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This was my first time using my projection machine.  I projected a picture of a horse head onto my cake and filled it in.  I topped the cake off with violet flowers made from royal icing.  This was a little girl's birthday cake that loved horses.
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By ntertayneme
Apr 13, 2005
This is the first birthday cake I ever made.  It was for my daughter's 1st birthday.   The cake was made during a heat wave and I thought the icing would melt faster than I could put it on.
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By heartsfire
Apr 24, 2005
I did this cake for another friend's baby shower. I used the Wilton's rocking horse cake pan. I was very pleased with the result and every one loved it. It was iced with butter cream icing.
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By CherryBear
Apr 14, 2005
These are for a baby shower tomorrow. The theme is horses and riding...because the mother-to-be is an equestrian. The cake is being done by my co-worker. It is a big carousel with more of these horses encircling it!
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By antonia74
Dec 2, 2006
Carousel cake I made. Flowers are fondant and butterflies are color flow.  No top on cake as recipient had her own topper to be placed upon delivery.
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Jul 1, 2005
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By msbask
Jul 5, 2005
I saw this idea in the wilton year book. when I got to the store, they had no more seperators, so I had to make my own. the cake almost toppled over, but it managed to last long enough to get cut and eaten
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By Tazalexis
Jul 5, 2005
Half sheet cake was baked 1/3 chocolate, 2/3 white, torted.  Covered in buttercream.  Track fences are color flow icing, track is chocolate icing, flowers are royal (by request).  Center logo was a buttercream transfer, and bottom border was grass tip.
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By CakesByEllen
May 13, 2005
My horse lover daughter's 10th birthday. Yellow cake, chocolate buttercream, MMF flowers, and some clay candy decorations.
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By wandy27
Jul 18, 2005
This is the 2nd time I have made this horse cake.  It did not come out as well as the first, but I was rushed doing it too.  Can't figure out how to get the mane to not fall off.  So frustrating...guess it is too much icing for the head area.  I was afraid this one wasn't going to make it to the customer w/out the head falling off.  It made it okay, but later found out the mane started sliding again!  The child loved it, and I guess that is all that matters, but this cake is a stresser in sense of delivery.
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By charman
Jul 20, 2005
This cake was made for my nephew 6th birthday it had a horse on top that galloped around the top of the cake.
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By Molly2
Jul 26, 2005
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By danygirl
Aug 9, 2005
This is a chocolate cake made for my neice who loves horses and wanted a cake with a barn, fence and animals. This is my second time to do a frozen buttercream transfer, so I'm happy with how it turned out.
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By Kimlk
Sep 2, 2005
By dkay
Sep 10, 2005
Stand-Up Lamb on top of a 9X13 base, all chocolate cake, iced in buttercream with Jolly Rancher ladybugs and buttercream/fondant bees.  Made for a little guy's 3rd birthday and he is horse CRAZY!  He loved it and wanted it beside him all the way home!  Thanks to everyone's help on how to make this one 'boyish', it was a hit!
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By tripletmom
Sep 17, 2005
My first attempt at a swag done on the side of the cake.  This was done freehand with a variation of tips and buttercream frosting.
By LittlePixie
Sep 28, 2005
THANK YOU Sgirvan for the recipe.  I had almost given up on cookies after a disasterous first attempt, however I saw your recipe posted on another thread and decided to give it one more go round. The second time was much more successful.  Decorated with royal icing, for a cowboy themed baby shower.
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Jul 11, 2005
Animals done in color flow for ICES 2005.
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By TexasSugar
Oct 11, 2005
I made this cake for my cousin's daughter. She was having a pony themed party. Made the ponies out of sugarpaste, let them dry and then flooded them in with royal icing. The cake is covered in buttercream, with sugarpaste stars. The cake is a buttercake, with a coconut syrup and caramel and cream filling. A family favourite. Both cakes baked in 14inch pans (3inch high) top carved to achieve shape. Lots of scraps left for tasting : )
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By boonenati
Oct 14, 2005
I did this cake after looking at a few horse cakes on CC. Thanks cake friends! I had a better outlook when I started, the temperature in the room kept fluctuating (didn't do it at home) so I was having issues with building things up. It was for a 5 year old and she loved it....I guess thats all that matters! :)
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By thecakegirl
Oct 14, 2005
horse cake piped w/BC ...used a CK pan-pantastic..was skeptical, but ti turned out fine :)
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By jennycakes
Oct 27, 2005
This was the cake for my son's 5h birthday.  He specifically asked for a cowboy cake with cactus on it so this is what I came up with.  He really liked it!
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By montanakate
Nov 1, 2005
made this for my 10 year wedding anniversary.  wanted to make a cake, but mostly wanted to play around with the different decor tecniques.  thanks for looking.
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By KCsmom98
Nov 2, 2005
This cake is for a little girl that is having her party at a riding stable.  11 X 15 sheet cake on bottom with a horse cake on top frosted in BC.  Red fondant cowboy hat--per birthday girl.  Sides are decorated with a fence pattern and bordered with "grass"
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By Mac
Nov 4, 2005
This is the cake that I had asked for so many suggestions on. Thanks for all of your ideas, The lady ended up bringing me the pieces used on the cake and a blue ribbon that she wanted duplicated to go on it somehow. Since it was the girls 18th b-day then I put the 18 in place of the 1. Hope it doesn't make it look like she came in 18th place. I decided to use the plastic fence that she brought, the pitchfork,and the feeding pail, oh, can't forget the poop pile.Haybales are shredded wheat, horses are cookies
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By mistygaildunn
Nov 4, 2005
All buttercream horse for my niece's pony party.  My mom braided licorice for the reigns.  Had fun doing this one with my mom in town!
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By sampy
Nov 7, 2005
This is the 3rd cake that I had due this weekend and I put a few of the horses that I made from cookies for the cookie order on the cake to decorate with, the customer brought a few pieces of stuff from home that I could use if I wanted to, so I decided to use it, and this is what I came up with. First time doing anything like this. This is a lot of fun.
By mistygaildunn
Nov 8, 2005
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By kmoores
Nov 10, 2005
This is a cake that I made for a horse party. I copied the horse from a party plate. I matched the colors up because it was supposed to be denim.
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By celebrations
Nov 12, 2005
My first BC transfer.  I had to perform surgery on it too!  I have such a week grip so I used a 4 tip to outline and the black outline bled, so I made another leg and amputate the original and attach the new one.  This time I used a 2 tip and it worked much better but required more squeezing.  The birthday girl didn't even notice and it didn't bother her mom, They were just glad that I did the cake and were very happy with it.  But me, I need to practice this technique more.
By mommykicksbutt
Nov 16, 2005
Here's the Horse cake I made for my daughter's birthday.  Double layered reverse marble covered with fondant. Ears and eye were gumpast.
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Nov 21, 2005
Here's my first attempt at a horse cake.  I made them for twins' birthday.  Think I need some practice.....
By bookbabe
Dec 9, 2005
I made this cake for a friend of mine who is turing 40.  For the record, no I don't think this age is over the hill but had to pick on her cause I am not there yet, LOL.  She loves horses so I the first thing that came to mine was to make a tired Old Mare so we can put her out to pasture.  The horse is a BCT and the cake is chocolate fudge with mini morsels.  The icing is chocolate buttercream.
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By smileyface
Dec 15, 2005
this is about the best cake ive done!! and to be honest it was easier than the other ones! i cut the cake into a cube n just covered it with fondant icing....even the 2 smaller parcels are bits of cake too! the horse is made out of chocolate flavoured fondant. it was a birthday cake for a girl who loves horse riding and has always wanted her own i thought id give her one :)
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By button-moon
Dec 20, 2005
This cake was decorated to look like the birthday girl's horse.
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By amandasweetcakes
Sep 28, 2005
this is a double layer (11x15 halved) filled with ganache and using the "whipped cream buttercream" and airbrushed.
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By chaptlps
Jan 7, 2006
Didn't turn out as I had hoped, but my 3 year old went nuts over it for her pony/carousel themed birthday party.  I wanted to do a fondant "big top' on the top of the cake for the carousel look, but Taylor insisted on cupcakes....she's the boss!  worked out that each child had a cupcake & the parents devoured the cake.  Bottom cake is a dummy.
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By jennycakes
Jan 13, 2006
Made this one using the 3D lamb pan and buttercrea icing
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By pinkflamingo
Jan 15, 2006
Running horse drawing on 11x15" sheet cake.  (Drawing assisted by Crayola Trace n' draw Projector)
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By gmcakes
Jul 12, 2007
My first attempt at sculpting ~ horses of all things!  My 4yo birthday boy wanted a horse on his cake and his party theme was horse/cowboy western, so a barn full of horses seemed appropriate!  Horses are made of fondant.
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By wyatt
Jan 27, 2006


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