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By bonniebakes
Nov 11, 2005
Team logo for the Raiders. All piped in buttercream.
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By KimAZ
Nov 12, 2005
I got this idea from a few of the cakes in the sports gallery.  It was for a friends 63rd birthday.  I used the sportsball pan and carved it.  The guard is MMF I made ahead of time and let dry on the sports ball pan.
12 18
Nov 18, 2005
Made with the wondermold pan. Fondant with ice cream cones for horns. I tried making the horns from Rice Krispie treats, but I couldn't get them to look right, so I went this route.
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By jgclucas
Dec 2, 2005
strawberry chocolate cake and buttercream frosting.  The logos were made from fondant and painted by hand. The red helmet is all fondant.
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By ruty
Dec 5, 2005
56 258
By KittisKakes
Jan 5, 2006
I made this cake for my sister-in-laws 40th birthday...she loves the Dolphins!  This is one of my first cakes.  I love all of your cakes, I hope to be as good as all of you someday!
By suehergert
Jan 16, 2006
3 1
By KrisD13
Jan 30, 2006
Fire helmet cake for my brother-in-law who's FDNY.  I used the tutorial on this site.
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By beachcakes
Jan 30, 2006
Here is a Steelers helmet I did for the Superbowl...they are all in a  frenzy out here is W. MD.  Cookie is with Royal flood and piping.  I used a tracing technique I learned form a book...GREAT help....Thanks for looking!
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By acookieobsession
Feb 2, 2006
this is a cake i did for a lady my mom works with.  the whole family is steeler fans and this is what she wanted.  its a white cake in a 14x10 pan with rounded sides.  BC icing all the way.  first time i have done one like this and thought it turned out well.  the middle of the icing broke up on me when i picked it up.  the board bent a little on me.  i hate when that happens.  all in all i am pleased with the outcome.
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By cdstem
Mar 5, 2006
Hand-carved cake (I didn't have a bowl the right shape - ugh!) covered in chocolate fondant which I colored black. Made for my twin nephews' third birthday, along with the fire truck cake.

Thank you Debbie aka thecakemaker for the inspiration! I wish mine had turned out as well as yours!
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By edencakes
Mar 9, 2006
Chocolate cake with ganache filling and covered in MMF. Hand painted.
I made this for my brother's friend who loves motorcycles. His helmet has a "6" on it also. 

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By parismom
Mar 16, 2006
I did it! And boy am I pooped! What a job but I think the results are pretty good. All buttercream except for fondant mask. The trojan is all freehand (yikes!) so that was pretty scary. does it need anything extra? Seems kinda plain...
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By DiscoLady
Mar 25, 2006
A giant thanks to thecakemaker's posting on how to make this cake.  Mine doesn't quite to her picture justice, but another new cake to say I've done.
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By Rexy
Apr 14, 2006
The red bled thru the yellow, but I went over it again before I delivered it.
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By DiscoLady
Apr 22, 2006
Here is a helmet I just did. Everything was going great till I put the face mask on it. It broke so I had to do some serious repairs with candy melts. it was my fault. I put off making it till two day ago and then painted it before putting in on.. DUH.. Gumpaste gets weak when  

The helmet is carved from two 8" a 6" and half a ball pan. The color is airbrushed. And something i learned. Be careful when quirting color into your airbrush cup. If you squeeze to hard it will splatter. Up your nose, in your hair and all over your face. Nothing like being nice and colorful for a night out on the town. My dh thought it was really funny...
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By cakeconfections
Apr 23, 2006
Here is a sampling of cookies I made to thank our local fire department for coming to our son's third birthday party.  They loved them!  No Fail sugar cookies and Antonio74's Royal Icing.
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By Blessed_Patty
May 1, 2006
Fire Helmet cake - followed directions on this site and it worked perfectly!! This was my first MMF project and I was very impressed with how easy it was to work with.  I may never buy packaged fondant again.  I thought it looked rather blah, but it was an exact replica of the Chief's helmet.  (I guess I like the "lower-rank" firemen's better, with the red, black, and yellow, more vibrant colors.)
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By lalerlang
May 2, 2006
Cake was to celebrate 3 family birthdays in the same month.  Each birthday boy got his favorite theme.  Buttercream with fondant covered car, helmet, and rubiks cube.
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May 5, 2006
This was my Superbowl Cake - and it was my husband's birthday cake - and he's a Steelers freek!  Learned a lot about doing a round 3-d cake in fondant, but getting better every day.
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May 6, 2006
I made 25 of these individual fire helmets to go with the last fire truck cake I did. Baked in the mini ball pan, covered with poured fondant. Base and plaque are fondant, made ahead and let dry.
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By edencakes
May 10, 2006
Another football helmet! The face mask is gumpaste. The bottom half of the helmet is an 8" cake and the top half is a dome pan with an 8" base.
19 114
By KittisKakes
May 12, 2006
VERY based on the amazing double football helmet cake by the member Djjarrett88. Thanks for the inspiration!

I had never used a ball pan or iced using a star tip before, but it was fun!
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By antonia74
May 13, 2006
Made as the groom's cake @ a wedding.  They loved it.  I personalized it to look just like his hat.
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By JenniferRemington
May 15, 2006
helmet is from the small ball pan. all done in bc, except face mask is gumpaste. little football is covered in chocolate candy melts
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By smashcakes
Jun 2, 2006
This was taken before I put the face mask on. It was for a friend that is a local dj's bday. This was the first helmet I made & it was a lot of fun!
By BellaRosa
Jun 9, 2006
helped out with this cake by one of the cc decorators thanks
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By marcimang
Jul 1, 2006
This was for an after rehearsal wedding party. The bride and groom liked different teams, so... "The Joining of Forces". The helmets are cake covered with BC. The face masks are gumpaste.
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By KittisKakes
Jul 16, 2006
12 24
By MrsMissey
Jul 17, 2006
This is a MMF covered cake made for a grooms cake.  The cake is constructed using 2 - 8" round cakes with a soccer ball cake stacked on top of the rounds.  The face plate is made from fondant.
1 5
By Dennisclan
Aug 7, 2006
My first attempt at a 3D cake - and it went a lot better than I thought!  Thanks to "the cakemaker" for her tips and expertise!!  I made this cake for my husband's fire house picnic.  It was a big hit!
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By ker112
Aug 14, 2006
Another view of the fire fighter helmet cake.
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By ker112
Aug 14, 2006
This was a going away cake for someone in our office.  Her two favorite things are the Dallas Cowboys and Mickey Mouse, so this is what I came up with.  It was fun to do!  It's all MMF.  The helmet is 2 six inch rounds with half a sports ball pan on top, and I carved the bottom to shape like a helmet, and Mickey is half a sports ball pan with ears made out of foam core and covered in MMF.  The mask on the football is fondant-it's not very realistic but I was sooooo limited on time.  It was a big hit!
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By Pyxxydust
Aug 19, 2006
i tried this cake for the first time my son loves firefighters so i gave this a shot i made a rectangle cake and then a round cake out of a dome pan and put my husbands helmet over the rectangle and carved out the base of hat and just colored my icing with black food coloring, added all the trim work, everyone seemed to like it ..... any commets or hints will be greatly appreciated thank you
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By att_i_tude
Aug 22, 2006
A white chocolate cake with white chocolate/lemon buttercream.  Pastillage helmet painted with luster dust.  Chocolate transfer and fondant signs.  Fondant highway.  Can of Wilton airbrush spray (smelled like mint....wonder how that'll taste with lemon and white chocolate...)  I'm thoroughly disgusted with it, but my DD likes it.
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By karateka
Aug 23, 2006
These are NF sugar cookies and Antonia's RI.
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By AmyKay
Aug 29, 2006
Carved from the sports ball pan.  Buttercream frosting with fondant accents.
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Sep 11, 2006
The visor is gumpaste. The cake is iced with BC. I got the dark navy color using an airbrush.
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By KittisKakes
Sep 15, 2006
I made this for "his" cake at a bridal shower.  He is a firemarshall.  Cake is chocolate filled with layers of buttercream and rasberry covered in fondant.  Would also make a great grooms cake.
24 38
By thecakemaker
May 31, 2005


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