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After completing my pink Juicy Couture cake (including the logo with the 2 dogs), I decided to try out another one of their designs... the Princess with the crown logo.  I had so much fun doing both these trendy cakes!
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By SarahsSweets2006
Jan 21, 2007
I stacked and shaped the cake and then covered in colored fondant to make the purse.
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By Tinacake
May 28, 2007
Juicy Couture cake with buttercream and chocolate icing. My client wanted to go along with the pink theme and requested a strawberry cake.
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By Urooj
Aug 13, 2007
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By ssunshine564
Sep 13, 2007
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By donyell
Oct 11, 2007
These are dummy cakes that I did for a Sweet 16 party showcase that I will be participating in next week.  These are all firsts for me - first time doing sandles, shoe box, tiffany box and 3-d purse.
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By moralna
Nov 29, 2007
My niece who just turned 15 requested this bag for her birthday.  My inspiration was from a picture she found somewhere on the internet with a daydreamer bag and a puppy in it.  She asked that I make the cake for her with her cat in it.  Sorry, I don't know who made the original, but I couldn't find it on CC.
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By coolchc21
Jan 10, 2008
This is covered in fondant with fondant accents. The logos are done in royal icing.. Binkie and rattle are fondant..
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By SweetTcakes
Apr 13, 2008
I teach my daughter's friend to decorate cakes.  She likes to do cakes way more than my daughter.  Anyway, here is the cake she did last week.  She is 12.  I think she did a GREAT JOB!
By julzs71
Apr 25, 2008
Vanilla cake with mango puree buttercream.  All details edible.  Mixed some Tylose into the chocolate fondant to help top strap and border harden.  Used silk dupioni roller for the bow.  Piped the JC logo and painted with gold dust.  Charms and leather bands made of fondant
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By Godiva
May 27, 2008
20 ccc vanilla and strawberry, with chocolate and bcf, the letters are done in fondant and I drew them with a food writer
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By Lila65
Jun 18, 2008
a 9x13 cut in half and stacked on top,  BC icing, fondant trim. used a projector for the image.
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By sweetcakes
Jun 23, 2008
Made for my sisters bday.  1st tier is the Louis Vuitton logo, 2nd tier is the Coach logo and 3rd tier is the Juicy Couture logo.
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By Wjk
Jul 12, 2008
Juicy Couture Mini Handbags
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By karilyn328
Jul 16, 2008
The Couture Disaster! I was so excited and almost everything went wrong. the cake slumped all to the back. the bow was a nightmare I redid 3 times. the fondant cracked and wrinkled. SInce the cake slid to the back the dowel was sticking out the top. But you know what... live and learn. This was my first purse cake so it can only get better from here ( I hope!).  
Logo made with a homemade stencil,  & royal icing. Cake covered with SI fondant.
Bow was part fondant and part gumpaste w/Super Pearl Pearl Dust
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By CharmingConfections
Jul 25, 2008
By SusieLu182
Aug 1, 2008
Another view of my Juicy Cake
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By SusieLu182
Aug 16, 2008
made for the other friend of my friends joint birthday bash, this one is addicted to bags and her fave colours are purple and silver so thought i would give hera juicy courture handbag, well an edible ont that is!! made from a 10" square halved joined then carved and covered in fondant, fondant and gumpaste details, silver is handpainted, thanks for looking
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By deliciously_decadent
Dec 12, 2008
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By wendy1273
Jan 12, 2009
Juicy couture purse cake.  Client sent me a pic of the purse and I had to hand paint the logo on the purse.  It took me awhile, I should have charged more.  It's so difficult to predict and price most sculpted cakes.  The back said,"Happy birthday "to the bday girl.   I covered the cake in mmf, the bow and purse handles are gumpaste.
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By angelcakesbyerika
Jan 29, 2009
By Tomoore
Feb 7, 2009
This was my first ever purse cake, made for the daughter of a friend of mine, that wanted a real juicy purse, but her mom gave her this cake instead... super cool, i love the color combination... cake was made froma 10 inch cake that was cut in three, iced, staked, and then crumb coated, and fondanted... i love the details... and the bow....
By pinklesley1
Feb 26, 2009
This was a cake for my sister in law, first time doing something quite like this but am happy with the result. Enjoy!
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By anabelz01
Mar 11, 2009
Juicy Couture Diaper Bag Baby Shower Cake, all fondant with White  & pink chocolate booties and rattles.
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By soniacakes
Mar 12, 2009
This is a cake I made for my bosses daughters birthday. She loved Juicy Couture so they wanted a purse cake for her.
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Mar 18, 2009
This is like plan D of the original purse.  Made as a result of a Purse Workshop today at SAC monthy seminar.   Chocolate cake, Vainilla buttercream covered in fondant.   Tylose accents.  Thanks for looking!
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By arnab
Mar 22, 2009
She's obsessed with purses and friends always call her "juicy girl" so we decided to make her a "Juicy Couture" purse cake. First time making purse cake, worried sick about it, turned out pretty good in the end. They ended up eating a hole out of the back of the cake coz they didn't want to cut it up. =)
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By junny629
Mar 30, 2009
I did this for my friends birthday this year; she's a huge Juicy fan.  I left all my tools at work, so all I had to ice were 2 tips, a spreading spatula, and an empty powdered sugar bag for piping! Did I mention I had 1 hour to decorate both? AHHH!! Cake design "borrowed" by SarahsSweets2006, whos cakes I love! =)
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By MystiqueFire
Apr 1, 2009
Part 2 of the Juicy Couture Cake. Again, all I had to decorate the two cakes were 2 tips, a spatula for spreading filling, and an empty powdered sugar bag to use for piping, and 1 hour to decorate. I swear I should compete! =) All are BC btw. I wanted to do a price tag as well of the Juicy logo but I didn't have time... TFL!
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By MystiqueFire
Apr 1, 2009
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By PanacheDesserts
Apr 12, 2009
This cake was for my niece who carries her little maltese puppy everywhere, she actually has pink ears. The puppy is sculpted and decorated with buttercream, her eyes and nose are gumpaste. For the diaper bag I used two 9 x 13 cakes layered and covered with buttercream and then fondant.  The zipper, zipper pull hardware and handle are all gumpaste. The baby keys, bottle, and sneakers are all gumpaste. Thanks to cambo for the template I used for the sneakers (awesome template). And thanks to all CC'rs for the inspiration. TFL
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By donkeemom
May 5, 2009
I was asked to make this cake for a Mother's Day gift. I would like to thank Nashville Cakes for the inspiration and for the help on this cake. Cake is chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and then covered in mmf. Logo was pin pricked and the traced with buttercream.
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By JawdroppingCakes
May 12, 2009
fondant cake with royal icing details
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By Neva
May 20, 2009
Made for my cousin. She asked for Juicy Couture and left the rest to me. Got the main idea from SeattleCakes (Thank you!). TFL!
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By LovelyCreations
May 23, 2009
This was a little spin on Juicy Couture logo.  Something quick and kinda cute I thought.
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By Coastiemom
May 26, 2009
The lady that ordered this cake originally ordered a music cake for her daughter but called yesterday to change it to a Juicy Couture-ish cake.  So, I had yesterday to make it and decorate it and I'm not thoroughly happy with it because it's not JC enough for me.  I hope they like it.
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By annielynncakes
May 29, 2009
juicy couture purse cake inspired by seattle cakes
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By paulineclark
Jun 5, 2009
This cake was created for a client. This is my 1st bag so i'm proud of myself with it's out come.
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By yumyumeatemupcakes
Jun 14, 2009
My version of a Juicy Couture handbag.  I wish I'd had the materials to do all the gold detailing.....
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By andysprite
Jun 27, 2009
I love wild, bold colors on a cake and very hip, trendy designs (NOT the usual white supermarket cake, infact very OPPOSITE of one of those)... so, since I had nothing to do today, I wanted to make a fun cake... this Juicy Couture cake.  Coconut cake with coconut buttercream.  Yummy.  My mouth was watering while I made it but now I am not sure if I want to cut it and eat it.  Haha.
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By SarahsSweets2006
Jan 20, 2007


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