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another view of this shoe
By icer101
Feb 23, 2011
By Sweetdesires2
Nov 6, 2012
thank you to socake for sharing her beautiful shoe and inspiring me to try one. this is  for  a shoe box cake i will be doing next week.  the lady is turning 60 and loves to buy shoes..thanks for looking
By sweet_as_tisse
Jan 2, 2008
decided to add a ankle strap to this shoe,  boy, what a pain it
By sweet_as_tisse
Feb 5, 2007
gumpaste with edible frosting sheets to make the zebra patteren.  I then went over the design with edible markers to give it more color.  I used jems high heel shoe cutter set.
By disp4so
Aug 29, 2009
This is my first attempt at a high heel. It's made with homemade MMF and is about the length of a penny! I'm very pleased with the way it turned out. The miniature rose was the most difficult to maneuver.
By DakotaDesigns
Sep 4, 2009
First gumpaste shoe, not finished yet - still have to paint it!
By Loucinda
Apr 29, 2009
first attempt at gumpaste shoe. all gumpaste except small name label
By tempramental
Nov 18, 2008
Hi sugar friends!
This is the budget to high dollar John Henry series you requested.  There are a total of 4 pics, but the one I posted already, so won't be able to duplicate.  This is pic # 1.  Each pic they add more to it.  Thanks for peeking!  
Jennifer Dontz - Traveling Sugar Art Teacher
By JenniferMI
Jan 10, 2008
I think the baby converse high top sneakers are so cute, I had to try making my own. Thank you very much stellastarchild for posting the template... Shoes are gum paste.
By sue_dye
Feb 23, 2009
A shoe I made to match a round purse. I used the template I just posted this week. A different style than the Chanel shoe I made with the addition of simple details. The shoe is made out of fondant.
1 65
By patisseriejaja
Jan 19, 2012
I love the little high top shoes ! Both shoe and duck pull toy are made with gum paste.
By sue_dye
Feb 25, 2009
My first shoe made from Fondont. I am making it for a jewelry party for the top of a cake.Its not quite finished, Its setting up. At this point its edible, except for rod in heel and
the jewelry I used to dress it up alittle 
By Mimi2011
Mar 31, 2011
Just some shoes I am working on for an upcoming cake...made from either mmf or mmf with some tylose mixed in. The black one on the left is the top part of an inline skate and the design has gotten a bit messed up from overhandling. TFL!
By steffla
Sep 7, 2010
These were actually the first pair I made with my new cutter set.  I love it!  I am going to use these to make a B/day cake for my daughter this week-end.   I got the cutter set from  slice-heaven. com, but Global Sugar Art sells them also.  It is the Gem high heel shoe cutter set. ( around $23.)
By subaru
Jul 30, 2009
Here is a close up of the shoe I made for last week's cake. 
All gumpaste. TFL!
By heavenlycakes
Mar 2, 2008
A client requested a designer-like stiletto shoe for a birthday cake.  I had never done a stiletto before, and had no pattern to use on this design.  It's truly a Taria original!  I hope the client likes it.
By taria
Feb 9, 2010
High heel shoe for the top of a fashionista's birthday cake.
By LoisElaine
Dec 2, 2011
This is the side view of my HS Musical Cake.
By avenje
Oct 18, 2007
Monster high
By pattygirl254
Jan 25, 2014
High heel shoe cake top.....just waiting  to harden
By Barbdellinger
Jul 30, 2011
high heel made from gumpaste
By Tebs
Jun 3, 2011
Monster High fondant cake
By Lari85
Sep 22, 2012
Cookies made for a pole dancing studio
By TPACakeGirl
Jun 9, 2010
Monster high cake
By Crumbs2011
Jul 9, 2013
By pattygirl254
May 12, 2014


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