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Did this 12 x 18 sheet to coordinate with a 8" round vegan cake for guest of honor.  Chocolate candy molds, airbrushed plaid, hand rolled pearl necklace.  Cake is half white / half chocolate.
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By msauer
Jun 14, 2007
Made for my daughter's birthday with a treasure hunt theme.
By msbask
Jun 28, 2005
Practice cake. I sure learned a lot and now know what I need to do to make this correctly since the box part isn't even matched up to the stand I made.  I was trying to do a ring box but it turned into a jewelry box instead. Cake stand is constructed from wood. Everything is fondant. Box painted with pearl luster dust. Pearl necklace, earrings and ring painted with pearl and gold dust. Box trim cut from a mold. Heart latch, loop and tassel were hand made and painted with gold dust too.
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By KimAZ
Sep 11, 2005
The base cake is buttercream; the keepsake box is pink and white marbled fondant.  Pearls are fondant beads painted with pearl dust and vodka and strung on dental floss.  The rose is gumpaste.
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By dimensionsincake
May 11, 2006
This is my version of a jewelry box. Decorated with candy jewelry and gumpaste roses that I bought. The birthday girl loved it!
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By traci
Nov 26, 2005
For OK Sugar Arts Show 05
8 11
By leta
May 26, 2006
Chocolate cake, buttercream icing, Rice Krispie treat lid, chocolate coins, real jewelry.
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By potatocakes
Jun 16, 2006
This was for a 60th birthday, for a woman who LOVES to wear jewelry & so we made her a fancy little bear with a mink coat on, and all the jewelry I could think of, including a tiara!
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By OCakes
Apr 17, 2006
I made this cake for my daughters 10th birthday.  She loved it!
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By nickymom
Jul 31, 2006
here's a close-up of the box for the ring (not the real ring that he used to propose).
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By mxpark
Aug 15, 2006
I was happy to have the opportunity to make this... its a big one, a total of four ten inch layers, each on its own board for ease of serving.   I wish I was better at smoothing fondant and making perfect corners, so if anyone has any tips or critiques I would love a PM with some helpful techniques!  I was happy about how my logo turned out though, using wax paper and food marker.
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By Kitagrl
May 12, 2006
All hand rolled pearls froma tip #3, and silver lustre dust on pastillage.  Sorry the picture is so dark.  I tried to lighten it, but now it has a wierd color to it!  You get the idea, though
By sugarnut
Sep 27, 2006
This was for my friend's daughter.  I had a lot of fun doing this one.
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By przgrl
Oct 2, 2006
This is an all eatable cake the back is made of graham crackers with white chocolate on the back and sugar wafers are used to make the compartments and a white gumball for the knob.
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By dkay
Oct 17, 2006
My first attempt at a jewelry box - was nervous to do it, but found lots of inspiration on CC (thanks!) and really enjoyed making it. Chocolate sponge covered in fondant with bc detail. All jewelry is fondant.
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By Leigh01
Oct 25, 2006
A cake made t look like a harry winston box.  Covered in MMF.
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By glitterkris
Nov 15, 2006
here is a cake i made today for my friend Star's 32nd bday. She LOVES to shop, jewelry and purses. so i made a red velvet cake w/ cream cheese frosting with pecans in it. the necklace is an air head with a jolly rancher (sugar free) as the gem, a pearl bracelet made of fondant, ring lollipop and the star keychain is not edible. the purse is twinkies with fondant.
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By nene1296
Jun 24, 2006
White cake with MMF.  This is my second purse cake.  I also added a jewelry box for the birthday girl...also white cake with MMF.
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By mlynnb
Dec 16, 2006
Thanks to Boween (Connie) for all yourr advice on this one! It's a twist on the ballerina jewelry box we all had or dreamed of having when we were little girls! This little girl's mother left it all up to me. Only instructions were: purple & green, SUPER-girly, and fairies! lol So instead of a little ballerina, I used a tiny fairie in the "jewelry box"
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By dollop72
Jan 20, 2007
back side of "mirror lid"
By dollop72
Jan 20, 2007
Here's a closer view of the front
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By dollop72
Jan 20, 2007
By akmissy
Feb 15, 2007
This is the second one I did of this cake, the first was a demo for my Wilton Hobby Lobby display.  This is an 8" yellow cake with raspberry filling, covered in fondant with buttercream strings.  The trinket box, calla lilies, roses, daisie, necklace and ring are fondant/gumpaste mix.  The apple blossoms are RI.
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By khoudek
Feb 22, 2007
These are some ring cookies I made for a Lia Sophia Jewelry party!
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By kden3980
Feb 24, 2007
My second try at a Tiffany box, I have the worst time trying to make a clean, neat lid!!!!  Maybe someday....
10 47
By Kitagrl
Feb 24, 2007
these are some gumpaste calla's and hand made cake jewelry with pearls and crystals that i made for an upcoming wedding cake,  the 'bride to be' saw my design today and is really happy with what i came up with..  which is a big relieve because she seemed quite fussy and i didn't think i would be able to please her at  Actual cake will be covered in ivory fondant so please excuse my crappy cake dummies i use these to play around with designs...
7 15
By sweet_as_tisse
Feb 26, 2007
just trying out a new wedding cake design,  two dummies wrapped with strips of fondant,  i used the calla's and jewelry i made a few weeks ago to decorate.
15 24
By sweet_as_tisse
Mar 9, 2007
I saw this cake on the front of a magazine.  I dont know which one, sorry.  I added a few extra things and made the lipstick out of fondant. this was for a little girls 3rd birthday
2 7
By bcake1960
Mar 31, 2007
From ACD's newsletter...the article was written by Bronwen Weber and I followed most of the instructions..I thought the original was so pretty and my friend loves pink and girly things so I hope she likes is the first time doing a fondant covered cake since I took the Wilton III class in November!  Thanks for looking!
3 9
By JaneK
Apr 6, 2007
This was for a birthday celebration for a girl who sells jewelry.  Chocolate cake torted and filled with chocolate almond buttercream, My first attempt at an embroidery type flower.  MMF jewelry & pearls.
5 11
By MelZ
Apr 7, 2007
This was made for a birthday celebration for lady who sells jewelry.  Banana cake torted and filled with banana cream pudding.  Trinket box is white chocolated dusted with sparkle dust.  Jewelry & flowers are MMF.
3 12
By MelZ
Apr 7, 2007
The bottom cake is covered in fondant; made to look like a jewelry box.  The birthday cake on top is buttercream w/ fondant laid on top (the rose is royal icing).  The make-up and jewelry are fondant painted w/ paste colors and luster dusts.
2 1
By lynda-bob
Apr 25, 2007
This jewelry box was covered in fondant. The lid and drawer is white chocolate that was tinted pink. Sucker sticks hold the lid open. A ceramic Precious Moment Ballerina sits in the jewelry box, along with play jewelry and candy jewelry.
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By varneyk
Apr 28, 2007
been working on this one for a while,  its a dummy cake that i cut and carved to get the shapes, its covered in 2 layers of fondant to get a smooth surface (dont look to close,   my next mission is to make this out of real cake and hope it dont fall apart.  i am hoping to display this at my local florist to bring in some wedding cake orders....
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By sweet_as_tisse
Apr 30, 2007
A friend asked me to make a cake for her daughter's birthday. They are going to Libby Lu's for kid "makeovers". The decorations are made from of chocolate candy molds. The rest is buttercream.
By JoJo4
May 25, 2007
This is a platform shoe and jewelry box with lipstick and a diamond ring. This was done for a 7 year old.
By FancyLayne23
Nov 22, 2006
Covered in white chocolate fondant. Decorations are gumpaste.
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By regymusic
Jun 1, 2007
Make for a little girls "beading party", had to incorporate jewelry and colors/flowers to match her invitation.  12" round, iced in buttercream.  All fondant flowers/beads.
42 704
By cakesbyallison
Jun 4, 2007
2 6 inch cakes covered in fondant accented with pearl necklace and earrings.
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By donyell
Jun 6, 2007
Stunning three strand white pearl necklace with mother-of-pearl butterfly clasp displayed beautifully on a leather necklace display. 

Peanut cake, peanut butter BC with scented peanut butter fondant. All accents are edible.
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By tiptop57
Jun 19, 2007


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