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Gosh, I never thought it would be so difficult making my own birthday cake but I really couldn't think of a design! So I tweaked a design in the Wilton Wedding Cake book and came up with a heart shaped cake iced in buttercream with brush embroidery flowers & leaves. I then wrote 25 and painted gold paint on top:) Can't wait to eat it!
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By reiscakes
Sep 4, 2005
Pink heart
2 2
By dky
Sep 8, 2005
This was the first time we had used fondant as you can tell, and before we had a gigital camera
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By dky
Sep 11, 2005
Valentine Heart
5 16
By rydersmom
Sep 14, 2005
This is a heart shaped italian cream cake with crusting cream cheese icing.  I need to practice the icing again, didn't want to crust very much for me.
1 1
By sweetbee
Sep 18, 2005
Heart shaped cake with buttercream purple roses.
3 5
By LaylasMommy
Sep 21, 2005
Made foe a friend's Bridal Shower.  I am not pleased with them.. but that could be because of the DRAMA surrounding their getting made... The Bride and Groom (and everyone else at the shower) however LOVE LOVE LOVED them!!! Yeah! And this was my first PAID order! YIPPEEE!!!! I got called so they could tell me how yummy they were! All green and pink and two minis are chocolate with strawberry/rum cream filling, the white center is a BROWNIE (for the groom who hates cake). All BC icing. Roses are striped!
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By AndiSue
Sep 24, 2005
Part the Bridal Shower Trio of Hearts cake I did...  This mini is one of two that went with the 3 larger heart shaped cakes for the Shower (pic in bridal shower gallery) The cake is a milkchocolate and iced in BC
By AndiSue
Sep 24, 2005
This was my first cake with a loopy bow.  Though made 4 days ahead, the loops refused to dry!  Luckily, no one at the shower knew what it was supposed to look like and they loved it.  (Yay!)  Interestingly, I salvaged the bow after the shower and took it home and took it apart and set it aside to see how long the loops would take to really dry.  Two weeks later when I threw them away, they were still limp and droopy.  I've since learned that Pettinice gumpaste by itself never dries.  Who would've thought?!
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By itsacake
Sep 28, 2005
Today was graduation from level 1 cake decorating course.  This was my cake and have to admit I was pleased with the results!
4 3
By grammysusan
Sep 28, 2005
My first wedding cake. Done in the smallest kitched I've ever seen. All vegan white cake with lemmon filling. Ran out of time and supplies, oh well. I should have coverd the cake boards, and done the sweral design on the top layer too. The bottom design is a row of Ankhs (Ancient Egyptian hieroglyph meaning eternal life) make with tip 12 and Jordan Almonds. The bride (my best friend) didn't know what she wanted except green.
10 4
By soygurl
Sep 29, 2005
Purple and White Heart Wedding Cake in the shape of Hearts.
2 12
By cakesbythomas
Oct 5, 2005
A 6" heart devil's food cake covered in buttercream.  First time making roses of two hues.  Had fun with the basketweave -- thanks, ntertayneme, for your great idea.  Made for an elderly widow who I am Secret Sister to in our church.  She was thrilled to find it waiting for her this morning and wondered aloud to me (of all people) who her Secret Sister could be! (hee hee)
9 8
By NottawaChelle
Oct 9, 2005
1 3
By djjarrett88
Oct 14, 2005
This cake was covered in buttercream, with fondant stripes. Red buttercream roses, and buttercream piped hearts. The inside was soft buttercake layered with chocolate buttercream.
I realy enjoyed making this cake, it's one of my favourites, i definetly don't make as many buttercream cakes as I'd like.
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By boonenati
Oct 15, 2005
This is a wedding shower cake with a 10" square base and a 6" heart stacked diagonally on top.  It's iced with buttercream and has swirls and curls on it, as well as silver dragees.
3 10
By tsc
Oct 17, 2005
I hated the colors on this cake, but it wasn't for me and it was what the bride wanted so.....
5 6
By ddog
Oct 26, 2005
Sugar cookies frosted with Royal icing.
9 21
By cakecre8tor
Oct 27, 2005
8 2
By rain_man_011
Oct 30, 2005
4 3
By rain_man_011
Nov 1, 2005
5 8
By Darra
Nov 4, 2005
Here's a selection of cookies I made today to put in cookie bouquets.  My SIL is having an open house Saturday so I'm attempting to sell some bouquets(hope they are good enough to sell).  Will post pictures of the bouquets when they are done.
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By momlovestocook
Nov 10, 2005
This cake was made for the head guy in charge of restoring airplanes at our local flight museum.  I made an airplane mold for the little airplanes on the cake (that was the big hit). Then created the scene of the airport (all in chocolate) to the side.  Everyone loved all the planes and couldn't believe they were chcoclate
7 14
By danasflowers
Nov 11, 2005
Orange Sponge + Cointreau + Raspberry Mousse + Whipped Cream Frosting + Marzipan Hearts :)
1 1
By Darra
Nov 17, 2005
THese cookie bouquets were centerpieces for the tables at the reception.  Clay pot sprayed white with purple brushed on bottom and sittling on purple tulle.  Cookies on long lollipop sticks and pot filled with white tulle and Hershey's Kisses scattered on table and a few in pot.
7 18
By Mac
Nov 19, 2005
Stawberry cake with buttercream under the fondant.
6 21
By MontiBellesBakery
Nov 20, 2005
White cake with buttercream filling and covered in rolled fondant. The roses don't look quite the same pink as on the cake, and my writing is never very good; but people request this one often.
11 32
By peanut2
Nov 24, 2005
This is the first wedding cake I did. It was for my sister. Also the first fondant cake I had ever done.  The fondant was a little thick, as were the layers (because I didn't know I was supposed to trim them).  My sister loved it.  Although it didn't look bad for it being made by a amature, I dont think anyone ate the fondant, it didn't do much for the cake.
By ReAnnon
Nov 27, 2005
This is the top view of the cake.  Sorry the lighting isn't good.  I was an amature!  I must say, the flowers were the Fire and Ice colored roses, and they did make the cake look very nice.  ( they hid the flaws)
By ReAnnon
Nov 27, 2005
I did this cake just for fun.  I wanted to practice some of the flowers I have learned in class.
By tinascakes
Dec 8, 2005
heart toppers done in gumpaste then decorated with edible gold details
7 30
By antonia74
Dec 20, 2005
Just a practice cake...inspired by a gallery photo of course...thanks for looking
4 8
By cakefairy18
Dec 30, 2005
12" heart with basketweave and rope borders.
9 18
By sewfancy
Jan 6, 2006
2 Tiered heart-shaped wedding cake - my first.  Made for a friend's mother's second wedding.  White cake with almond flavoring and raspberry filling.  White whipped/marshmallow frosting.  Fresh flowers in coral.  I'm not happy with the cake overall, but she loved it so that's all that matters.
9 6
By jaxcakelady
Jan 8, 2006
I finally made some chocolate sugar cookies.  I froze most of them but covered a few in MMF just to taste.
3 2
By momlovestocook
Jan 13, 2006
Please critic my cake. I need as many suggestions as possible. This is my first time making buttercream roses. Thank you for taking the time to look and comment :)
8 4
By Lazy_Susan
Jan 14, 2006
This was my very first try at doing a fondant cake.
2 2
By chefdot
Jan 14, 2006
This was a cake I made for my friend for her and her hubby's 5th wedding anniversary. I used silver luster dust on the ruffles and roses since their wedding colors were silver and baby blue.
2 1
By chefdot
Jan 14, 2006
I made this cake for my friends house warming party!
1 1
By chefdot
Jan 14, 2006
This cake was a 'good-bye' cake to an ICU nurse who was leaving to go to work for a cardiologist. Iced in buttercream with marshmallow 'valves'.
10 20
By cjf
Apr 13, 2005


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