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I made this cake to take to a family Christmas party. It is a spice cake with buttercream icing.
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By hobbycakes
Apr 13, 2005
A cake done for my son's class.  The teacher requested that it not have Santa or anything religious in it but I still wanted it to be fun for the kids.  It was a big hit.  Covered in decorator frosting with white glitter (edible of course) and fondant figures
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By mommykicksbutt
Apr 13, 2005
Buttercream Frosting. Done in Wilton Course I class.
By AngelWendy
Apr 13, 2005
This was made for our annual Christmas party. It was a big hit with the kids.
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By cocakedecorator
Apr 13, 2005
My daughter has a December birthday and loves monkeys, so I made this monkey very festive!
4 6
By Michele25
May 21, 2005
That cake is made with the 3D bear Wilton Pan. Covered with storebought frosting with the startip (wow, never thought it will take THAT long *smile*). The bear is surroundet with christmas cookies
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By Esther
Jun 6, 2005
4 8
By TheCakeShak
Jun 30, 2005
Fondant Uncle Same exploding from fondant covered chocolate fudge cake with strawberry filling. Cupcakes decorated with red, white and blue stars.
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By msbask
Jul 1, 2005
This was my first practice clown cake and also meant for my son's classmates on his last day of school in kindergarten before semester break.
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By nanzz
Sep 12, 2005
Elf made with Candy Cane Pan ... Simple decorations, white cake, raspberry filling, for family party .. 

The only trouble w/ cakes like this -- no one in my family wants to cut them!  :)
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By finally928
Sep 12, 2005
Valentine Heart
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By rydersmom
Sep 14, 2005
White cake made with Diet Coke (to lower calories) and decorated in a multi holiday theme (poinsettias for Christmas, blue snowflakes to represent Hannukah).  This cake was made for a gathering of gals on Weight Watchers -- seriously!  I taught myself how to make the poinsettias as i haven't yet taken Course 3!!
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By finally928
Oct 14, 2005
Witch (made using Wilton's wonder mold) stooped over a swirling cauldron.  Cauldron made from two bowl shaped cakes.  Brew is made of a base of marblized green and white royal icing topped with clear piping gel.  Candy bones are submerged and floated on top of brew.  Sugar cone witches hat airbrushed black and trimed in royal icing. Flames made with a striped piping bag technique then dusted with orange and red luster dusts.  Witch is flanked by marshmallow pumkins and ghosts.
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By mommykicksbutt
Oct 24, 2005
I recently took a class with Nicholas Lodge.  It was a two day course and this is the final result.  Everything is gumpaste except the wires holding it together and the bow!
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By pastrypuffgirl
Nov 6, 2005
I made this for a consultation today.  The bride loves gold and i did not find this out until just yesterday and i didnt have any gold luster so i cheated a little on the border and the gold "balls".  The leaves are chocolate with green luster, white chocolate swirls on MMF on chocolate cake with cream cheese filling.  I hope to get a booking off this one.
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By tye
Nov 30, 2005
This was made for my nephew class in thanksgiving. The turkey is completely brown, i don't know why the picture showed it with yellow spots or lines :{
By ruty
Dec 5, 2005
My teacher let me do what ever I wanted as long as it was a stacked cake... Long story short... I'm really proud of this cake... I found out somethings even on the last day that was useful... it is choc/choc bav crem/bc frosting... and a butter pecan/choc bav crem/ bc frosting...
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By kristingeorge
Dec 6, 2005
I've caught a baking bug and couldn't wait to make my gingerbread house.  It's smaller than the last one I made with less candies but I will make up for it next year. I hope you enjoy looking at it. The windows are like stained glass but do not show up very well in the picture. I melted cinnamon and butterscotch hard candy along with green suckers to create the stained glass effect.
By Lazy_Susan
Dec 10, 2005
4 inch rounds made for my office bake sale. Snowman out of RI and the holly leaves out of gumpaste.
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By elliott1
Dec 14, 2005
Real Barbie using wonder mold plus 8" round, skirt is white buttercream and red is fondant.
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By Kitagrl
Dec 16, 2005
This was made for a child's birthday party themed after Christmas.  Everything is edible except for the characters.  The client bought them and wanted them incorporated into a cake.  Unfortunately you can't see all sides of the cake.  I also made a fondant sack filled with Christmas ball candies.
13 182
By katie
Dec 17, 2005
"Kids" cake for family holiday party ... 'funfetti' cake mix with vanilla pudding added and buttercream filling.  MMF cover w/ fondant and buttercream accents
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By finally928
Dec 22, 2005
Inspired by a foam door hanger decoration.... 

Happy Holidays
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By tye
Dec 22, 2005
I was a bit disappointed that the photo exposed the bleed of the black in the FBCT... it didnt look that bad in person... twigs, holly leaves and berries all done in fondant.
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By tye
Dec 22, 2005
Don't look too close...I had some issues with my fondant stying together.  I had to bring a cake to a family gathering and thought I would practice a little with fondant.  It was a little too soft, hence the lack of smoothness.
8 30
By Schmoop
Dec 23, 2005
White cake with strawberry filling, fondant Igloo and slide.  Tree is royal icing.  This was a last minute paid cake.  I have to admit this cake was really fun to make.  I am starting to love working with fondant.  Thanks for looking everyone.
4 17
By vie
Dec 24, 2005
8 5
By nanzz
Dec 26, 2005
My first 3-D cake.  Dress and apron are fondant.  Hair, dress trim & apron trim are icing piped.

Thank you,

Sheri Kowalske
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By sherik
Dec 27, 2005
This is a photo of a few cupcakes that I made for a holiday potluck.  I am new to cake and cookie decorating but enjoy looking and getting inspiration from all of your photos.  I used royal icing to make the snowflakes and let them dry for a few days before placing on the cookies-many broke.  I made the snowmen with pretzel sticks to hold them up and other candy.  Thanks for looking!
3 1
By Havingfunbaking
Dec 31, 2005
I am new to decorating but made these from many of your inspirational cookies using the no fail sugar cookie recipe and the antonia royal icing.  Both recipes worked great and I had alot of fun!  These were given to a few friends as holiday gifts.  Thanks for looking!
3 4
By Havingfunbaking
Dec 31, 2005
I was using a disposable camera-no film in our regular camera for these photos-but these are a few more of the holiday cookies I made for the first time this December to give out as a few gifts.  Recipe is the no fail sugar cookie and the antonias royal icing recipe.
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By Havingfunbaking
Dec 31, 2005
Smaller Santa is made from 20 chocolate & vanilla cupcakes, larger is made from 32 cupcakes.  Iced in buttercream.  I found this design a while ago and I did not note who did it so thank you to whomever inspired these!
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By tripletmom
Jan 2, 2006
20 chocolate cupcakes arranged in the forever favourite Xmas tree pattern.  Iced in buttercream with silver dragees, green sanding sugar for sparkle and gummies as decorations.
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By tripletmom
Jan 2, 2006
I made this Snowman for my mom's office Christmas party
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By Kristen
Jan 4, 2006
I made this for a guy at my mom's office for his bithday.  It is in December, hence the snowmen
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By Kristen
Jan 4, 2006
I did this cake a few months ago at Michael's for a class demonstration. The leaves are gumpaste, the flowers are royal icing and the cake is decorated with buttercream. I had several people sign up for classes as this cake was completed.
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By scWMI
Jan 8, 2006
A round cake design with icing as a xmas wreath
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By mamasota
Jan 9, 2006
No fail sugar cookies with royal icing.
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By culinarilyobsessed
Jan 13, 2006
My father is in the Dry Cleaning business.  This year for Christmas I made him clothes cookies in sugar, chocolate, and gingerbread.  They decorated the tree in the store with these cookies ornaments (edible) on wire hangers.  Then I made him another 150 additional decorated clothes cookies to give away to the customers' children.  Some were red/green and Christmassy and some were non-Christmas colors for the families who didn't celebrate Christmas.
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By bonniebakes
Jan 17, 2006
I made this cake for the Knights of Columbus Christmas Party.  I am very proud of this one as I have not taken any classes yet and this is all self-taught............
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By LeanLioness
Apr 13, 2005


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