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Wedding cake for my son's preschool class.  The letter's Q&U got married since Q is never without U.  This is my 1st "wedding" cake and I really had fun putting it together.
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By PoodleDoodle
Apr 13, 2005
I purchased some impression mats and this was first attempt with the diamond mat.  I LOVE this cake.  I'm very critical of myself, but I feel really good about this cake
4 1
By umfalcon
Aug 10, 2005
This 3 tiered wedding cake has a different design on each tier.  The bottom tier has the wedding band impression mat design.  The middle tier has the pearl design using fondant pearls.  And the top tier has the diamond impression mat design.  Using the impression mats make it so easy to create an elegant cake.  Iced with a crusting buttercream icing that contains cream cheese.
15 36
By PoodleDoodle
Jun 4, 2005
I love the diamond impression mat!!!!  The cake had a second tier, but the icing literally feel off of the back of the cake!!! The 100 degree heat didn't help either.  It was surrounded by chocolate dipped strawberries.
By umfalcon
Aug 22, 2005
french vanilla cake with ivory pina colada buttercream, buttercream decorations
5 3
By mamafrogcakes
Sep 5, 2005
This is a variation of a wilton project.  I used an impression mat which make it just gorgeous.  I'm very proud of this one
9 28
By umfalcon
Oct 3, 2005
I already have this picture in my photos but this one is clearer. You deserve to see a better picture. Thanks for looking!
6 45
By CakeDesigns
Oct 31, 2005
For a baby shower after the little girl was born.  The pink is made from mmf using an impression mat.  It was fun.  Should have made the mmf a little thinner I think
10 29
By charlieinMO
Aug 21, 2005
Here is my take on the christening gown cake that I've seen others do beautifully! This cake was for a co-workers baby girl's christening. White chocolate cake with raspberry preserve filling, covered in BC. Used diamond impression mat with edible pearls. Dress is made from fondant. Edible pearls on details as well.
7 8
By mamafrogcakes
Nov 13, 2005
This is a dummy cake I did for practice and to use the new tools I bought.  It is inspired by the cake on the cakesbysam website.
12 30
By iceberg
Mar 24, 2006
Well, just about everything that could go wrong, went wrong with this one.  It was supposed to be 4 tiers, but my oven broke and I didn't get to make the bottom tier (was going to be 12").  Good thing it was mostly just for practice and to play with my new impression mat and button molds from NewCake.  So, this is a 10, 8, and 6", covered with MMF.  The pearls and buttons are both MMF painted with super pearl luster dust.  Roses are MMF too.
8 12
By kelleym
May 13, 2006
4 tier buttercream, gumpaste bow and ribbon, 3 dot, scroll, cornelli lace, and quilted with dot.  It is my first cake in all buttercream, I was a wreck
2 5
By MaryD
Jun 10, 2006
4 11
By tawnyachilders
Jun 16, 2006
I made it for my sister's wedding.  Hope the top tier last longer than her last marriage did.  1st wedding cake I've ever done.
15 9
By Dale
Jun 25, 2006
First time using the diamond impression mat.  Liked the results.  Red velvet cake with cream cheese BC.
1 2
By gtshort
Jun 25, 2006
9x3 milk chocolate cake with cookies-n-cream filling, iced in dreamwhip buttercream.  Dollar store tiara.  This was the first cake made in my new 3" tall pan, and I loved it!
3 9
By mommymarilyn
Jun 28, 2006
Each tier has a different impression mat design.  Each tier a different flavor - Chocolate, white, white w/lemon filling.
9 183
By PoodleDoodle
Jul 6, 2006
I wanted to try the diamond pattern, so I made this.  I was pretty pleased in how it turned out.  Pretty easy to do.
Buttercream icing.
12 7
By Dale
Nov 9, 2005
Several "firsts" for this cake.  First time to use the impression mat.  And I made her name from melted chocolates.  Fondant daisies.
1 1
By alicia_froedge
Jul 24, 2006
Here is my fair cake entry.  This was tons of fun and I have received several comments.  The lid is styrofoam wrapped in fondant proped up by two lollipop sticks.  Assorted chocolates underneath.  This was my first time trying the ruffle border and the striped affect and also the diamond impression.  Red fabric ribbon is around the bottom.
6 21
By alicia_froedge
Jul 24, 2006
Made this to practice using the diamond impression mat.
10 50
By aggiecakes
Aug 2, 2006
Diamond impression mat with pink dots.
1 4
By alicia_froedge
Aug 28, 2006
chocolate cake, c & c filling, buttercream, royal icing flowers
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By jdelectables
Aug 28, 2006
11 11
By sugarnut
Aug 30, 2006
I used the four tier acrylic cake stand.  6" choc., 8" white, 10" white, and 12" choc.  Each cake is a different design.  I painted the "F" with gold luster dust and did swiss dots.  (my first time to use luster dust!! Very exciting!) 8" was the diamond impression mat, 10" was swirls, and the 12" I was running out of ideas so I did vertical lines.  Accented with fresh mums.
5 9
By alicia_froedge
Sep 5, 2006
I made this cake to practice with my new impression mat.  Fondant covered with gum paste flowers.
8 3
By sio
Sep 14, 2006
This is for my husband's co-worker who is getting married in two weeks. They are having a work party. He is the groom though, not the bride. :) 
This is a yellow cake with a ganache filling. It is iced with buttercream and than topped with more ganache. The roses are done with a fondant/ gumpaste mix. I used an impression mat for the diamond impressions. I have had that thing forever and never used it before!
13 31
By AmyBeth
Sep 14, 2006
Just a quick birthday cake for a friend.  I tried the upside down technique for the first time.  The edges turned out very crisp, but the top of the cake wasn't smooth...a very thin layer peeled away on the parchment paper. Walnut cake with mocha buttercream.
2 2
By yellowjacket
Sep 15, 2006
Buttercream frosting with criss cross pattern using impression mat.
2 9
By SoldierJunkie
Sep 29, 2006
Side view done with impression mat
By elipsis
Oct 8, 2006
This is not really a shower cake, but wasn't sure where to put first time making my own icing and using the impression mat.  A bit of bulge in the middle(i made the icing dam, but i didn't let the cake settle before icing) but it was a good learning experience:)  i made several diff borders just to try...lots of fun!  suggestions welcome...1 month till my sis's wedding!!
6 2
By salty0108
Oct 8, 2006
First, and foremost, I want to thank "MAC" for her inspiration on the design of this cake....Thanks MAC.  This was my first cake using the diamond impression mat.  The cake is iced smooth with buttercream.  Impressions made using the diamond impression mat.  Dots and border buttercream.  Sash MMF with buttercream message.
12 47
By gourmetcakes
Oct 20, 2006
This cake is iced smooth with buttercream.  Diamond impression mat on sides with pink dots.  Cross is made from buttercream and accented with edible pearls.
8 22
By gourmetcakes
Nov 3, 2006
8" double layer cake (on the side) slightly sculpted - used my textured roller on fondant to get the floral pattern on the purse, dusted slightly w/ luster dust.  Strap just ribbon.  This was a last minute decision on this design, but it was fun!  Done to replicate clients invites to a little girls purse party.
5 40
By cakesbyallison
Nov 11, 2006
I made this for my magazine ad.  Fondant covered dummies, fondant impression flower molds, dragees, and lots of gold luster dust.  Took me forever, this would have to be an expensive cake!  I have a better quality photo being taken of it this evening, but wanted to share one now.
8 8
By karateka
Nov 13, 2006
This is my first wedding cake!  A little embarrassed about the lumpy top tier and the scrolls, but all in all i'm pretty happy with it...I received a lot of compliments on the taste, so that made all the hard work and stress worth it... (i even got asked to do another wedding!:)  -top & second tier white cake w/raspberry and cream cheese filling, bottom lemon/lemon filling- 6,8,&10 inch for a small wedding at home...
10 13
By salty0108
Nov 17, 2006
Gumpaste bow with luster dust.Buttercream with diamond impression (using mat) and flower embossing (using patchwork cutters) along top edge. Writing is fondant. Vanilla cake, Chocolate Kahlua mousse with English toffee filling, Vanilla buttercream icing.
5 3
By rezzygirl
Mar 27, 2007
Cake dummy with diamond impression and pearls.
2 3
By vivedcreations
Feb 24, 2007
Buttercream icing, chocolate plastic flowers (I'd probably just use fondant for the flowers next time)
By megamoodles
Mar 3, 2007
This cake is iced smooth with buttercream.  Impression mat used on side.  All decorations done in buttercream.
1 6
By gourmetcakes
Mar 8, 2007


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