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I made this cake for my niece's 5 th birthday. It's chocolate and white layers. I used gumpaste and fondant for the flowers and leaves and the hula girl is fondant on top of a skirt from a small wondermold pan cake. The tree is a pretzel rod wrapped in fondant with gumpaste leaves attached with melted chocolate.
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By krissy_kze
Jul 10, 2005
Luau cake with hula girls.  Hula girls made with the mini wonder mold pan and volcano was made with the larger wonder mold pan.  Tip 16 was used for the skirts.  Tip 224 Drop flowers made out of royal icing are used for the leis, in the hair, and around the waist. Died coconut for the grass.  Crushed vanilla wafers for the sand.  The rest of the icing is buttercream.
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By talmas
Jul 14, 2005
My dd wanted flip flops so I made them with a little extra.  I was running out of time so my icing was not very smooth(finished cake about 15 minutes before guests arrived LOL).  Hula girl on 6" island(covered with crushed vanilla oreos) on 9" round.  Flip flops vanilla cake and island was chocolate.
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By momlovestocook
Aug 12, 2005
Made for dd's sleepover birthday.  Colorflow flowers and butterfly.  Cake is chocolate.  Sand is graham crackers.
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By momlovestocook
Aug 12, 2005
Hula Girl Doll cake.  SO SIMPLE.
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By MistryUnique
Sep 24, 2005
Hula Girl. Made for Halloween but It's a girlie cake not really halloween. So thought Id put in birthdays.
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By ShelbysYummys
Oct 29, 2005
This is a cake I did for a co-workers daughter's 10th birthday. The birthday girl takes hula lessons!! So I thought about doing this! Strawberry cake, strawberry preserve filling and vanilla BC. Sugar cookie hula girls decorated with royal icing and royal drop flowers.
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By mamafrogcakes
Nov 4, 2005
This is a birthday cake I did for an 18 year old's birthday. She wanted Survivor theme using the Wilton Storybook Doll pan. Maybe I went overboard.... :)
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By mollysmommy
Dec 2, 2005
I made this for my daughter's 4th birthday.  Lots of CANDY!!!
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By ccoth
Jan 1, 2006
10, 8 & 6" round cakes for the waterfall made out of piping gel. The flowers are silk and the parrots are cardboard. Satellite cakes are a half flower and 2 dolls made with the wonder mold and some $1 store dolls. The sand is brown sugar and the shells are real. The flip flops are candles. The girls names were on the hula skirts and "Feliz Cumpleaños was written on the sand. The mother loved this cake. Things I would change: make water lighter and end with the sand and smaller flowers for the girls.
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By CakeDesigns
Jan 12, 2006
Bottom tier was all Ocean top tier was tropical flowers and on top a small doll cake with sugar sand and palm trees.
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By julibel
Apr 4, 2006
Buttercream Icing with chocolate cake.  This is for a little girls birthday party.  Very fun to make.
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By Sherry0565
Apr 27, 2006
I found the idea for this cake on Wilton's web site only they did the mini hula girls I wanted the large one.  This cake is super easy and soooo much fun.  Everytime I do it I get better.
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By cake_momma
May 4, 2006
This is a cake that I did for my daughter's 6th birthday.  The theme was a Hawaiian Luau.  I had 3 others Hula Dancers on the side, but I did not get a great picture of them.
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By Jennifer09131971
May 4, 2006
This was my 2nd doll cake I made. It was for my friend's daughter's 6th bday. Her 'skirt' was made from my Pampered Chef large batter bowl. Fun!
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By GLMsMom
May 5, 2006
I made this cake for my niece's 6 year old birthday party.  The theme was a Hawaiin hula party.  The girls loved the flowers and the palm trees.
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By janetwhitson
May 10, 2006
yellow cake with all bc and mmf accents,gumpaste flower (i did not make) , twizzler straps. cookies for sand and candy melt sea shells!  Lots of fun to make!  My first try with the flip flops
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By sweetexpressions
May 11, 2006
This is white cake with Buttercream icing. The coconuts and leis were purchased, the rest is buttercream decorations. This was for a 21st birthday, it had to be "tame" for a family event!
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By heychele
May 11, 2006
Hula girl is made with the wonder mold on top of 2 10in. Iced in IMBC the flowers are MMF and gumpaste.
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By brendaanne
May 14, 2006
This was a 10" round bottom, with the "doll dress" cake on top, but I cut it down to a diameter of 8", and rounded-off the top.  I put it on a board & off-set it, so part of it was off the back of the 10" cake, to give more room for "ocean & waves".  This was a really fun cake, thanks for looking!
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By OCakes
May 22, 2006
I had a luau for my husband's birthday and I decided to give him a hula girl cake.  It was a big hit!  Everyone loved it.  It was a fun and easy cake to make.
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By Timojen2002
May 23, 2006
this was my daughters special cake for her birthday.  i did one big cake and this was her own little piece.
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By cdstem
Jun 3, 2006
This cake was made for my friend's annual Luau - It was my second cake that I airbrushed and was so much fun to do.  The hula girls were made from the mini wondermold pan.  Bottom layer was pinapple cake, top layer was coconut cake iced in buttercream.  Palm trees were no fail sugar cookies.
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By cakecre8tor
Jun 4, 2006
I made this for my daughter's 5th birthday.  She wanted a luau and Strawberry Shortcake so I improvised.  This is my first attempt at anything other than a regular box cake.  I think the hula skirt could have been better but I think it came out pretty good.
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Jun 6, 2006
One of two hula dolls i made for my sisters luau.
(second doll deleted)
2 6
By Cakers84
Jun 16, 2006
This cake is for a neighbour's daughter.  It took me forever!  I did the sides in basket weave.  I'm so used to using fondant, I'm really out of practice for doing an all buttercream design!  The picture was based on a cake I saw on the internet - wanted to give the original creator credit but I can't find it anymore!
3 24
By gakali
Jun 23, 2006
This was a quickie cake that I threw together for a girls birthday who was having a lou-ouh themed party. she had another cake but I wanted to make her one to match her theme, it was a hit and a lot of fun to make, it was my first attempt at a doll cake.
2 7
By mistygaildunn
Jun 28, 2006
Made this for my niece's 10th birthday...she looked at some cakes on CC and combined some ideas, but changed the colors to match her invite.  Hula girl is fondant, trees and surfboards are royal icing.
8 30
By Schmoop
Jun 29, 2006
Birthday girl requested hula girl and surfboards.  This is the before picture - the cake had a disaster on a large hill and had to be fixed.  Gumpaste girl, palm trees and surfboards.
3 13
By beachcakes
Jul 2, 2006
I used the watermelon fruit streamers for the grass.
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By BoofyJo
Jul 5, 2006
Hula girl created using the doll pan, fondant skirt, with fondant flowers.  FM Buttercream waves around the side.
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By SweetResults
Jul 9, 2006
Here is my hula girl. I used a cheap tropical looking barbie.  Iced in B/C with royal icing flowers and  chocolate sea shells.  This was fun to do.   Thanks for looking!
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By Angiecakes
Jul 21, 2006
"Hibiscus" made from royal.  Accents in fondant; skirt in buttercream.
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By LisaMS
Jul 27, 2006
Last minute request for a hawaiian themed cake. I used the barbie pan with the heart background.
By BellaRosa
Jul 31, 2006
This was inspired by Christy's Hula Girl cake!  I need more practice sculpting but had fun.
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By LisaMS
Aug 3, 2006
Cake is iced smooth in buttercream.  This luau themed Hula girl is made using the Wilton Stand-up Doll pan and plastic doll.  Hyacinths are made from candy clay with store-bought stamins.
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By gourmetcakes
Aug 4, 2006
Buttercream frosting, all flowers are made of royal icing, sea shells are pressed sugar.
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By slingmama
Aug 12, 2006
Chocolate cake with Barbie doll stuck in the mini doll pan.  Used real sea shells.  I tried to make the ocean wave look at the bottom and then I copied the hibiscus from the napkins. This cake was lots of fun!!!
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By alicia_froedge
Aug 14, 2006
Storybook Doll Pan
6 31
By shrn1975
Aug 17, 2006
One of the Hula Girl Cakes I did for my daughter's 4th birthday. I made one for each of the girls.
6 22
By kgil1124
Apr 26, 2005


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