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Cake was made for my nephew's 12th birthday who is a large LeBron James fan. Cake is Chocolate fudge with vanilla buttercream with fondant jersey/letter accents.
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By Rookie68
Jul 10, 2005
Buttercake (as requested) covered in buttercream stars to match the jersey of an australian rugby league team.
By dky
Dec 15, 2005
I made this cake for my nephew because he loves the Indians. Inspired by HomanSweets cake. Thanks to debsuewoo and Jenn123 for helping me out.
9 22
By ge978
Jan 14, 2006
9x13" chocolate covered in black BC with yellow BC border.  MMF jersey and star.  Football is Candy Clay.  1st time doing jersey, and learned a lot about how to do better, but overall am pleased.
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By bulldog
Jan 22, 2006
Last minute cake...ended up having to freehand the logo, I think it loos ok. Lots of blue mouths!
By Schmoop
Jan 27, 2006
My very first try at the frozen buttercream transfer...the letters bled together a little bit but overall the cake turned out ok...and least it tasted great and the STEELERS WON THE SUPERBOWL!  Wooohoooo!
2 9
By playcake
Feb 6, 2006
This was made from a friends son... he plays baseball and we thought it would be fun to replicate his jersey. Caramel mudcake and ganache with buttercream topping.
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By dky
Feb 17, 2006
I made this for my 34 year old niece for her birthday.  She is a true Kobe fan so, this is a jersey cake made of french vanilla (She loves the fv).  The icing is buttercream and the roses are fondant.
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By Puddiwop
Feb 26, 2006
My first attempt at a cupcake cake. The birthday boy is a Bills fan and his mom asked to have a picture of a jersey with her son's name on it.
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By Michele25
Mar 10, 2006
This cake was for a shower that I had for a friend that was adopting a 2 year old boy.  I could not find the Wilton jersey pan so I had to make a sheet cake and cut it out.
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By 4goodnesscakes
Mar 30, 2006
This is a 11x15" Sheet cake, airbrushed red and decorated to look like a Houston Rockets jersey.  The NBA logo is a FBCT!
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By gmcakes
Jul 13, 2007
sorry it's blury!  lol
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By creativecakesbychristine
Apr 5, 2006
6 11
By antonia74
Apr 7, 2006
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By antonia74
Apr 7, 2006
I made this cake for a friends daughter who just won a full athletic college scholarship for basketball.  Congrats to her!

Red Velvet cake...cream cheese frosting as filling...fondant cover and designs....chocolate basketball candies purchased at the NBA store.  Thanks for looking
4 9
By GenesisCakes
Apr 17, 2006
doctored white cake mix, hershey's cocoa icing. The football is made from rice krispie treats; jersey, letters & emblems are fondant. Inspired by sampys jersey cake.
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By partsgirl25
May 6, 2006
Welcome back, Favre!
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By lilrev
May 13, 2006
These are for a 70th bday. The Birthday girl is a giant red sox fan.
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By kstgelais4
May 20, 2006
A basketball Jersey cake that was complimented with a 3d basektball.
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By terrob97
May 25, 2006
made for my brother's graduation in Wyoming
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By Reyna
May 30, 2006
I made this for my bf (my dirty old man) for his bday... he loved it. Used the gel transfer and worked awesome! :D
By chefdot
Jun 4, 2006
3 3
By vrvanh2
Jun 11, 2006
made this cake for my son hes a mavs fan. i made it before they lost. oh well i wish i would of made the jersey a whole lot better.  but he still liked it
By ninaross
Jun 26, 2006
This was my mom's birthday cake... I kept going between a "pretty" cake, and a "fun" cake.  She is a Pistons fanatic!  So I put her age as the number on the jersey.  Lowfat Pineapple cake, per this website, and buttercream frosting to make up for the lowfat cake!
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By K8E
Jul 20, 2006
Double layer full sheet iced in buttercream with fondant covered football cake and fondant jersery deplicting graduation from HS.  Gumpaste rocket and UT Rockets on side of cake deplicting the college he will be attending.
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By CinWoo
Jul 27, 2006
Made for a congratulatory gift package shipped to a client's out-of-state niece for making junior cheerleader.  I was told the colors were black and gold, the name of the school, and the mascot was a knight.  Recipient loved them and shared with fellow cheerleaders!
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By Lambshack
Aug 2, 2006
Lemon buttercake with buttercream stars made for a dedicated fan of the australian football team: ST GEORGE DRAGONS.
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By dky
Aug 22, 2006
Made for cousin's 10th birthday.
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By alwayscro
Aug 30, 2006
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Aug 30, 2006
These may very well be my favourite cakes to date!  Each is a 12x18, one white with vanilla IMBC covered in fondant, the other chocolate with chocolate IMBC and covered in chocolate fondant. The logos are traced and then painted onto rice paper which I then made into fondant plaques.
They were the hit of the party!
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By tripletmom
Sep 3, 2006
I made this cake for my SIL-to-be for her birthday.  She is (obviously) a HUGE Steelers fan.  It is white cheescake flavored cake with BC icing and MMF jersey and accents.
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By coolmom
Sep 7, 2006
This was the t-shirt pan and in celebration of the opening game of the season.
By estherwheat
Sep 15, 2006
sugar cookies with rolled buttercream. I made these for my old high school's homecoming. It's Texas, it's football and it's a big deal!
3 15
By southaustingirl
Sep 18, 2006
2 5
By Jenn1978
Sep 19, 2006
This was my first jersey cake!
3 2
By coopscakes
Sep 21, 2006
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By coopscakes
Sep 21, 2006
This cake was for 3 boys who love the Cardinals.  The jersey was carved out of a 17 x 12.  The hats were made from the betty crocker mini bake-n-fill pan.  Everything is covered in mmf.
3 8
Sep 26, 2006
Devil's Food inside, white BC outside, w/ MMF letters/numbers.
7 7
By arosstx
Oct 6, 2006
2-Layer French vanilla with dream whip buttercream.  This was for a 10-year old's birthday party-his little league team is the Florida Marlins.  I loved making the itty-bitty fondant buttons - they were fun!  I was so happy I had ordered Americolor Teal from Cake Central - it was so much easier than trying to mix colors to get the perfect shade!  Thanks Cake Central!
4 7
By mommymarilyn
Oct 9, 2006
My husband and brother loves to wear football jerseys (not because they know anything about the teams) I thought this defined my brother very well, that was is name and his age. He's into motorcycles now, wait till you see the cake I'm going to do for him!!
1 10
By Tazalexis
Jul 5, 2005


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