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By isopas
Jul 3, 2007
Repost of pic.  Tried to revise, but had to end up reposting
By Barbend
Jul 6, 2007
I was asked to do a graduation cake with certain colors and this is what I came up with.  White cake with vanilla pudding and strawberries and vanilla BC.  This cake went in the car for abotu 2 hrs and came out looking great.  We used dry ice around the cake and we were totally amazed on the look after being out of the fridge for two hours!
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Jul 9, 2007
All chocolate cake!  Just for Kayla!!
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Jul 9, 2007
I was asked to do a gradution cake a for someone taking upt film school!  Chocolate cake hazelnut mousse and chocolate icing.  White chocolate accents.
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Jul 9, 2007
This is a half sheet cake I made last weekend for a graduation.  I also made 2 dozen coordinating cupcakes.  I have never had more problems with a cake before and it should have been simple.  My original design didn't work out, it was uneven, BC crusting too soon/not crusting enough issues...the list goes on.  But I think it turned out OK in the end - the person I made it for was happy so that is what counts.
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By awolf24
Jul 14, 2007
My first cake!(Other than a box mix for family)My daughter's best friend wanted a Disney HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL themed cake.I attempted their font substituted w/her name & colors.I used an enhanced cake mix recipe(DH French Vanilla) w/Chocolate BC icing.Don't laugh at my craft foam musical notes & stars on wire,I wasn't brave enought to attempt the real thing!Thanks for the recipes!
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By Miked
Jul 15, 2007
The customer asked for HSM, and this is what I came up with. I thought that this theme was kind of challenging. 8" and 10" cakes, with buttercream and fondant accents. No fail sugar cookies with MMf.
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By kstgelais4
Jul 19, 2007
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By djjarrett88
Jul 21, 2007
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By tawnyachilders
Jul 21, 2007
8" round on top of 11x15"sheet cake.  I copied the picture from a yearbook and striped a decortator bag with red and black to get the red, white, and black borders
By julitre1
Jul 23, 2007
This was a butter cake using the doll pan for the cap. covered in butter cream and fondant.
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By lcabralacores
Jul 24, 2007
Made this for a little girl I know that is in LOVE with Zac Efron.  the cake is frosted in buttercreme with edible images of the main characters around the sides.  the name and the 8 are candy melts with dragees stuck on to resemble the lettering of the movie title.  the jersey and basketball are fondant and the sheet music is rice paper.  Thanks for looking.
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By auntiemcakes
Jul 26, 2007
Inspired by a cake and shoe here on CC, this cake was done for a lady who always wears high heels. The cake is buttercream and the shoe is gumpaste
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By pinkflamingo
Jul 26, 2007
White cake, BC,fondant banner with bc writing, fondant stars with gold shimmer dust and painted maroon with a mixture of coloring and vanilla.  And non-edible ribbon, streamers and bulldog.
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By CelebrationCakery
Jul 28, 2007
Chocolate Sheet Cake with edible image of High School  Musical
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By jackie64
Jul 30, 2007
Inspired by the HSM sign. The kids LOVED them!
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By KCcakenewbie
Jul 30, 2007
A friend saw the first cookie bouquet I did and wanted one for her best friend.  I was inspired by several CCers and had my DH make the cookie cutters.  I used bamboo skewers and several cookies didn't want to stay on them, but I felt the cookie sticks were too wide.  Thanks for looking!
By jenwright
Aug 3, 2007
I was sure bummed when I found the camera strap had gotten in the way.  I contacted the customer to see if she had taken a picture of the cake.  I'm sure she forgot to send it to me; but when she does I'll post a better pic.
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By LittleLinda
Aug 3, 2007
Wish I could remember the names of these characters; but I have never seen the movie! edited to say: OH yes, they are Troy and Gabriella!
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By LittleLinda
Aug 3, 2007
Here is a High School Musical birthday cake I did for a little girl who is turning 5. It is a yellow cake with ganache filling, and bc frosting. All datails are made from fondant. The little light blubs on the letters and marquee are  and the detal on the take board are RI. The stars are sugar cookes iced with flow and gold dragees on each point. Thanks for looking:-)
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By spongemomsweatpants
Aug 4, 2007
There's no category for reunions, so I figured graduation cakes was closest.
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By Laura102777
Aug 5, 2007
Graduation cake - it's in the fridge in this picture.... the cap was made w/ chocolate in a square pan and kept sliding all over the place while we were driving! The tassels are fondant. The letters are chocolate and one of them broke on the way, so I had to lay them down on the cake. Delivery was not fun, but I think they were pleased with how the cake came out.
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By imartsy
Aug 16, 2007
NFSC almond cookies w/lemon MMF & royal icing

Made for my twins High School Musical Birthday party.
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By MahalKita
Aug 17, 2007
This was a cake I had to whip up in about 2 hours.  My daughter went to an "opening night" party to celebrate the movie and asked me to make a quick cake!  Luckliy-I had one in the freezer!  Chocolate mocha cake with chocolate ganache filling and almond buttercream icing.  Almost all decorations were done in fondant.  The HSMusical emblem was a computer print out I put on fondant and told them to remove before eating!!!!
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By buckygirl
Aug 17, 2007
Made for a little girls birthday party. It was design after the HSM2 logo with the water behind it. This was a really hard theme. It's a cupcake cake.
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By jenntatum
Aug 17, 2007
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By jamiet
Aug 18, 2007
3 layer cake with BC and fondant/gumpaste decorations.  This is my take on Aunitemcakes HSM cake.  Auntiemcakes, your the best!  Thanks for all your help and inspiration for this cake!  Hope the birthday girl likes it!
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By frostedbliss
Aug 18, 2007
Strawberry cake with cream cheese icing, covered in MMF.  Gum paste shoe (my first one), MMF pearls and gloves.  I had a bit of a disaster with the shoe.  I was trying to close the lid on the box and pushed too hard and snapped the shoe in half!  I tried to stick it back together with fondant, but I'm not sure if it held up :(
By startropics
Aug 19, 2007
I made this cake for a little girls 8th birthday that was the same night as the High School Musical 2 premiere on the Disney Channel.  Cake was 6" round and 9" petal cakes filled with cookies and cream filling, and covered in BC.
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By sbcakes
Aug 19, 2007
By SoldierJunkie
Aug 20, 2007
Made for my daughter's 6th birthday, which was celebrated on the night High School Musical 2 premiered.  Popcorn is Marshmallow's with yellow tinted piping gel.
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By Georgiared
Aug 21, 2007
all mmf.  silhouette cut out of mmf using picture outline off the internet
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By srmaxwell
Aug 27, 2007
The shoes went with the purses...NF with RBC and royal. TFL!
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By yankeegal
Aug 30, 2007
A High School Musical theme for a birthday party on the night of the new HSM2.  The b'day girl requested the cake in her favorite color of pink!  This was a fun cake to make.  The sides of the sheet cake have various designs that pertain to the show.  Half choc/half white - all buttercream! Thanks for looking and I love to hear your comments and suggestions.
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By Suzycakes
Aug 30, 2007
High School Musical Cake with MMF, gum paste bow and flowersDoll sings and says phrases from the move.  Edible image on sides.
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By janey105
Sep 1, 2007
covered in bc with mmf letters and stars
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By Joely
Sep 1, 2007
A last minute order...she asked for music notes for a High School Musical cake...I did my best to capture the spirit. Vanilla and chocolate cake with buttercream.
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By shelbur10
Sep 2, 2007
2 layer-8 inch cakes.  The women in her office call her a Diva, so this is what I came up with.  It was the first time for making a high heel shoe...not to sure about it.  I felt like it could have broken at any moment.  But trial and error, that is the only way I will learn.  Thanks for looking.
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By ByTheSlice
Sep 5, 2007
all buttercream with fondant accents and homemade topper bordered with gold dragees.
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By shantel575
Sep 6, 2007


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