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Chocolate cake w/cream filling and BC icing.  Palm trees are pretzels w/royal icing, animals are candy, butterflies are made with wafer paper.
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By newtocakes
Jul 28, 2005
Royal icing and pretzel palm trees, with handmade candy animals, and hazelnut buttercream icing on chocolate cupcakes.
9 13
By newtocakes
Sep 17, 2005
I made this jungle cake for my daughters second birthday.
10 44
By mridula
Sep 26, 2005
This cake was done for a 2 year olds party. They wanted a jungle theme. The animals are done with stiff buttercream.
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By danette62602
Oct 16, 2005
Marble cake with buttercream icing.  Candy animals and blue fondant border.  Fondant baby, royal icing and pretzel palm trees, edible image message.  Had a hard time with this cake, wasn't sure how to incorporate jungle theme with a baby shower.  Hope my customer likes it!
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By newtocakes
Oct 18, 2005
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Dec 4, 2005
All bc icing on cake.  Sorry the color looks strange, bad camera.  The animals and rocks are chocolate.  The big tree and palm fronds are candy clay.  The big tree "leaves" didn't quite survive the transport to the party site.  The palm trunks are fancy wafers dipped in chocolate bark.  First carved/3-d cake, next will be much better as I learned alot.  Thanks for looking!
By logansmom
Dec 7, 2005
Animals are molded in chocolate, large tree and rocks are candy clay, small trees are cookies covered in chocolate. Rest is buttercream.
By logansmom
Dec 22, 2005
Large tree and rocks are candy clay, "leaves" on large tree broke in route to event site. Palm trees are fancy cookies covered in chocolate. Animals are molded chocolate.  6 pounds of chocolate, 8 pounds of buttercream!  Inside is french vanilla cake with buttercream filling.
By logansmom
Dec 22, 2005
A labor of love for my 3yo little girl. For her special cake she requested a "red truck cake".  Her party theme was safari/zoo animals. This is what I came up with.  She was thrilled.
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By wyatt
Jan 25, 2006
I have never been so happy to deliver a cake in my life. This cake was a lot of work. It was my first time doing fondant figures and hand painting on BC(by the way, not a very good idea). It is 9in & 6in double layer confittie cake with BC filling, covered in BC with fondant figures and leaves.  I had issues with the garafi and ellephant being top heavy and wanting to fall over, but in the end I think it came out well. Thanks adarabia for your wonderful inspiration, I can never do your work justice.
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By phoohbear
Mar 25, 2006
For my son's 16th birthday  "The Beast"  It is a variant of the Wilton idea, water is piping gel, tree trunks are pretzels, all figures are buttercream.  Art direction by my other children, including the elephant doo doo.
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By lmorton
Mar 26, 2006
This was my nephew's 2nd birthday cake.  I put a lot of heart into it.  Everyone loved it.  Made from scratch vanilla cake with buttercream icing.  The tree was made using a PVC pipe with a wood top attached to it and covered in brown royal icing.
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By gegon
Apr 10, 2006
Ist Birthday for a set of twins, theme was a jungle safari to see animals.  All BC icing, offset tiers, 12" and 8".  "Hunted" far and wide for realistic plastic animals for cake!  Front view.
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By cindycakes2
Apr 27, 2006
Back view of safari cake...previously uploaded front.
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By cindycakes2
Apr 27, 2006
Here are some cupcakes that I did at work.  All piped in buttercream.
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By jenncowin
May 19, 2006
I made the wilton chocolate lollypops from the noah's ark mold. All butter cream. Had planned to put snakes but ran out of time.
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By Reyna
May 23, 2006
Chocolate animals from noah's ark wilton candy mold. All frosting buttercream. Made for a 1 year old.
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By Reyna
May 23, 2006
A 3D jungle animal cake made for my son's second birthday.  It was the first time I worked with pettinice and my friend helped me.  View from the right.
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By veronika
Jun 12, 2006
View from the left, jungle animal island.
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By veronika
Jun 12, 2006
This cake was actually made for a baby shower, but could easily be used for a birthday cake also.  The background is airbrushed but the rest of the cake is buttercream.
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By Dennisclan
Aug 2, 2006
Chocolate sponge cake, buttercream icing.  Animals are plastic, trees and rocks is fondant and pond is piping gel.  This cake was inspired by cakes on this site.....thanks CC.
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By SScakes
Aug 7, 2006
This is a second show cake for the event I'm participating in.  Thanks to all the jungle cakes for this inspiration.  Comments welcomed!!!  Could also be a baby shower cake!!
9 88
By Tat
Aug 15, 2006
Copied out of Wilton book. Very cute but I found the palm trees to be difficult to make
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By stampingsam
Aug 19, 2006
This was for a freind's son's 2nd birthday.  You can't tell in this picture, but there are cupcakes in a circle around the cake that spell out Happy Birthday.
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By mdutcher
Aug 21, 2006
Customer wanted a photo of child in the jungle
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By mykidsarekillingme
Aug 30, 2006
I got the idea from the 2006 Wilton Yearbook.
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By ourboomer
Sep 6, 2006
all freehand animals
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By bakermomof2
Sep 16, 2006
This is a 14" with a 10" on top. All buttercream icing with blue piping gel for the water. All the animals are made by my DH with MMF.
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By Vicki614
Sep 19, 2006
Taken from the Wilton 2006 cover.  Animals are Wilton candy melts with Royal Icing accents
2 8
By cakesbyjackie
Sep 24, 2006
I did this for a friend's baby shower this weekend, I designed it to coordinate with the invitations.  I got some inspiration from a cake posted in this gallery by user vanessabryce.  It is white almond sour cream cake with fresh strawberry filling.  Everything is fondant except the grass, clouds, and black accents.
4 13
By sgauta
Sep 24, 2006
My first attempt at rolled MMF....made to match homemade invitation.
8 3
By saj_stuff
Oct 11, 2006
From the Wilton yearbook.  Faces made out of candy melts...LOTS of work for the the beginner that I was.
2 13
By saj_stuff
Oct 12, 2006
Sugar Cookies with Antonia71 royal icing recipe.  Did 40 of them.  LOTS of work but very worth it when everyone at the baby shower saw the cookies plus the matching cupcakes.
7 60
By bjfranco
Oct 22, 2006
Customer wanted the baby shower napkin copied. This is my attempt.
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By ourboomer
Oct 24, 2006
1/2 Sheet cake airbrushed yellow. Crushed graham crackers used as dirt with animal figures.
By ourboomer
Oct 24, 2006
This was my first baby shower cake.  They wanted a baby jungle theme to match party napkins.  Animals were made out of fondant and cake is iced w/buttercream.
5 22
By heatherandprecious
Nov 8, 2006
I made this for my sons 7th birthday i thought it turned out really well I intended to add a big tree made from rice krispie treats and while the tree turned out great i couldnt get it to stand up on the cake:( my husband and son made me put the tiger eating the zebra on there but i refused to add blood. the cake is choclate vanilla and red velet with pudding and creme cheese layers the cake is done all in butter cream except the fondant rocks.
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By heather2780
Nov 14, 2006
This cake was created for a birthday at the zoo.  It is iced with buttercream and the animals and trees are made of pastillage.
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By rstml
Dec 23, 2006
This cake was a hit at my 3 year old twins' 3rd birthday party. It's 3 layers with buttercream frosting, candy clay figures, fondant trim with cut-out lettering and gumpaste vines and tree. The cake itself was chocolate for the top two tiers and white cake on the bottom.
9 25
By krissy_kze
Jun 26, 2005


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