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I made this for my son's 7th birthday.  We made a green dragon for his brother in May, so he wanted a blue dragon and he wanted it to be guarding a jewel.  This is what we came up with :)  The body and legs are dark chocolate cake and the head and tail are rice krispies.  The scales are made with MMF cut with a Wilton rose petal cutter.  The face and claws are also MMF.  We found the jewel and gold coins at a party store.  Thanks for looking!
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By BeckySue
Oct 9, 2007
1/2 sheet cake, I love making the little birds holding the banner - and the little girl wanted jewels, so I added them around the sides.  Thanks for looking!
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By OCakes
May 22, 2006
carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.  I used edible glitter on the small cakes on top and rock candy around them.
By gabpeightysmom
Oct 26, 2005
Special thanks to Boween and Cakeconfections.  They used fonant, I used buttercream and jewels.
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By umfalcon
Oct 11, 2005
It's done!!  SO HAPPY TO BE DONE W/THIS ONE!!  Everything is fondant, except for the non-edible rhinestones and premade gumpaste flowers.  Bride cried when she saw it.....So as long as she is happy.....I'm happy!!  She said she wanted a king's crown in gold w/a pink shimmer top and LOTS of BLING!!  She said she wanted her cake to make a statement!!  Well she got what she asked for!!  :) 
TFL!  and Thanks for everyone's help w/this one...I don't I would have be able to do w/out all you in CC!!
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By sugartopped
Aug 18, 2006
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By cakegirl0315
Oct 14, 2006
I was inspired by pics from this site on this one.  Cake is covered entirely in mmf with mmf accents.  Crown is gumpaste with hard tack candy jewels.  I would have made the letters on the bottom tier stand out more clearly if I had it to do over. cake.  It weighed about 60 pounds I think!
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By frankandcathy
Jun 4, 2006
thanks to Boween for the inspiration for this cake.  mine is no where as nice as hers, but overall, i'm pleased with the outcome.  Vanilla caramel funfetti cake with vanilla bc icing under caramel MMF.
By KCsmom98
Nov 5, 2006
Buttercream with fondx accents and candy jewels.  Inspiration from many members on this site.
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By bush1
Aug 5, 2006
Little girl birtday cake made with party favor rings for the jewels.
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By tanmicgab
Feb 17, 2007
For a 3 year old's pirate theme birthday party, I made this treasure chest cake out of a 12x18 layer cut in half then stacked. Frosted in crusting chocolate buttercream, filled with candy treasure, then topped with the lid made out of several 9" rounds cut in half and put on top of a piece of cardboard.
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By MarciaStewart
Feb 25, 2007
Cupcake tower of pirates' 'booty' - bejewelled cupcakes for my daughter's Pirates of the Caribbean 7th birthday party.
By karaokegirl
Mar 5, 2007
This is my cake for the Mid-Atlantic Wedding Cake Competiton. The theme was "Something Old, Something New, etc".  I chose to do jewelry that the bride would wear. The diamonds are homemade candies from a mold a made. I used pears drageees.I used a soap mold for the bottom layer to resemble pearls. I used lots of luster dusts with my airbrush. I loved doing that!! The tiara is royal with candy diamonds and pearl dragees.
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By krissy_kze
Mar 10, 2007
Fondant icing and decorations, green buttercream, plastic tiara and jewels. Airbrushed fondant butterflies and bottom tier. Inspired by tutugirl!
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By Jenn123
Mar 19, 2007
White cake with fudge chocolate frosting. The straps and lock are fondant.  I didn't know about this site until after I made this cake or I would have used some of the clever ideas I had seen here.  So many talented artists display their cakes here.
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By kcw551
Apr 20, 2007
This jewel case cake did I make for my mother-in-laws 60th birthday. The filling didn't set as it should and I didn't have time to do them all over again. So the edges are not as straight as I wanted. It's filled with custerd cream, rasberry mousse, strawberry mousse and lemon curd whipped cream. Pearls, ring and gold heart are all made in a suger paste and flower paste mix and painted in gold. 
June 2006
Oct 24, 2006
White chocolate cake covered in black and white MMF and brushed with super pearl dust.  This cake was designed by the bride.....I wasn't really all that crazy about the design, but I think it came out ok.  Sorry for the poor photo quality...I forgot my camera and had to rely on a scanned photo!
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By mlynnb
Apr 26, 2007
Hand-cut NFSC with MMF and royal icing.
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By BarbaraK
May 2, 2007
Pillow cake made with fondant and tiara made of a mix of fondant and gum paste.
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By prattjw
Nov 18, 2006
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By samtaylor
May 4, 2007
I made this cake for a good friend's wedding, one I was also in...  All buttercream with rhinestone banding around the bottom and third tiers.
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By Almali
May 8, 2007
6in & 8in marble cakes filled and decorated with vanilla buttercream. Fondant pearls, roses and lettering. Pearl dragrees and bought tiara. Maribou feather trim. I definitely prefer doing these in fondant, but buttercream was the customer's request. For a Gems & Jewels themed party.
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By MikeRowesHunny
Jun 7, 2007
Chest made from 9x13 cut into thirds. Lid  is 1/3 of cake and on a cardboard cut to size with dowels inserted in the bottom cake to elevate it. First time making fondant planks to cover entire chest. Used wood plank impression mat on planks. Candy jewelry rings and necklace. Gummie candy pirate skulls. Jolly Rancher candy "jewels". Fondant coins painted with gold luster dust and silver dragees. Fondant pirate key to look like Davy Jones' from The Pirates of Caribbean movie.
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By KimAZ
Jun 21, 2007
This was for a bride who was very funky. All she gave me was Lime, Choc. brown, Mushroom. Go wild. So this  is a funky cake I came up with. there is sugar crystals as the centers of each of the flowers. It looks like they are jeweled. It just doesn't show up on the pic.
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By Sugarbean
Jul 3, 2007
Fondant covered Treasure Chest.  4 black dowel rods hold the lid open.  I used fondant for the gems and pearls.  There are 2 small batter operated lights that look like jewels inside (found at Wal Mart) Sand is brown sugar.  I always loved the foil wrapped coins! The lock is royal icing with luster dust.
3 8
By DecoratorJen
Jul 4, 2007
This was all based on the 'B-Dazzler' jewel craft tool.  These girls were throwing a surprise party for one of the gang, and we wanted something eye catching!  I love doing these cakes, they're so fun!  The jewels are not real, but everything else is fondant.
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By spanky62798
Jul 22, 2007
Thanks Franjmc for the bow tutorial and sweet_as_tisse for the wonderful jewelry idea! 6,8,10" rounds.  WBH banana brown sugar cake with mixed berry IMBC and satin ice fondant. fondant bows and accents. teal luster dust. swaravoski crystal accents and crytals on wires. fresh roses, monogrammed strawberries stuffed in with the roses.
25 29
By melysa
Aug 4, 2007
Another treasure chest cake. Chocolate cake covered in fondant. Jewels are tops of ring candy and rock candy broken up. Edible pearls as well. Top of chest is cake as well. Map was made with gumpaste and rubber stamp.
5 33
By lesyorkwolf
Aug 13, 2007
I made this wedding cake whilst on vacation this week as a wedding gift for our friends who are getting married on the 24th August. All I knew was that her colours were ivory and baby pink, so I based my cake around that! 6in, 8in & 10in beautiful boozy rich fruit cakes, covered in marzipan and then in ivory fondant. Dusted with ivory pearl lustre dust and trimmed with pink ribbon and diamond jewel trim. Ribbon roses are fondant and the topper is pink jewelled hearts and silk butterflies.
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By MikeRowesHunny
Aug 13, 2007
9 33
By ladij153
Aug 15, 2007
Three layers of 11" ganache filled chocolate mud were lovingly baked and decorated to form this........Chic Trashy Treasure Chest for a 21st!  I incorporated her outfit into the 'treasure' (she wore pink fishnet stockings - not much else-, curled her hair and wore trashy jewellery) It was heaps of fun and the whole party totally adored it!!
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By mmmmmcake
Aug 20, 2007
I saw this on another site and I really like the jewl thing.  My jewels were perfect and drying until my daughter dumped the tray I had made and I did not have time to make new ones.  The purse is a chocolate cake with rasberry and BC -mmf, CF, GP.  She really liked it so thats what counds
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By harmonhouseofraymond
Aug 21, 2007
This is my 1st pirate chest. Sponge cake was covered in butter icing. The straps were made with fondant and dusted with copper dust.
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By smdr
Aug 31, 2007
made for an indian wedding. it took me 5 days and only 12 hours sleep and an awful lot of patience!  a realy labour of love and the bride loved it too - huge relief!!!
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By kissmecakes
Sep 13, 2007
This cake was made for my daughter. The all the jewellery is  made of fondant and the crown is royal icing.
27 74
By melissaanne
Sep 18, 2007
Mini version of a wedding cake made for a friend's church group activitiy where they were teaching the girls about marriage.  She told me I could do whatever I wanted - I love cakes like that! :)
By yoktom
Sep 27, 2007
The top tier matches the brides gown. The fondant ribbons on the bottom tier matches the bridesmaids dresses. The background of the bottom tier matches the maid of honors dress.
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By jibbies
Sep 30, 2007
This is the third of my entries to the Arizona State Fair. It is a child's birthday cake.  All fondant and gumpaste.
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By feverfixer
Oct 8, 2007
Thanks to every one who helped me with this cake and all of the replies with all the drama around this cake. I only got paid $35 for it from my church groupit was alot of fun and made a great picture for my book. The cake is covered with MMF and some feake flowers and jewels glued to wire.
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By dawnell
May 2, 2007
This cake was done for a charity. It is vanilla cake with raspberry filling. Covered in fondant and decorated with gumpaste gems and a gumpaste shoe.
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By star_static
Nov 3, 2007


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