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By angelcake4u
Sep 9, 2005
Double Horseshoe Race Track Cake.  Made with fondant track.
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By froggyjustjumpin
Oct 11, 2005
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By ivanabacowboy
Nov 13, 2005
First attempt at rosebuds as I needed a space filler. Icing could have been thicker consistency but not bad for first try.
By ivanabacowboy
Nov 15, 2005
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By heatherj
Nov 18, 2005
What a fun cake this was to make!  The famous "Shoe" was made out of two layers of cake from the Wilton horseshoe cake pan, in Red Velvet no doubt, and layered with cherry preserves.  Wilton red/clear sugar crystals represent the “fans” in the stands, and the windows that align the outside of the Shoe are made from black licorice.  The pennants were made by printing copies of the Big Ten's teams’ pennants, and then taped them onto toothpicks.  See my other picture to see inside the Shoe for Script Ohio.
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By KimberlyKakes
Dec 11, 2005
Buttercream icing with candy horseshoe and boot painted with lusterdust.
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By q2ggirl
Jan 13, 2006
Did this for a dear friends little girl and it was so fun adding the butterflies and caterpillars among all the flowers and grass.
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By jewels625
Jan 17, 2006
Chocoalate cake with chocolate frosting. horses and top border made with rolled buttercream. Grass and flowers are buttercream.
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By danette62602
Feb 24, 2006
Made this one for my son's 3rd birthday.  Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream.  Chocolate molds for the horseshoes, horse, boots and hat.  Chocolate shavings for dirt.
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By mrwarnke
Feb 25, 2006
Wilton horseshoe pan
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By MaraCarter
Mar 5, 2006
I made this for my stepson and nephew's birthday.  We had a horse party.  Lots of fun.
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By geehouse
Mar 20, 2006
Cake is iced in bc horse and horseshoe are gumpaste. The flowers and borders and spots are MMF. I used sugarshack's cake for ideas.
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By brendaanne
Apr 6, 2006
This is for an elementary school graduation.  The school colors are blue and white, and their mascot is the Stallion.  This is why the horseshoe pan was requested.  For me, decorating the inside of the horseshoe was a little difficult.  I used the rope border and buttercream icing.
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By mrsa143
May 19, 2006
This was for a very small and casual western wedding. The 6x10 are white with just BC for filling and Choc with Choc cream filling. The horseshoes are carrot and confetti--no fillings. I don't know if you can see it in the photo, but they are on brown vinyl covered boards and I got some rope to put around the main cake. It is covered with brown and burgandy horseshoes.
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By Kazoot
Jun 13, 2006
Horseshoe grooms cake, marble with buttercream roses on chocolate buttercream icing
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By sugarspice
Jun 18, 2006
This is a chocolate cake decorated in buttercream icing.  It was done for my husband's parents who both work in the horse industry.  They live out of town so we didn't see them on Mother's Day or Father's Day, so I thought I'd do a combined cake.
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By texagg00
Jun 24, 2006
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By Jenmyluv
Jul 3, 2006
Still trying to learn this cake decorating thing...have a LONG way to go but still having fun.  This cake turned out totally different than what I wanted it to, but hey...better luck next time.  I would LOVE any tips or advice...ESPECIALLY on how to get the ROSES RIGHT!! ARRRGGGHHHH!!! LOL!  Two layers, one van/one choc.  Thanks to all the inspiration from this web site!  I appreciate everyone's input!  Names on the board are all the  youth in the group.
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By RitzyFritz
Jul 13, 2006
I used to work for a company that sold these travel pillows. For the company picnic one year I attempted to make two of the travel pillows joined together. It was a big hit, but once the cake was on the cardboard there was no way I was going to be able to move it to get rid of those grease stains. 
One of the cakes is chocolate and the other is white, both have buttercream frosting and I used 4 horseshoe shaped cakes (two for each cake.)
By aquibell
Jul 31, 2006
Yellow cake with Buttercream Icing
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By Steady2Hands
Aug 3, 2006
Yellow cake with Buttercream Icing.
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By Steady2Hands
Aug 3, 2006
Dark Chocolate with all raspberry flavored BC icing.  Made to look like the plates used for the party.
By piklpop2
Aug 6, 2006
This was my first decorated cake ever!!!  I haven't had any classes or formal instruction so I was just kind of going on what I had seen on wiltons website.  It was a chocolate cake with a western / fall theme, decorated with fondant maple leaves.
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By Cookie_Brookie
Aug 9, 2006
Horseshoe and four-leaf clover cake using star tip with buttercream frosting.
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By KimberlyAB
Aug 11, 2006
Waterslide cake for 5 birthdays celebrated today.  Thanks to Jen1977 and Joyfull4444 for their inspiration and guidance and thanks to daltonam and spottydog for moral support.  White horseshoe cake with raspberry buttercream icing, waterslide tower is iced stack of cookies held together with RI.  Small tower with pool is lemon cake with raspberry buttercream.  Tried a new BC icing from daltonanm and love, love, love it!  Ask her for it!!!
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By Samsgranny
Aug 11, 2006
Birthday cake made for a co-worker who loves horses and volunteers at a theraputic riding stable.  Until I get a little better at writing messages, I just leave them off :)
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By pompette
Aug 17, 2006
I made this cake for my brother's 17th birthday.  I used the new stadium pan from Nordicware, and then carved the cake to make the famous "Horseshoe" shape.  I used the "Durable Cake for 3D and Wedding Cakes" recipe with chocolate cake mix.  I frosted it with store-bought Wilton Decorator icing that I tinted gray, dark gray, and red.  The scoreboard and field were made by my sister on the computer.  To give you some idea of the scale, the "crowd" was made using Wilton colored non-pareils.
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By Britton
Aug 20, 2006
Anne is my collegue's daughter and loves horses. She turned 9 and I had to make a horse cake for her. 
It is a spongecake with an italian creamcheesefilling(marscarpone) mixed with cherrys. it is the kind of cake the dutch people eat most at birthdays and it is covered with marzipan combined with rolled fondant.
the embossed flowers are dusted with pink pearl lusterdust.
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By ricake
Aug 21, 2006
Butter cake with both white choc. truffle and rasp. filling.  BC icing.  All other decorations are fondant.  Bandana is detailed with white royal icing and black food markers.  Belt buckle was made in a silicone mold I made.  There are round fondant decorations around the back of the belt as well.  Wish I would have placed the 2nd horseshoe where it would have photographed better.  Idea to do belt came from a wedding cake in ACD email (ICES show cake).  Name is spelled with "rope".
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By msauer
Aug 29, 2006
Bc frosting clouds & grass w/ fondant horseshoe, rope, & paisleys
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By lizzy5212010
Sep 11, 2006
Back to school cake made using horseshoe and stand-up house.
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By mqguffey
Sep 13, 2006
Bride had a western theme for wedding.  Colors were purple and black.  Bottom tier is 14" chocolate, 2nd teir is the horseshoe cake pan, double layer, then 8" & 6" layers.  All other layers were white.  All done in BC with purple RI drop flowers. Bride provided the daisies.
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By cakesbybert
Oct 5, 2006
This was my 1st time at making a wedding cake with a horseshoe shaped cake as the middle tier. Was not sure how it would hold up. The bride and Groom loved it.
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By c4mcakes
Oct 7, 2006
This cake is only made to practice smoothing and roses. It is my first cake covered entirely in buttercream with my very first buttercream roses. I used the same batch of buttercream for both roses and frosting, should I have thinned it for the frosting? Fondant will be my favourite medium for cakes.
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By frulund2600
Oct 8, 2006
all gumpaste decorations edible (gold luster dusted horseshoes, acorns, pumpkins, leaves, pine cones).  Bride and groom pumpkin are fondant covered rice krispy balls with ridges in them.
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By tanyacakes
Oct 11, 2006
This might seem strange...but this is my daughter's first birthday cake.  Football field with Colts horseshoe on top.  Her smash cake was half of the sports ball cake cut into the shape of a football.  We went with the Colts theme because we were at a Colts game when I went into labor with her.
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By alicia_froedge
Oct 23, 2006
This my SAD attempt at a hat cake. I learned from all my mistakes and if I ever have to do another, I know what to try next time.  At least the guy I made it for seemed to like it.
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By geehouse
Oct 23, 2006
9 inch square marble cake with vanilla BC icing. Many Thanks to cakesbyanh for the inspiration and help finding the horse- my daughter chose the colors for the flowers I am planning to reuse the cake topper next weekend when we have the family get together- this small cake is for her friends to enjoy
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By kidscakelady
Nov 9, 2006
I made this cake for a Parish Manager who was retiring after 37 years of employment.  He raises show horses so I made a horseshoe cake with a 1st place blue ribbon on it for him.  The cake was half chocolate, half creamy vanilla; icing in buttercream flavored with butavan.  Letters and blue ribbon were made from MMF.
By ntertayneme
Jul 1, 2005


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