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White cake covered in fondant, royal icing cherry blossom limbs and fondant cherry blossoms. Spout, handle, dollie and teacups are Pettinice as well. Since the cake was smaller, I also made cherry blossom sugar cookies to go along with it.  I learned a lot from this cake and your feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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By tiptop57
Apr 11, 2006
Japanese kimono with cherry blossoms and bamboo.  Characters spell out "Happy Birthday". All buttercream.
7 28
By KimAZ
Apr 13, 2006
Argh! Yesterday was a bad day. I did the branch design on site when I set up, but forgot my sketch and the photo from the web I was attempting to duplicate. Had to do it freehand by memory so it's not quite what I had envisioned. 

I also thought the bride was having a monogram topper, so I left the branches on the sides only. My mistake, no topper. I would have loved to have continued the pattern up to the very top instead.
7 26
By antonia74
Apr 23, 2006
japanese cake.  i saw a similar one on ACDM and loved it so I did my own take on it for my mom adn her sister's birthday.  Carrot cake with crusting cream cheese icing, all accents made in gumpaste except for the flowers which were done using gelatin.  plants on second tier were painted using a japanese brush
11 16
By riagirl
May 6, 2006
This was for a Geisha Party. The cake was covered in Fondant. The border was washi paper that I buy here in Japan.
By ctnesset
May 27, 2006
This cake was made for a friend who is half Japanese and likes the sport called Kendo.  Color flow image, and the writing says Happy Birthday.
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By SoldierJunkie
Jun 27, 2006
This was done for my sister and her husband visiting from Okinawa.
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By LittleLinda
Jul 26, 2006
Japanese Pagoda Wedding Cake with Zen Garden and Japanese couple
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By annielo
Aug 1, 2006
Made for a lady I use to work with, who's daughter is into the Japanese Culture.. Once again I used my projector... Thanks KiddieKakes and Mary-Ann for the tips on losing the shadows.. I'm getting there!  I was happy with the way this one turned out... Thanks for looking!!
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By Twins5485
Aug 5, 2006
Jelly rolls for sushi rolls (various tinted MMF/BC/coconut/real cream cheese to make fillings), nigiri sushi (prawns-painted/tinted, egg tinted) MMF, white cake for nigiri sushi under prawns/egg. Base cake my own carrot cake recipe (she insisted on carrot cake-didnt know about the sushi part though), sushi mat on top is tinted MMF imprinted with skewers and the 'threads' are white gel. Rolls are brownish because had to use brown sugar for jelly roll recipe ugh lol
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By oceanspitfire
Aug 28, 2006
This cake was made for the OSSAS show when the theme was a wedding cake fit for a queen.  I came in 5th.  

The symbols on the fan (to the left of the cake) mean "True Love" and I think the symbol on the cakes means "Eternity".

I think I used about 5 containers of gold and a couple of bottles of Everclear to paint this cake.  The liquor store people gave me some odd looks. :)
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By Sugarflowers
Sep 17, 2006
I wondered if I would get a request to write names in Hiragana; one form of Japanese writing, (being I live here in Japan).  It was actually pretty easy and fun.  The celebration was for six ladies and they were very excited and impressed by the cake. They took lots and lots of pictures.
By sweetcreation
Sep 21, 2006
This is my rendition of a Nicholas Lodge cake. Made for Mother's Day last year. Baked in middle sized Comma pan, covered in rolled fondant. Gumpaste Iris and rock pebbles.
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By ShirleyW
Sep 25, 2006
Created for the East Central Arts Council juried art show which opens November 11, 2006. She is a torted one layer sculpted butter cake folded like a sandwich. Except for the four cake dowels in the screen behind her and the one cake dowel in the cake, this artist doll and screen is entirely edible. Satin Ice Fondant, royal icing, piping gel and luster dust accents. Thank you for looking.
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By tiptop57
Nov 10, 2006
This is a 40th Birthday cake I made for my Japanese cousin.  I  was looking for something different !   The '40' standing on the cake was sparkler candles.  Hard to see here, but the cake is mint green with two-tone pink cherry blossoms.   It was inspired by an Arizona Green Tea bottle .
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By carooch
Jan 25, 2007
In honor of my niece's birthday party at a Japanese steakhouse.  I looked up the words online and prayed the translation was correct so as not to offend anyone (or sound silly).  Fondant & buttercream.  If you try this, please learn from my error as far as fitting the writing in correctly.
By saptally
Feb 4, 2007
This is an icing image of one of my son's beloved Yu-Gi-Oh cards.  The Japanese characters below the picture spell Happy Birthday and the four characters in front say Jack (at least according to Google!).  Letters and swirlies are painted w/ gold luster dust.  Hope he likes it.
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By jillycakes
Feb 14, 2007
Don't ask what the character means, I dont know!! I found it on a rice bowl I have so I hope it's something food related. Flow icing again!
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By MystiqueFire
Feb 20, 2007
I made these for a friend who's birthday is this week--we're both sushi fans. Nori is made of fondant, everything else is icing and non-perils.
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By MystiqueFire
Feb 20, 2007
Yummy wedding and party treats, made to look like sushi!
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By kenyatta4
Mar 8, 2007
I made this cake this weekend for the small cake competition here on base.  I got 3rd place.  This cake was all about Okinawa.  I made the cherry blossoms, the kokeshi doll and the Okinawan inspired fan from fondant.  My filling was Beni Imo also known as the Okinawan Sweet Potato.  It is purple.  I am thrilled with how it turned out.  It is exactly as I  planned.
10 20
By Cake4ever
Mar 11, 2007
A customer frantically called me on Friday asking if I could make this cake for Saturday. Her usual baker flaked out at the last minute and she had no cake for her son's party which was being thrown at a Japanese steakhouse.  This is what I came up with. Bottom tier is a 9" square cake, the middle tier is 7" square and the top is 5" square. These are covered in red fondant, then brushed with cranberry petal dust. The eaves are fondant brushed with super gold lusterdust. Thanks for looking! :-)
8 14
By KimmysKakes
Mar 25, 2007
These are pieces of sushi which are HUGE. The board is 60cm x 60cm in real life
14 57
By annielo
Apr 29, 2007
Side view of the Sushi Cake showing the balsa wood feet making it look like an authentic sushi tray
2 11
By MandaMoo81
Apr 30, 2007
My daughter chose an Asian theme for her 10th bday party.  The cake is chocolate with chocolate mousse filling and buttercream icing.  Decorated with fondant bamboo and cherry blossoms, chocolate transfer fan and name plate that says Happy Birthday summer in Japanese kanji.  1st time doing chocolate transfer and I was happy with the way they turned out.  This was fun, thanks for looking!
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By crystalina1977
May 13, 2007
My cousin loves all things Japanese. This is the graduation cake I made for him- complete with dragon, fondant oni masks, and Kanji script.  From what I could find "Kotobuki" means congratulations. Hopefully I'm not too far off the mark!
By Aimeestrange
May 27, 2007
This is a marble cake with buttercream icining and decorations. The character is an anime character called Rock. I made this for a friend of my teenage daughter. They are both into Japanese cartooning. My daughter's friend loved it.
By Bev55
May 29, 2007
Base and center support is wood all other pieces (171 pieces!) are pastillage.  The was in the 2007 San Diego Cakes on Parade Show and Competition.
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By mommykicksbutt
Jun 18, 2007
My daughter had an asian themed birthday, so we came up with little sushi cakes since not everyone likes sushi and she wanted something sushi to go with her theme.   The chopsticks are Pockys, a japanese cracker coated in chocolate, and the fortune cookie is just a regular fortune cookie.   Now everyone loves sushi at our house!
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By faili
Jun 19, 2007
This was to welcome someone to okinawa,red velvet fan, lemon square with butter cream the bamboo is fondant please let me know what you think :)
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By tiffanypatton79
Jul 16, 2007
This chocolate cake & crispy rice treat version does not do the comic/cartoon character justice.  Naruto is some cool ninja dude my nephew loves watching and inspired his latest b-day party theme.
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By saptally
Aug 3, 2007
Two lanterns stacked on top of each other with rippled fondant in red and gold hooks on top.  I was doing this for a competition, but I ran out of time to make the rope chain to hold them together because I was helping my daughters finish their cakes.  Oh well!
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By sugarnut
Oct 23, 2007
I made this for my Husband's Black Belt Cermony. The roof is Gumpaste, "glued" together with almond bark. The top Cake is a dummy cake (my first). I used Swiss Meringue Buttercream (also a first) and loved it! The doors and windows are also almond bark. I painted all the trim/glue with a mixture if Gold Pearl Dust and peppermint extract so all the gold stuff tasted minty!. Three layers of cake, chocolate, white and carrot, with the buttercream between each layer. The kanji on the roof says "karate".
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By hubermomof4
Nov 11, 2007
There are not 40 blossoms on the cake.  The Japanese symbols represent "40" which was the birthday gal's age.  Shhhhhh, don't tell!  Used the Chai Tea Cake recipe here on CC but cake has not been cut as of this upload.  I'll let you know how they liked it.  The branches and symbols are made out of modeling chocolate a friend gave me.  I love that stuff!  Icing is flavored with chai tea covered in MMF.  Blossoms are also MMF.  TFL
4 11
By Parable
Dec 12, 2007
Tried color flow a couple days ahead of time looked great, but then 2 days latter blurred???  So I freehand Buttercream image instead.
2 5
By Sarahsmile77
Dec 20, 2007
Marshmallow fondant covered 3 tier cake.  Fondant also used to shape bamboo design btwn layers, cherry blossom inspired flowers and black name cut-outs.   It was just s simple DH white cake mix covered with chocolate  buttercream then decorated with the MMF.  One special twist on the MMF- I flavored it with almond extract... super yummy!
By no0ne
Dec 26, 2007
Fondant covered cakes, 6", 10" & 14".  Top tier: tree and wedding couple are made from Mexican paste, cherry blossom flowers from gum paste.  The symbols on the side are colourflow and are happiness, love. Middle tier: cherry blossom trees are pink stamens; bridge from mexican paste and river is piping gel.  Bottom tier, the inset cherry blossoms are from fondant.
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By DianeM
Feb 12, 2008
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By DianeM
Feb 12, 2008
For my sister's birthday. Two 6" rounds stacked and covered in fondant. GP flowers, collar, fan, and umbrella. Hand painted flowers on umbrella, and pattern on obi belt & bow. Butterflies hand painted in NuSilver. Rice Krispy sandals covered in fondant. Flowers in hanging "hair piece"  on string with GP beads.  TFL!
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By lanibird
Feb 13, 2008
Can anyone read this?  I had to do some homework on this cake!  It spells out "Happy Birthday Kelsey" in Japanese.  The picture is not real good...but the cake is iced with whipped cream icing trimmed in buttercream.  I sure would be interested in a good whipped cream icing recipe...does anyone have one?
By lng_1978
Oct 17, 2005


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