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This is a chocolate cake that has a "hill" (also chocolate cake) and a hot tub (made of vanilla cake).  The people/dog are made of fondant and the hot tub water is piping gel and the bubbles are meringue. I airbrushed the cake too.
17 9
By pastrypuffgirl
Apr 16, 2005
Buttercream transfer of the car.
1 1
By janethorp
Aug 28, 2005
This is a cake that I saw in a book and wanted to try. It was very fun to make.
1 13
By icingonthecupcake
Sep 3, 2005
I wish the picture had turned out better.  This cake was done for a ladies night event where we were all hot tubbing.  All the decorations are buttercream or gel.  The "water" was done with blue gel.  The ladies were done so their chests were floating on top and some of the ladies had towels wrapped around their head.  This was a big hit with the party.  we did discover that because we were figure piping buttercream up we had to anchor the heads with toothpicks.
By jennawing
Sep 5, 2005
Cookies for a BBQ company client.
23 149
By antonia74
Dec 2, 2006
6 5
By millie
Dec 17, 2005
Several views to show all sides. Cup, chocolate, whip cream swirl and snowflakes are in buttercream. Snowmen, cup rim, handle and marshmellows made of rolled buttercream. Pearl luster dust on snowmen and snowflakes. White sugar crystals on whip cream swirl.
19 257
By KimAZ
Dec 23, 2005
What better way to promote the selling of hot dogs. Make a hot dog cake.
4 2
By ceggie81454
Jan 19, 2006
By kittysparkle
Jan 23, 2006
Circle eight race track with pit area, tires, hill, logo, checkered flag sides and real Hot Wheels cars. Inspired by similar cake by Janzcakes.
9 45
By KimAZ
Feb 17, 2006
This was for a 10 yr. old b-day, her dad ordered it and said that she liked bright colors, he said that she liked hot pink, lime green, etc.....So this is what I came up with. Lime green, hot pink, orange, and yellow.  I love the bow on this cake, I would like to get this for my b-day. Butter cake on bottom, chocolate on top with buttercream and fondant accents.
2 2
By klsrtr
Mar 15, 2006
This is a Hot Wheels cake for a boy's 3rd birthday.
By librarian
Apr 1, 2006
This is my second attempt at fondant, first attempt with MMF. (No pictures of the first disaster!)

It's all MMF, with devil's food cake and cookies and cream filling underneath.

And comments/critiques/suggestions welcome! :)
9 25
By tatania199
Apr 12, 2006
I made  this for a friend's sister. Used this idea before, but I used more purple. Chocolate cake, 8" round on the bottom, and a butter 6" round.
1 6
By klsrtr
Apr 15, 2006
I made this for my son's 4th birthday, he's mad about cars!
2 1
By sarah_shel
May 1, 2006
Inspired by this website
By gaylarenee
May 1, 2006
This cake was made for my son's 5th birthday. I used the colors that were in the Hot Wheels plates and decorations. He thought it was pretty cool.
1 2
By ginghamgirl
May 5, 2006
These are white chocolate and double chocolate cupcakes covered  in buttercream icing. This was actually for a graduation party but I thought it might fit this category better!
6 19
By heychele
Jun 2, 2006
2 tier with bright buttercream icing. This was for a sleepover party.
2 2
By traci
Jun 10, 2006
Customer requested cake to match the invitations, which were bright pink and lime green polka dots.  Chocolate fudge cake w/chocolate cream filling iced in buttercream.  MMF accents painted with luster dust.
30 1,184
By newtocakes
Jun 16, 2006
This is the other mini cake I took to my meeting w/the wedding planner.  This cake was white w/strawberry filling, and a silk flower on top.  She really liked this one, it turns out strawberry is her favorite!
2 2
By momsandraven
Jun 21, 2006
My mother LOVES ice cream, so I thought this would be a fun cake for her.  Yellow butter cake with BC (crumb coat and whipped cream), fondant (Wilton and dark chocolate Satin Ice), melted Wilton dark chocolate (hot fudge), Butterscotch sauce mixed with melted white chocolate (butterscotch sauce), and candied cherries.  Oval pan for boat, mini balls for scoops.
5 8
By FunCakesVT
Jun 22, 2006
This cake was for my sons 4th birthday, he chose hot wheels as his theme.  The cake is 2 layers, 1 chocolate and 1 vanilla.  Side black and white flags is BC, Top, road is fondant, cars are chocolate and 2 candles, Hot Wheels Logo is color flow, gold cup is candle.  Grass is BC.
8 46
By jowhip
Jun 27, 2006
This seems to be my MOST popular cake. I have made this cake like 4 times in the last 2 weeks. This was seen on my website.
8 25
By traci
Jul 8, 2006
Chocolate cake, fudge frosting.  The kids help me decorate it for dad with wilton icing writers.  Hot dogs and cheeseburgers are from fondant.  Cheese is actually taffy that just happened to melt more after it sat overnight!
By mtdk454
Jul 17, 2006
This was the first cake I ever did.  It was my son's first birthday and it was a construction theme.  Everything is edible but the hot wheels!
2 3
By steffla
Jul 17, 2006
This cake is a 10" round and a 8" round cake. Fondant bow, with drop flowers. I really had fun doing this cake, but could not get it smooth to save my life. I think that the overall cakes looks good, but the lime green icing and the pink icing did not look as good as it could have.
1 5
By klsrtr
Jul 20, 2006
I made this for my step-son's 3rd birthday.  The "bun" is just un-iced pound cake.  The "dog" is 3 twinkies iced in BC and wrapped in MMF.  It was my first attempt at MMF.  I will be needing much more practice!  :)
6 18
By karrotcurl
Jul 23, 2006
haven't done any cakes in a long while. got the taste for something sweet and decided that just a plain cake wouldn't work.  besides, i need the practice.  thanks for looking
1 2
By KCsmom98
Jul 24, 2006
Dummy cake for my portfolio.  Fondant with satin ribbon border and bow.  Globe pillar set.
7 19
By newtocakes
Jul 27, 2006
Double layer 1/4 sheet cake. Buttercream hay bales at corners, grass and tires. I made the paper signs and added real Hot Wheels cars.
1 37
By KimAZ
Jul 28, 2006
This is a grill cake I made for a barbecue.  It's chocolate with chocolate filling with a chocolate fudge icing (a recipe I found on here).  The grill grate is made of color flow and "painted" black with the color spray.  The hot dogs are fondant.  The "coals" are licorice, and the flames are buttercream.
2 1
By Momofjakeandjosh
Aug 4, 2006
Butter Pecan Cake w/Bavarian cream filling, iced in buttercream.  Fondant accents.  Customer wanted a modern cake with no flowers.
17 99
By newtocakes
Aug 17, 2006
This hot dog was for a BBQ where they were serving hot dogs, corn dogs, adn pretzel dogs.  The "meat" is a chocolate-cinnamon jelly roll with peach filling (sounds strange, but was a really yummy combination) frosted in buttercream;  the "bun" is a cinnamon spice pound cake, sliced in half.  The mustard and ketchup are peach and raspberry preserves and the onion and relish are gum drops.
4 4
By bonniebakes
Aug 22, 2006
my friend and i did for another friends baby shower. she didn't want the normal cutsie stuff. she's a big time 80's punk fanatic so i tried to do it with that theme in mind. it turned out great.
4 7
By shauna711
Aug 23, 2006
Here is my Hot dog cake. All cake and buttercream except the fries and condiment packets. What do you guys think!!!! Am I good enough to promote myself yet????
By ASupergirl
Aug 23, 2006
made for a teacher appreciation day luncheon
5 8
By atkin600
Aug 24, 2006
First attempt at a theme type cake. My neighbor had a birthday and he is a wonderful grill chef.  The hamburger and hotdog are made with rolled buttercream icing.- my first attempt at that also.
5 3
By darandon
Aug 28, 2006
This is a white cake with bc icing.  Made from the hot air balloon pan.
1 1
By kharvey
Aug 29, 2006
For my newphew's 5th birthday.
5 23
By Newbie
Apr 13, 2005


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