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Sculpted Fondant Santa
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By peasacake
Nov 15, 2006
3 10
By peasacake
Nov 15, 2006
This is the Wilton Gingerbread Kit. Its a display Gingerbread house I made for A.C. Moore.
2 17
By Daniellemhv
Nov 16, 2006
This is the house I am doing this year...I don't remember which website I saw it on, but I believe it is called "fairytale cottage." It was alot of fun to do.
1 9
By yankeegal
Nov 17, 2006
By millie
Nov 19, 2006
A friends new house, done as a combo thank You-Housewarming gift.
4 layer torted french vanilla cake-Bc and my very first FBCT-loved it
came out pretty good- a lot o details to pipe and then not be sure how it came out till i flipped it!!
7 11
By sweetviolent
Nov 20, 2006
This was my very first gingerbread house - 19 windows, cobble stone porch and walk way. And much more.
10 13
By splash2splat
Nov 20, 2006
I made this cake for a housewarming party that friends hosted for my husband and myself.  They didn't ask me to make a cake since they were doing this for us, but I couldn't let a cake baking opportunity just pass me by.  Now could I?!!!  I used the house pan, but I trimmed the house down to make it flatter.  It's a chocolate cake with bc.  Thanks for looking!
By casebit
Nov 21, 2006
17 34
By Lindakbh
Nov 21, 2006
This was made for my sister who moved into her new house just before her birthday.  This is my first cake.
3 8
By zoeped84
Nov 23, 2006
I just entered this gingerbread into our local Festival Of Trees Competition, the theme was Visions Of SugarPlums.  So far with the Silent auction it was going for $20.00.  I'll have to let you know the results!
2 4
By Rachel8648
Nov 25, 2006
This is my first gingerbread house.  It turned out better then I thought it would.  My husband helped me make the templates for this castle.  We used our disney castle for our model.
2 4
By Dragon8fly
Nov 25, 2006
Inspired by aine2 (a big thank you) first cake order is complete!! Chocolate cake with ganache almond filling covered with mmf.  Lady works for real estate..hence mmf figure holding house in one hand and money in other.
29 24
By dods
Nov 26, 2006
I made these for my son's teachers.  They are glazed NFSC with royal icing decorations.
1 1
By Momofjakeandjosh
Nov 26, 2006
The chimney is made using Sugar Babies.  Gingerbread houses are a great use of leftover Halloween candy!
1 4
By Momofjakeandjosh
Nov 26, 2006
This si a Christmas gingerbread house I made for a display where I teach classes.
By Eeyore16
Nov 27, 2006
Yes, this is my version of a gingerbread house.  Was inspired by the Dr. Suess camel character in the background.  It is gingerbread.  TFL.
50 502
By Fairytale
Nov 28, 2006
1st yr anni. living together same week as her bday- choco fence /porch/etc. Choco cake. BC icing. House is crude replica of their house. (writing on sign SUCKED, impossible to write w/ gel on choco apparently for me). Happy Bday in backyard- plus choco transfer 'fave things' (harley, dog, chef's hat, cooking utensils)- really proud of harley lol next time I wont  be so rushed and I'll do a tidier job-they were still WOW cause they thought I was just going to make 'a plain ole cake' lol
By oceanspitfire
Aug 28, 2006
Victorian Gingerbread house.  Just entered it in a competition.  Made with gingerbread, fondant, sanding sugar, edible glitter, royal, rice paper.  TFL
43 137
By Fairytale
Dec 3, 2006
This is my first attempt at a 3D cake.  Made with buttercream.
6 6
By bekana
Sep 1, 2006
my first gingerbread house
By scopey
Dec 3, 2006
Ginger bread competition in Spokane Washington.  3 hours decorating time.  The structure was 3.5 feet wide and 2.5 feet tall
2 3
By offthewallcakes
Dec 4, 2006
First gingerbread house & Cone Tree. This is one of 3 I made. The worst house, but the best picture - oh, well...
1 2
By 7yyrt
Dec 5, 2006
First gingerbread house! (The first of many more- got my whole household into the holiday spirit in no time!)
3 1
By marissa874
Dec 6, 2006
Layered buttercake with buttercream, covered in fondant and fondant bird.  Inspired by a cake by Scott Clark Woolley - his is absolutely gorgeous.
5 10
By ValH
Dec 8, 2006
this cake was baked and "painted" by my 9 year old
house warming gift for my sister
By TXspirit
Dec 9, 2006
Snow White cake for my daughter's 5th birthday.  12x18 with the house cake as the cottage.  All in BC with the exception of the figurines, which are plastic.  Thanks for looking.
1 20
By sdanczak
Dec 10, 2006
i made this for the wilton gingerbread house contest.
10 10
By pookster
Dec 10, 2006
This is a Gingerbread Chapel and Lighthouse that I made and just entered this morning in a local contest. Wish me luck! I have more photos available in my gallery.
5 3
By SweetInspirations
Dec 11, 2006
House pan on top of 9-inch round. Decorated to look like Santa's house.
1 1
By tragicdeathpickles
Dec 11, 2006
1/2 sheet...french vanilla cake with buttercream frosting, decorations are all FBCT, made for a teachers aide who was moving on... I enjoyed making this cake and it was a hit... Thanks for looking!
6 12
By southrnhearts
Dec 11, 2006
This was my first atempt at a topsy-turvy cake.  This was for a birthday party at a club in Vegas. The little figurines I made are of the birthday people.  The theme for the party was "Let's get physical, 80's work out gear"  that's why the figurines are in leotards.  The DJ's who's party it was are house music DJ's hence the theme of the cake.  The records and music notes are all made of chocolate.
2 4
By jaimee679
Dec 13, 2006
This was my first attemp at making a gingerbread house.
5 3
By chefleslies
Dec 18, 2006
These are some sample cookies I made for a Girl Scout cookie decorating party.  I wanted the girls to have some ideas for their cookies.  They are nfsc with royal.
1 8
By mitsel8
Dec 19, 2006
Have you ever wondered where Santa lives. Now you know! He's just touched down after a long night of work.

Everything is edible. Made out of icing or fondant (which is icing, as well). Sprinkles decorate the windows and the doors, twinkling Christmas lights. :)
Happy Holidays!
3 1
By ItstheJ
Dec 20, 2006
Another cake for the pre-school Christmas Fayre.  Thought I'd do one for the little 'uns!  Apologies for the dreadful picture ... and please pretend not to notice the mess on the windowsil behind!  Cake is traditional fruit cake covered with marzipan & fondant.  This was straight out of an old cake book borrowed from a neighbour - I think it was by a Polly Pinder(?) - it had lovely cakes for children!
5 4
By eilers
Dec 20, 2006
My 8 yr old daughter decorated these cookies at her Brownie meeting.  They are nfsc with royal icing.  She's waiting to give them to santa.
By mitsel8
Dec 20, 2006
White fondant christmas cake with candel. It is my first cake I show here. I am dutsh so excuus my spelling mistakes.
11 30
By freubelmuisje
Dec 21, 2006
I made 16 mini gingerbread houses for my son's pre-K to decorate in class - BIG thank you to TiffTurtle for her tips and recipes, I used antonia's icing like she said as well.  I am NOT a cookie person, but I loved working with the gingerbread!!!  I admit I cheated a bit and used chocolate graham crackers for the roofs. I had to go out of town the day before STARTED baking at 11:00pm and had to have them all assembled and in school by 9:00am, so I had to cut down the baking time.
By SweetResults
Dec 22, 2006
decorated by my neice and nephew
By mamatank
Dec 26, 2006


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