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How Make an Ice Cream Cake

Posted by Jackie This recipe is going to be easy ....really. You will have PLENTY of servings if you use a 9x13 (1/4 sheet pan). This will give you a nice proportion of cake vs. Ice cream. Click Here For Our Ice Cream Cake Recipes TO DO: Bake a cake in the sheet pan. Take it out, wrap it up & wash the pan. Now, take the SAME PAN. Line it with several layers of plastic wrap OR a sheet of aluminum foil. LEAVE an overhang of wrap, so that you can use this overhang to help with the unmolding. SOFTEN 1/2 gallon Ice Cream. DO NOT MELT IT. To speed up the softening,... read more

How To Make A Pillow Cake

Posted by missyek [featuredcakes] Pillow cakes are such a neat design and are actually pretty simple to make. In this tutorial I'm going to show how to do a square pillow cake with curved sides as opposed to the straight sides. If you would like to do a pillow with just straight sides, just omit the steps that cut the curves out of the cake. Cutting curves into the cake does reduce the cake size a bit (but if your family likes cake scraps, then you are okay!). Don't restrict yourself to square cakes either! Pillow cakes can easily be made out of almost any shape... read more

How To Make a Gumpaste Bow

Posted by franjmc I find the best way to do these bows is to make them directly onto the cake or shoe or whatever it is I’m making, but for the purpose of the tutorial, I’ve made this one on a work board. Tools: Here are the tools I like to have on hand. Rolling Pin Ruler Confectionary Toolset Luster Dust Cutter/Embosser Saran wrap %AMAZON% Use a ball of modelling paste the size of a marble. Roll the paste into a long sausage  Roll the paste as thinly as you like. I like to roll my paste very thinly so that the bow looks like it’s made of fabric. I... read more

How to Make a Cowboy Hat Cake

Posted by thecakemaker Step by step instructions for making a cowboy hat . This particular cake was made for a coworker for her 50th birthday First you need to make the brim of your hat as this will take a few days to dry. You can use either fondant or a fondant/gumpaste mixture to make the brim. %AMAZON% I used a real hat brim to make a template. I drew around the brim onto a large gift bag but a shirt box or poster board would work well also I used a real hat brim to make a template. I drew around the brim onto a large gift bag but a shirt box... read more

How To Make A Royal Icing Tiara

Posted by carrielynnfields In making this tutorial to teach you all how to put together tiaras I learned a few things in the process as well. #1. When making a tiara with a lot of dots such as this one, ALWAYS start off with using JUST lines for at least the first layer for structure, using just dots as I did will ensure that it will break when unmolding it as you can see in the picture. Next time I will just use the small dots on the last layer of RI or chocolate.#2. If your tiara has many open spaces as this one does, make sure that your Royal Icing... read more

How To Make a Purse Cake

Posted by briansbaker This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to make a cake shaped like a purse Items required: Fondant cutter & Embosser Fondant Rolling Pin Ruler Serrated Knife Viva Paper Towel Crusting Buttercream Bake a sheet cake 11x15 and cut into 1/3 Stack your pieces on top of one another.. Here I have the wooden dowels showing, so you will know where to place them at.. But you will push them down through the cake, so that they dont show. Side View of the Purse Cake Here I have crumb coated the cake in Crusting Buttercream, then... read more

How To Make a Topsy-Turvy Whimsical Cake

Posted by Jackie   This cake style is often referred to as "mad hatter cake", topsy-turvy cake, whimsical cake, titled cake, or slanted cakes. This technique is a fun optical illusion that makes your cake appear topsy-turvy. Cake By: tonedna I finally got an interesting project to demo and a working camera all at the same time. People ask me all the time how I do the topsy-turvy Mad Hatter ish cakes on my site and how on earth I get them to the customer site without a disaster. I know there are lots of folks out there doing lopsided cakes and using... read more

How To Make Your Own Lace Molds

Posted by MYOM-Dominic Many pastry chefs, sugar artists, cake decorators and master bakers have longed to accommodate a popular request made by the modern bride which is to have the lace from her dress reproduced in sugar on her wedding cake. Products used in this video can be purchased from Silicone Plastique - is an amazing mold putty that has the consistency of cookie dough and is very easy to mix and apply. Created by a chef in order to bring the art of mold making into both commercial and home kitchens, Silicone Plastique® has... read more

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