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By Lisa
Apr 22, 2005
My dd wanted flip flops so I made them with a little extra.  I was running out of time so my icing was not very smooth(finished cake about 15 minutes before guests arrived LOL).  Hula girl on 6" island(covered with crushed vanilla oreos) on 9" round.  Flip flops vanilla cake and island was chocolate.
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By momlovestocook
Aug 12, 2005
I have uploaded this picture last week before I added the real pineapple leaves and brown sugar sand. Boy what a differnce it made.
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By stylishbite
Oct 2, 2005
Made for a Hawaiian themed birthday. Buttercream frosted ocean and island with graham cracker sand on island. Royal icing flowers. Fondant palm leaves and bark layered on the tall tier poll. Teddy hula dancer made from mini bear pan. Hard to see but there is a monkey holding a banana at the base of the palm tree.
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By KimAZ
Jul 29, 2005
This is a birthday cake I did for an 18 year old's birthday. She wanted Survivor theme using the Wilton Storybook Doll pan. Maybe I went overboard.... :)
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By mollysmommy
Dec 2, 2005
Found little jelly fish at a confectionary wholesaler I visited. Then I found this wonderful website and am completely inspired by all of the like-minded people I have found here. So I made this cake yesterday.
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By Allyson
Apr 3, 2006
This was done for a co-workers daughters birthday and her friend. The huts are yellow cupcakes piped with the grass tip. The roof of the huts are cocktail umbrellas piped with the grass tip. The ocean is piping gel colored in blue. The Palm Trees are pretzel rods, with royal icing leaves and royal icing coconuts and the edging is 4 Leis held on by the same color buttercream icing.
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By snowy811
Apr 21, 2006
11x15 cake decorated with BC icing, tinted piping gel for the water and pourable brown sugar for the sand. Coins are chocolate.
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By mamaof4
Apr 21, 2006
Made for my daughters birthday party yesterday. She turned 8 and I have made her cake every year since birth and each gets a little better than the last. Not bad for once a year practice. The cake broke so I turned that into a cliffside and river.. she wanted the fish. Objects are MMF (which I just learned about) and lollipop sticks. The roasted pig in the corner turned out great. I ran out of bags to write 'Happy Birthday' so my wife cheated and used the candy letters. :)
By Prophet621
Apr 23, 2006
Full sheet.  Beach is sloped down to the water.  Island Girl tree and monkey are carved out of pound cake.
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By djjarrett88
Oct 14, 2005
One of my first fondant decoration cakes my sister and I did for a friend.  We found that the gel slid way too much on the fondant, was only supposed to go on the top. The day ended up way to oversized for the cake but the little girl loved it! Chocolate covered pretzels, with cookie crumb sand, and all fondant decorations.
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By abbystepmum
May 10, 2006
I was asked  to make a 3d Dora pirate adventure cake for a little girl turning 3....she loved it!!the ship is made of buttercrean fondant and characters are royal icing, gumpaste and candy melts. Lots of fun to make but lots of hours too : )
By twoprincesses
May 14, 2006
This customer only gave me a couple days notice and I already had 2 other cakes to do.  If I had more time, I would have added more detail to this (cannon & balls, anchor w/ rope, palm tree, etc.).  The customer will be adding pirate toys to the cake before the party, so that will help. 

All yellow cake with buttercream water and choc. buttercream on the ship.  Graham cracker island.  Masts (dowels) and sails (paper) are not edible.
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By CustomCakesBySharon
May 19, 2006
White cream-filled cupcakes with teal vanilla buttercream.  Royal icing drop flowers, graham cracker crumbs, candy rocks and plastic palm trees.
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By dsoutherngirl
May 19, 2006
Charlie wanted palm trees and a real coconut with her name on it.  She was a happy little girl.
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By keonicakes
May 22, 2006
I made one of these before and was hoping to add a lot more detail to this one.  That was before I burnt the heck outta my hand and could barely pipe the icing, let alone add more detail.  

Yellow 11X14 base with yellow loaf pan cut for ship.  All BC & choc. BC.  Crushed graham crackers for sand.  Dowels (masts) & paper (sails) not edible.
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By CustomCakesBySharon
Jun 2, 2006
Three layers of white cake, buttercream in between the laters, pretzel trees, fondant bananas and monkey face, buttercream everything else...was s'posed to be an erupting volcano, but a nice friend said it looked like the monkey pooh' well....they all ate it....;-)
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By Wendoger
Jun 3, 2006
Cute, Bright, and Funky!
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By mollysmommy
Jun 9, 2006
The colors were a little muted during scanning, but they were very bold and bright
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By mollysmommy
Jun 9, 2006
A 3D jungle animal cake made for my son's second birthday.  It was the first time I worked with pettinice and my friend helped me.  View from the right.
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By veronika
Jun 12, 2006
View from the left, jungle animal island.
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By veronika
Jun 12, 2006
Monkey Island cake for Michaela. Wondermold for the cake shape, chocolate cake and bc monkeys and waves. Fondant plam tree and brown sugar sand. She loved it.
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By mommachris
May 1, 2006
Here is a picture of all three tiers. The top tier is white with raspberry filling and buttercream. The island tier is keylime cake with buttercream and vanilla wafer/brown sugar sand and fondant towel, flip flops, sunglasses, beachball, shovel, rake & bucket. The trees are pirouttes. The ocean cake is chocolate fudge with oreo filling and fondant creatures.
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By Sunflowerbagel
Jun 14, 2006
this was for my mom's 50th b-day party, it was a luau
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By mayra215
Jul 25, 2006
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By mayra215
Jul 25, 2006
These are my mother's cakes but she would never put her cakes out there she doesn't think they are good enough. I think she is mentally crippled. This was a cake for a bridal shower. The couple got married in Jamaica.
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By oceanspringsmommy
Aug 1, 2006
Hawaiian Luau Bridal Shower: Sand layers - pineapple rum cake and pineapple rum butter cream filling, with crushed vanilla wafer sand. Water layer - whipped vanilla cream cake, frambois soak and raspberry butter cream filling and icing, fondant coverature. Shells are white chocolate. Trees and bridge are gumpaste.
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By regymusic
Aug 13, 2006
This is a fun cake for a tropical party. I also uploaded the close up pictures of the island to see the detail of the palm trees, the towels, and the bathing suits. The couple got a kick out of the shark fin in the water! Good ole' fashioned buttercream, but for the waves, I didn't combine the blue into the white frosting completely for that wave look!
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By clink
Sep 4, 2006
Vacation bible school cake, their theme was Son Treasure Island.  The treasure chest and dolphin are fondant, everything else is buttercream.
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By simply-cakes
Sep 14, 2006
Decorated by my nine yr old daughter. She used cake scraps and left over small dollcakes to build her own treasure island. She made all gumpaste accents herself.
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By Ursula40
Sep 23, 2006
This cake actually has palm trees in all 4 corners but the only picture I of it has a person in it.  The coconuts are snicker popables.  The palm trees are twix with peanutbutter cup tops covered in buttercream leaves.  The sand is nilla wafers.  Everything else is buttercream.  Ja Mata is see you later in Japanese.  In Japan they rarley say Sianara because it means goodbye forever.
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By cakenbake
Oct 22, 2006
the volcano is marble cake, the island, yellow cake, all done in buttercream... we used sparkler candles to "light up" the lava... was a huge hit!   Aaaarghhhhh Mateys!
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By southrnhearts
Nov 27, 2006
Practice cake for a Luau, turned into more of a 'Survivor' theme.  Should have used chocolate frosting on the hut, the white shows SO bad!
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By shelbur10
Dec 1, 2006
I made this for my daughter's girl scout Hawaiian Luau. BC with fondant and RI accents. The girls loved eating the flowers (mmf!)
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By shelbur10
Dec 1, 2006
Half white, half chocolate, all buttercram except a few "lay-ons" per request of child. Palm tree is royal for leaves using tip 67, piped onto pretzel stick. Starfish and shells made from candy melts. Sand is crushed vanilla wafers. Cupcakes white and chocolate in colors to match cake w/ sprinkles of turtles and fish on them. Island is made from half sports ball pan. For niece's 9th birthday party all per her request.
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By ahilton
Dec 3, 2006
Yellow cake with BC filling & frosting, covered in fondant with fondant decorations and edible images.
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By bigcatz
Dec 7, 2006
Cake made from several differnt size rounds, then shaped.  Covered in Store bought chocolate frosting then Oreo cookie crumbs.  Then piped on colored BC "lava".  Island made from sugar colored with powdered brown food coloring and other processed cookies.  Palm Trees made from candy melts cut in thirds then attatched to a whole one with more melted chocolate.  Attach to lollipop stick with melted choco, and I filled mini candy cups with melted choco and balanced the lolli palm trees in them until cool.
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By KikiCarey34
Dec 12, 2006
Made for a kids birthday to take to school.  The kids loved them cream cheese icing with royal icing flowers.  Got this idea from this CC.
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By boshgirls
Dec 12, 2006
I drew inspiration from lots of cakes on here, so a big "Thank you!" to everyone. I prepared the board with royal icing to make the water and then sprayed it with aerosol cake color spray.  Then I added the island, which is an 8 in round and a half ball carved out. It was iced in BC and covered in nilla wafer crumbs.  The ship was carved out of a loaf pan and covered in fondant "wood". The treasure chest was made from a mini-loaf pan and covered in fondant. This one was really fun!
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By Ishi
Jan 5, 2007
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By SGordon
Jan 13, 2007


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