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10x15 Chocolate enhanced formula w/chocolate mousse filling and chocolate icing.  Decorated with fondant and buttercream.  Cake was for a doctor at the hospital I work.  I was told the doctor had his employees take turns standing in line to purchase his iphone on the 1st day of sale.  So, this cake was ordered for his birthday.  He was so impressed not only with the cake but ESPECIALLY the detail.  He called his wife to come see the cake.  Now I will be doing their monthly birthday cakes. Thanks for looking
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By tarisca
Jul 19, 2007
Customer wanted an iPhone shooting out the top, as that was the real gift the birthday gal was receiving.  Made it out of gum paste.
5 29
By LoveAtFirstBiteCakery
Jan 10, 2008
Customer requested an iPhone for her husbands birthday, it took me and hubby almost 3 hours to complete
the icons, but worth it.   9x13 pan, fondant covered, fondant accesories,  On the calendar icon I wrote his b-day Friday the 20th and on the maps it 
has the interstate from here FL, and the weather was todays temperature.  TFL
10 22
By CakeswLove
Jun 20, 2008
a cake in the shape of the very popular Apple iPhone
16 82
By meancat
Jul 25, 2007
iphone made out of rkt covered with fondant and edible image.
3 11
By renee2007
Jun 21, 2008
Birthday Cake for a friend who is getting an iPhone for his birthday.  Cake is 11x6 covered in fondant.  All buttons are made of fondant/royal icing.  First time ever doing a cake like this.  If I were to make this one again, I would shape the cake differently.  Also my first time covering a whole cake in Fondant.  That part needs work.  Very fun cake to decorate!
By ChicagoAlex
Jul 12, 2008
dh chose this design for his best bud's birthday. chocolate fudge cake with ganache and fondant accents, edible food markers.
By cosmicbear
Jul 18, 2008
This was done for a friend of mine.  She requested an iPhone cake for her boyfriend's birthday.  He loves his iPhone!
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By coolchc21
Aug 16, 2008
1 2
By lynndy-lou
Sep 5, 2008
iCake is iced with buttercream and apps were done with fondant.
By had201
Sep 8, 2008
iphone birthday cake
4 25
By zephyrelm
Oct 9, 2008
All buttercream, except for MMF "Jeff".  Apparently Jeff is a bit of a techno-geek (his wife's words, not mine!), so this is what his wife requested!
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By gakali
Oct 21, 2008
2 3
By cakelab
Oct 28, 2008
A marble cake with banana SMBC and fresh strawberry filling covered in fondant with fondant accents for my BIL's birthday.  This was time consuming, but fun!  Thanks for looking!
1 6
By tomatoqeen
Nov 1, 2008
I was asked to replicate a Blackberry phone for 21 year old James and this is what we came up with, I used his b-day date and his time of birth on screen.  Done with an 11 x 15 sheet pan carved a little on corners. FIL paid for it and when he saw it he was amazed =)
6 45
By CakeswLove
Feb 16, 2009
Lemon poppy seed cake, covered in black fondant. Used my new epson printer to print icons. Was easy to make, thought it would be harder.
2 8
By panchanewjersey
Mar 18, 2009
all mmf and pandispagna ,cream
4 9
By aaangy
Apr 1, 2009
iphone cake for a 40th birthday.
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By flourishingcakes
Apr 3, 2009
This was my for my first big wedding.  I did the wedding cake, and this iphone cake.  Covered in MMF.  All icons are done in MMF, some butter cream was used on some of the icons.
2 2
By GretchensDelectables
Apr 25, 2009
12x18 white cake with buttercream icing and detail
1 1
By BuffyAndCompany
Apr 28, 2009
iPhone cake made for my boss.  Cake is buttercream with fondant app buttons.
3 4
By traab859
May 8, 2009
9X13 chocolate cake.  Used MMF to cover and decorate.  Very detailed cake.  Hope the birthday girl likes it.
7 21
By Teena
May 13, 2009
This was for my brother's birthday.  Chocolate cake covered in chocolate ganache, which I added some black food coloring to make it darker.  All the "icons" are fondant.  I also took a stab at free-hand piping, which I need a LOT more practice at!
By bellaloco
Jun 5, 2009
iphone fondant cake ...with apps.
6 23
By kisscake
Jun 27, 2009
I made this chocolate iphone cake using the recipe from the back of the box of Hershey's cocoa.  I also used chocolate fondant and chocolate buttercream.
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By gud-creations
Jul 14, 2009
my hubby's going crazy about iphone so this is what i did for his birthday. i don't have black food color so i used dark brown instead. thank you to all CC members for the inspiration...
2 3
By marydelle
Jul 23, 2009
cake covered in fondant. Edible images for the apps, earphones are fondant.
4 12
By dukebrees
Aug 12, 2009
A chocolate cake, with edible image apps..   I had many friendds requesting instructions on "how i put the iphone cake together" and when i got an request for it on cakecentral, i decided to put the instructions on the comments sections. Its a 1/4 sheet fondant convered cake. I have kept the height be to 1 inch, so that it looks like an real sleek iphone. the size of the cake is 12 inch X 6.4 inch to be as close as the real iphone. U would carve the cake to resemble it as an iphone with curves on the side.  Apply frosting, then put the fondant....then place the edible image.. I have added the edible image that i had used as an additional photo. This image is sized to fit the iphone cake with specifications of 12 inch X 6.4 inch. then i used the clay extruder to put the white sides of the iphone cake
13 42
By Lovelymeets
Aug 15, 2009
Cake made for sweet 16 birthday party. Vanilla cake with cookies-n-cream filling iced in buttercream and covered in fondant with findant icons.
4 21
By Juliequeen
Aug 18, 2009
This is actually made out of all rice krispies since the birthday girl didnt like cake.  It was colored to match her ipod.
8 76
By RiLinNa
Aug 22, 2009
I made this cake for my son's 18th birthday, since he loves his iPhone more than life itself!  All accents are made from MMF and hand-painted.
7 39
By nixqueen
Aug 23, 2009
This is a cake I made for my boyfriend's son; he loves his iPhone.  Thanks to everyone on CC who has made one...definitely got inspiration from all.
2 5
By Wonder_Woman_Chef
Sep 14, 2009
Iphone cake
By cakesbychristi
Sep 27, 2009
By lmbent
Sep 27, 2009
10" yellow cake with butter cream icing.  Fondant bow, dots, camera, iphone and spider.  The spider was for University of Richmond.
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By SueB
Oct 4, 2009
this is a half sheet iPhone cake made for my son's company picnic- they are iPhone developers. cake is covered in fondant and all the application icons were cut of fondant and then painted . the icon with the rainbow colored bars is the company app. and the one above it is my son's game app. Lots of time involved but was nice because one of my other sons came in and helped me paint the icons :0)
By creativecrumbs
Oct 5, 2009
By janinacakes
Oct 15, 2009
11x15 cake
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By staceytisdale
Oct 18, 2009
1 3
By halfbaked
Oct 20, 2009
By cakelum
Oct 24, 2009


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