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By TinaRe
Jul 12, 2005
BC w/Fondant Balls & Graham Crakers for Buildings w/Color Flow Bat Signal. Client wanted a cake with all three characters present so this is what I came up with.  Fun to make and the 2 year old boy loved it.
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By bjfranco
Aug 14, 2005
My nephew couldn't decide whether or not he wanted the Hulk or Spiderman, so I told him he didn't have to decide and I managed to come up with this.  It's just a 1/2 sheet cake decorated with buttercream frosting; I managed to find the little figures at a Christmas clearance sale, they were ornaments.
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By LittlePixie
Sep 28, 2005
This is cake i did for a friend.I had no idea what to do because she wanted a hulk cake .i made the cake green and just wrote hulk.I also found a truck with big wheels so i placed it on the cake.Being that hulk is big.This is just a practice cake.
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By crishna
Oct 4, 2005
Made for a 4 yr old's birthday
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By islandije
Apr 4, 2006
This was made for a little boy who loved both Spiderman and Hulk equally and wanted them both on the cake.  This was my "plan B" design.  I have to say it came out better than I was expecting.  The cakes are a 10" round and two 8" rounds.  This was a chocolate cake iced with crusting BC icing.
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By reenie
Jun 17, 2006
A "quick" cake request for my 6 year old nephew.  Fondant wall and pile of bricks.
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By margery
Jun 18, 2006
After seeing an updated picture of the Incredible Hulk I looked at all my novelty pans and for some reason I turned my Blue's Clues pan upside down.  There is was ~ the BIG ears on Blue's Clues was perfect for the Hulk's fists.
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By Steady2Hands
Jul 5, 2006
By lilsomethinsweet
Aug 14, 2006
hulk "comic book" BCT
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By dish1971
Sep 10, 2006
5",8", 10" tiers. Used buttercream, fondant, royal icing and chocolate clay.  All edible with the exception of the hot wheels at the bottom.  I tried alot of new techniques on this cake, and made some awful mistakes, but learned alot and over all, I am pretty pleased. I dont like airbrushed color from the wilton cans. This was for an adult who loved superheros as a kid. I added comics to the sides of the cake support just for kicks.
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By melysa
Sep 27, 2006
This is a terrible mess but a good experiment for me.  It is a 3-D cake, the buildings are cake some are frosted and some are covered in fondant. I had a terrible time with the fondant and I was running out of time. The little figures are also fondant but they came out bigger than I wanted.  The cakes stayed in building formation easily. I did not use dowels or any other support.
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By SunshineFamily
Sep 30, 2006
This was a "just because" cake I made for a freind who loves the Hulk. It Gave me more practice with my printer. I had major problems getting it to print and then problems with the black not printing and so on!
So Glad I encountered these problems on a practice cake!
I am not going to even talk about my crazy borders!!
By qtkaylassweets
Oct 10, 2006
DH is a HUGE comic book I surprised him with this for our first anniversary.  :)  Started with a base colored mmf and then sprayed with the Preval gun and wiped color away on base tier to resemble flame.  White choc ganache on ice tier.  The figurines on top are Iceman and Firestar (they represent us LOL)...and the tiers correspond to each.  Emblems are MMF - I had Batman, but it broke.  Ice cubes are rice krispies twice dipped in blue choc then dusted with lustre dust.  He loved it!
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By candy177
Oct 28, 2006
2-tier cake covered in MMF.  Chocolate Transfer super heros on sticks standing in front of the comic "background" for the character.  The backgrounds are piped onto the cake with chocolate (wish I could figure out how to put it on smoothly!).  The birthday boy is the super hero on the top.  There is Spiderman with a web, Wolverine with an X, Superman with a city skyline, Batman with the moon and a gargoyle, Flash Gordon with a lightning bolt, Cyclops in front of red, and The Hulk coming through a wall.
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By Uberhipster
Jan 3, 2007
Iced in all buttercream. I did a FBCT on the face only, then filled in the rest with icing
By sweet_T7
Jan 25, 2007
First attempt at this Hulk Hogan character pan and the customer didn't want all those stars. They wanted a smooth cake. This was a very hard cake for me to decorate.  I couldn't get everything to line up correctly. I'm glad it's done!!
By cncgirl00
Feb 2, 2007
MMF hulk traced from a color page, brick wall impression mat.
By margery
Feb 18, 2007
made this for daughters boyfriend....the rocks on the right are made by me everthing else is a kit
By Liezee22
Feb 24, 2007
Incredible Hulk birthday cake.  Buttercream icing with Toba Garrett's glaze image.
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By cakesksa
Feb 25, 2007
Plain B/C covered cake  for my BIL. (Cake 2004)
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By gateaux
Mar 17, 2007
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By tawnyachilders
Apr 1, 2007
i made this for a friend who was turning 28. he is a bouncer at a local bar and his last name is faulkenberry so everyone calls him the incredible faulk. he loved it lol, but i was a bit upset w/ the way the hair and lips came out. i had to add fondant to the styrofoam wig head so that the face didn't look to feminine. everything slipped out of place a bit when i covered the entire thing. oh well, pretty happy w/ it overall. :)
By jwong9664
Apr 8, 2007
This is the final prduct of 2 weeks of work. Making the cookie cutters, doing the cookies (GOD LOVE all you cookie makers!) then the 3 cakes (that was the easiest part!) I also did the star lollipops.  I got the insperation for this cake from the 2007 Wilton Yearbook. Each cake is a different flavor (chocolate, classic yellow, and funfetti). The buildings are NFSC with royal. I blurred out my sons name (I have issues with my kids names on the internet :P) but those were also done with NFSC and RI.
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By reesesob
Apr 22, 2007
Spider-Man Vs. Incredible Hulk Birthday Cake. I loved how this turned out and Cooper loved it, Bonus!
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By BrendaBTC
May 24, 2007
This cake is iced smooth with buttercream.  Made Incredible Hulk's fist appear as if he were punching through the cake (MMF surrounds fist).  Superman shield transferred on using piping gel.
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By gourmetcakes
Jun 14, 2007
Yellow cake with cookies & cream filling, chocolate b/c.  Superheros are chocolate transfers and spideys web is b/c.  Now I'm torn, do I like FBCT better or chocolate transfers?
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By zoraya
Jun 20, 2007
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By jbramble
Jul 3, 2007
Buttercream frosting
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By rhettsgirl
Jul 14, 2007
cake is dyed green inside. nephew loved it.
By joeytammy
Aug 20, 2007
Irbrushed edges and used my projectoer for image!!
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By Kiddiekakes
Oct 11, 2007
This was a cake I did for my brother.  He loves this kind of stuff.  This was my first attempt at chocolate transfer (I love it!!!!! ) learned alot though through this trial.  I will be doing more of these to get better;-)  Thanks!
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By kden3980
Oct 11, 2007
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By veggieredhead
Oct 12, 2007
This was done using a mannequin head, and cake of course.. krispies to give my female mannequin head a more manly facial features, buttercream icing, and air brushed
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By bfisher11
Oct 30, 2007
Cake is the red building, 4-8inch cakes stacked. Hulk is gumpaste with foil in the body, arms, & legs. He was hard to make! He's definately ugly! Had a hole in the top of cake for a cup-to hold dry ice. TFL!
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By dabear
Nov 6, 2007
Incredible Hulk Edible Image Cake
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By djjarrett88
Nov 19, 2007
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By kookiecakes
Dec 1, 2007
I made this cake for my husband's 23rd birthday. He loves the HULK, so I had him break through and say happy bday. Everything is edible. I used rice krispie treats, fondant and food coloring for painting details. Took about 45 minutes to complete.
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By justnikki99
Dec 5, 2007
2 9' rounds , and BCT. He kept falling down.....I know now they have to lay flat.LOL!
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By donyell
Dec 19, 2007
White and chocolate cake with buttercream transfers!
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By zoozieqv
May 27, 2005


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