments-
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By ckirkland
Sep 28, 2005
I carved this cake a little and used buttercream to frost, using a paintbrush to create the fur detail.
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By frostings
Feb 8, 2006
I had a terrible time coming up with ideas for King Kong. Thank you so much to ellepal for sharing her idea with me. Hers, of course, is 1,000 times better.
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By redsoxgirl
May 13, 2006
This is actually the 2nd cake like this one I made, the 1st one I haven't posted so I thought I would post this one. It's a square cake pan with small loaf pans for the sides and top with ice cream cones as the turrets. It's fairly easy, especially the 2nd time around, but definitely time consuming!!!
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By chefdot
Jun 4, 2006
Cake made for a boy's birthday.  Half side of cake is chocolate with chocolate fudge filling, other side is vanilla with strawberry filling.  King Kong and his name are chocolate transfers.
By PeaceOfCake
Jun 18, 2006
This was for my sons 7th birthday he chose King Kong, I did sugar cookies dipped in chocolate and iced in BC for the buildings, Sheet cake was iced in BC and road is fondant, rolled cars are candles Gorilla is a toy.  I was not very please with how this cake turned out I would change a few things if I had to do it again.
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By jowhip
Jun 27, 2006
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By augustlm
Jun 28, 2006
My customer wanted a Curios George cake for her Grandson, and a King Kong Cake for her dad, who share the same birthday.  She also wanted them to "match" each other as far as coloring.
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By Sherry0565
Jul 28, 2006
Plans for future cakes on 3 kings' day.  3 separate cakes on loaf pan. Decorated as shown and using the cut outs on each cakes to make the hats.
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By gegon
Aug 21, 2006
This was done all in Buttercream for a family who adopted 2 children who love Disney movies.
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By snowy811
Sep 10, 2006
Chocolate cake with white chocolate buttercream.  Sculpted building out of sheet cakes and covered in greyish buttercream and piped black windows.  Hand scultped chocolate King Kong.  Antenna is spaghetti covered in black buttercream.
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By sweeterbug1977
Sep 16, 2006
I'm so bummed I didn't think to put the flash on! Every other event I've done got a studio-style photo for the cake... my son's birthday cake of course is the one that didn't! This was his cake from today. The "stone" was a collage of different cakes and mini cupcakes to get the rugged look of a rock. Covered in gray marble colored fondant, finished with super pearl to give it a marble look. Banner is also fondant. The sword was one of the ones passed out at his Knight in Shining Armor party.
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By heavenlycakes
Mar 19, 2006
this is  a cake from one of my regulars, she said that she wanted a BIG cake this is what we came up with. 
MMF covered cake with buildings mmf and sugar daddys covered with fondant. volcano is a popcorn ball shaped with red vinesand butterbream lava. lollipop palm trees.crumbled candy bars as rocks and wafer paper coated in piping gel for waterfall. skulls are lollipops.
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By lastingmoments
Jan 14, 2006
The client's last name was "King"! So she came up with the idea of crowns with red detailing. I used red Smarties and tiny M&Ms for the "jewels" because the 40th Anniversary is the traditionally the "ruby" anniversary.
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By antonia74
Oct 7, 2006
Based on the playbill for the broadway production
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By tastycake
Apr 30, 2006
King Kong on the Empire State Building. Orange Pound Cake with Hershey bar windows and jelly bean lights. King Kong is marzipan dredged in Cocoa.
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By Margicakes
Oct 28, 2006
Butter cake with fondant accents and BC frosting.
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By kimhering
Oct 31, 2006
This was a wedding cake for a couple married in Vegas.  They wanted it simple, and wanted to include 4-leaf clovers.  I used clover cookie cutters to cut out the fondant, then traced over them with black royal icing.  The bottom layer alternated hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs.  I used miniature red, black and white dice for the border.  The King and Queen of Hearts cards were used in place of a cake topper.
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By Botanesis
Nov 8, 2006
I made this cake for my son's 7th birthday
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By jenje
Dec 11, 2006
5 tier covered in fondant, using royal icing and super pearl accents. crown is carved cake, fondant and gumpaste using old gold luster and edible pearls.
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By melysa
Dec 14, 2006
for my own little boy, who just loves simba and trains, a combination of the 2. the 3 friends who are hiding in the bush in the back, are plastic. the rest is marzipan.
By catherien
Dec 15, 2006
I love moddeling figures zo they are almost like the originals. I liked this sene in the movie aswel.
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By freubelmuisje
Dec 29, 2006
My boyfriend had to work today, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so I made him a cake to bring to work.  It is a chocolate cake with buttercream icing.  The face is different shades of chocolate buttercream.
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By SarahsSweets2006
Jan 15, 2007
Made this tiered cake for a friend of ours that was promoted to VP.  Thanks to boween for the crown inspiration.  Crown is a 2 layered marble cake covered in fondant.  Gold pieces on crown are gumpaste painted with gold luster dust.  Bottom cake is reverse marble covered in BC.  Coin pouch is fondant.  Coins are chocolate candies.
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Jan 25, 2007
My first attempt at fondant. Marshmallow with red velvet center. Hand piped with butter cream.
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Feb 7, 2007
Thank goodness for gorilla rings (thats what i used for the head!) my gorilla face i free handed was awful!  i literaly barely got a day notice for this cake! its choc w/bannana filling,bc ,sugar cookies with royal icing and fbct for king kong,
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By Erlyns_Treats
Feb 9, 2007
This couple got married in vegas and returned to Washington State for their reception.  (Which also had the Vegas theme).  The cake is 6" 8" 10" squares with butter cream frosting.  Eatable images of poker chips and the king and queen of hearts are also on the cake.  The border was done with a simple star tip.  Silver candy dots were used around each layer.
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By danasflowers
Feb 11, 2007
A customer found this castle on some "how to do your own party" site and insisted she wanted one exactly like I obliged.   My dh says its ugly haha...I hope she likes it ok.  There are supposed to be toy knights on it but she is going to provide those.  The only other thing is on the site it said you could just put flags on toothpicks and stick them on the top of the coated cone.  Yeah breaks the cone!  Hope she isn't disappointed but I just had to change that part.
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By Kitagrl
Feb 16, 2007
I did these floral cupcakes for a photography class I am in. We had to bring food to take pics using studio lights.  The king size cupcakes tipped over in the car and got mashed but i managed to save one by turning the smashed part to the back.  Inspired by the cupcake cafe. : )  These are the best roses I think I have EVER done.  I used a chocolate kiss for the center.
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By okieinalaska
Feb 22, 2007
This only the fourth cake I have ever decorated.  I am a film minor and this was a class project.  It is red velvet covered in black butter cream.  I made some of his facial features with wilton gumpaste.  I am proud of it!
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By Camid
Mar 10, 2007
I made these for my DD 5th b-day for the boys goodie bags
By jovigirl
Apr 16, 2007


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