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This cake was a hit at my 3 year old twins' 3rd birthday party. It's 3 layers with buttercream frosting, candy clay figures, fondant trim with cut-out lettering and gumpaste vines and tree. The cake itself was chocolate for the top two tiers and white cake on the bottom.
9 25
By krissy_kze
Jun 26, 2005
Chocolate cake w/cream filling and BC icing.  Palm trees are pretzels w/royal icing, animals are candy, butterflies are made with wafer paper.
5 32
By newtocakes
Jul 28, 2005
This cake was so fun to do!!  The top is a BCT, all BC decorations.  12" 2-layer and 8" 2-layer.  I can't wait for my friend (the Mom) to see it tomorrow!
11 29
By momsandraven
Jul 29, 2005
Chocolate with buttercream icing.  Was made for my nephews 2nd birthday.  Some animals are molded chocolates.  Some details are royal icing
3 9
By sweetbee
Aug 3, 2005
This is my first cake before I started taking cake decorating classes.  I started small with a smash cake.
By gingoreilly
Aug 11, 2005
first cake that I got paid for, two layers of dark chocolate cake and one layer butter
6 14
By klsrtr
Aug 13, 2005
Animals make with candy melts.
4 7
By PoodleDoodle
Sep 5, 2005
I made these jungle cupcakes for my daughters birthday. The design is from Wilton 2006 yearbook.
6 27
By mridula
Sep 13, 2005
I made this cake for my daughters second birthday as her smash cake.
9 9
By mridula
Sep 13, 2005
This was my daughters birthday cake that I made for her pre-school birthday party.
4 17
By mridula
Sep 13, 2005
Royal icing and pretzel palm trees, with handmade candy animals, and hazelnut buttercream icing on chocolate cupcakes.
9 13
By newtocakes
Sep 17, 2005
I made this jungle cake for my daughters second birthday.
10 44
By mridula
Sep 26, 2005
This cake was done for a 2 year olds party. They wanted a jungle theme. The animals are done with stiff buttercream.
13 26
By danette62602
Oct 16, 2005
Marble cake with buttercream icing.  Candy animals and blue fondant border.  Fondant baby, royal icing and pretzel palm trees, edible image message.  Had a hard time with this cake, wasn't sure how to incorporate jungle theme with a baby shower.  Hope my customer likes it!
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By newtocakes
Oct 18, 2005
I made this cake for my daughter's 3rd birthday last week.  It took forever to do, but I got a lot of compliments.
3 11
By Fancymcnancy
Oct 28, 2005
4 9
Dec 4, 2005
All bc icing on cake.  Sorry the color looks strange, bad camera.  The animals and rocks are chocolate.  The big tree and palm fronds are candy clay.  The big tree "leaves" didn't quite survive the transport to the party site.  The palm trunks are fancy wafers dipped in chocolate bark.  First carved/3-d cake, next will be much better as I learned alot.  Thanks for looking!
By logansmom
Dec 7, 2005
My son 1st bday cake, this is the very reason why I started decorating cakes, took the idea from this site, a realy talented artist adarabia (Her's is way too better), this is a 6 inch and a 8 inch yellow cakes, filled with pineapple cream and covered with mmf.  sculped mmf figures. thanks for looking and any coment is welcome since Im Here to learn!!!
17 72
By Claudine1976
Dec 19, 2005
Animals are molded in chocolate, large tree and rocks are candy clay, small trees are cookies covered in chocolate. Rest is buttercream.
By logansmom
Dec 22, 2005
Large tree and rocks are candy clay, "leaves" on large tree broke in route to event site. Palm trees are fancy cookies covered in chocolate. Animals are molded chocolate.  6 pounds of chocolate, 8 pounds of buttercream!  Inside is french vanilla cake with buttercream filling.
By logansmom
Dec 22, 2005
sheet cake designed to go with a giraffe theme the birthday girl loves.  used a ready-made giraffe mask and silk leaves in addition to dark and white chocolate icing.
5 2
By jaxcakelady
Jan 12, 2006
A labor of love for my 3yo little girl. For her special cake she requested a "red truck cake".  Her party theme was safari/zoo animals. This is what I came up with.  She was thrilled.
9 12
By wyatt
Jan 25, 2006
This is my favorite cake! I copied this cake from a picture I found on the web (forgive me but I don't know who the originator is but I won't claim this as my own design), however, I think their's was done completely in fondant (and I just can't hang with fondant all that much). It's all buttercream except for the giraffe, snake, elephant trunk and the sign. I made a zebra too but he was too top heavy so I stuck him in a separate cake off to the side.
7 57
By DiscoLady
Jan 28, 2006
These were for my son's preschool "Wild About You" Jungle Valentine Party today. Full sized cupcakes decorated completely in buttercream.
8 44
By pinkflamingo
Feb 13, 2006
THis was my first attempt at using fondant.  IT was for my son's first birthday.  The theme was jungle/Go Diego!
12 12
By silvied
Feb 20, 2006
This is a cake I made for  jungle themed baby shower.  It was buttercream iced with the green airbrushed on.  All of the animals and leaves are made from fondant, this was my first try working with fondant
21 102
By bunnypatchbaker
Feb 22, 2006
This was my first attempt at ganache and tiered cakes.  The mother to be wanted all chocolate, so it's a chocolate cake with whipped chocolate ganache filling and poured chocolate ganache glaze.  The theme was jungle animals.  The animals and grass are painted fondant cutouts.
5 1
By tsc
Feb 24, 2006
This was another madagascar cake, for a friend's little boys 8th b-day, chocolate-yellow-chocolate layers with buttercream and the waterfall out of piping gel.
9 15
By klsrtr
Feb 28, 2006
My son's 6th birthday cake.  Jungle theme with plastic animals on cake.  The bottom layer is brides white cake.  The middle and top layers are chocolate.  It is supposed to represent water on the bottom, grassy area with vines in the middle and the more barren area a the top.  I would appreciate any constructive feedback you have.  Thanks for taking a look.
14 20
By crp7
Feb 28, 2006
Monkey's are made from white & dark choc. almond bark, bear & leopards are made with cookies, palm tree leaves are fruit roll ups.
7 4
By leigh
Mar 8, 2006
Cake for a young girl, having a jungle themed birthday party.  All buttercream, w/ small fondant flowers.
7 86
By cakesbyallison
Mar 8, 2006
Dinosaur birthday party - all buttercream.
10 66
By cakesbyallison
Mar 24, 2006
This is my adaptation of another cake addicts cake. The cake is a chocolate layer cake decorated with buttercream.  The animals are hand made in fondant.  These were my first fondant figures and they came out pretty cute.  I love the monkeys and the hippo.  The parent's of the birthday boy loved it!
18 308
By kelleykakes
Mar 24, 2006
I have never been so happy to deliver a cake in my life. This cake was a lot of work. It was my first time doing fondant figures and hand painting on BC(by the way, not a very good idea). It is 9in & 6in double layer confittie cake with BC filling, covered in BC with fondant figures and leaves.  I had issues with the garafi and ellephant being top heavy and wanting to fall over, but in the end I think it came out well. Thanks adarabia for your wonderful inspiration, I can never do your work justice.
11 22
By phoohbear
Mar 25, 2006
The "adult" cake to accompany the jungle cupcakes for the kids....vanilla cake with chocolate ganache buttercream, covered in fondant.....all decorations sculpted from fondant.....thanks for looking!
8 33
By adven68
Mar 26, 2006
For my son's 16th birthday  "The Beast"  It is a variant of the Wilton idea, water is piping gel, tree trunks are pretzels, all figures are buttercream.  Art direction by my other children, including the elephant doo doo.
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By lmorton
Mar 26, 2006
This cake was made to match a carpet that will be in the baby's nursery....the top is exactlly how the carpet is...the sides are just a play on the animals and some baby clothes on a clothes line.  All buttercream with Royal Icing animals on the sides.
5 23
By KHalstead
Apr 2, 2006
This was my first attempt at marzipan/fondant sculpting. I did this for a kid’s charity event. The cake is chocolate with chocolate butter cream. The water is blue piping gel. The trees are pirouettes with butter cream (the fondant wasn’t staying up there well, so it was a last minute switch). I was looking for an excuse to create some cute rhinos, so I enjoyed this!
7 4
By Sunflowerbagel
Apr 2, 2006
This was my nephew's 2nd birthday cake.  I put a lot of heart into it.  Everyone loved it.  Made from scratch vanilla cake with buttercream icing.  The tree was made using a PVC pipe with a wood top attached to it and covered in brown royal icing.
9 19
By gegon
Apr 10, 2006
12 109
By Jelena
May 29, 2005


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