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made for an open house/luncheon
By sweetcheekz
Jun 21, 2010
Just a different view of the house.
By Fairytale
Nov 28, 2006
Final picture.  Wish me luck.  The judging is next week.
By Fairytale
Dec 3, 2006
By JAN13
Sep 5, 2007
By Fairytale
Oct 30, 2007
By VeraMadeira
Dec 3, 2010
Haunted house cake
By Tip-TopCakes
Jan 28, 2014
Cake covered in fondant. Shoe and hand made from RCT. Head is a grapefruit  covered in fondant. Tried to make the head with RCT but it was too heavy.  Some BC decoration.
By go_tamar
Aug 4, 2007
NFSC, runny royal
By twinsmake5
Nov 3, 2010
Side View of my Autumn Cake with fondant decorations.  If you went around the cake you would see a fence that went all the way around with tree, bird and house accents
By leightorres
Oct 30, 2006
Aug 7, 2007
Sugar Cookies with fondant. Thanks for looking. Merry Christmas!
By KaddyGal
Dec 22, 2010
Back side of House Cake.  Made this for my friend's Mom Bday/Housewarming.

Ghirardelli White Chocolate Cake w/ Bavarian Cream Filling for 2 layer 9x13 cake.  The House cake is a Devil's Food Chocolate.  Used Buttercream Icing.
By angegreene
Apr 27, 2006
*Baby's 1-year birthday. Buttercream icing. birdies and trees all done in gumpaste.
By cwlsims
Jan 9, 2014
Different view of the fairy house.  These are the different "rooms".  Made from mexican paste - all edible.  I bought a cutter set at the Sugar Craft Show held in Pretoria, South Africa last  year in October and just had to try it.  VERY PROUD of this one!
By Verina
Apr 13, 2008
Moving van NFSC with royal Antonias
moving van in Shanghai
By Ursula40
Jun 14, 2007
Gingerbread cookie with royal icing
By AnnieJr
Jan 8, 2011
By DeezTreatz
Apr 14, 2011
By VeraMadeira
Dec 3, 2010
Housewarming cake
By CB Treats
Dec 18, 2012
Up Movie Inspired house cake topper.
By mariajoselunas
Jun 1, 2013
By eat-sweetcakes
Feb 21, 2013
1 2
By PasticcinoMio
Apr 20, 2012
Snoopy and house
By lydia78
Mar 25, 2013
Gingerbread covered in fondant with RI decoration
By Corrie76
Dec 9, 2010
1 3
By PasticcinoMio
Apr 20, 2012


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