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I used the tractor cake pan to create the tractor in this cake.  I also used the pan to create the chocolate wheels, cab and engine area by melting chocolate wafers and pouring into the pan letting it chill and set then popping them out and placing on the cake and then using buttercream frosting to decorate around them to blend it into the cake.  The Straw wagon was made using a 9X13 sheet cake and cupcakes for the wheels.
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By cakestodiefor
Dec 14, 2007
Bale of Hay cake for a Wedding Rehearsal.
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By FancyLayne23
Jun 8, 2006
This cake was inspired by a Debbie Brown book.  All decorations are made of MMF with the exception of the brown sugar dirt.   It won First Place (Blue Ribbon) at the Plumas County Fair, California - Fair Theme Cake Class.  Yippee!!!
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By CakesUnleashed
Aug 5, 2006
This is the 3rd cake that I had due this weekend and I put a few of the horses that I made from cookies for the cookie order on the cake to decorate with, the customer brought a few pieces of stuff from home that I could use if I wanted to, so I decided to use it, and this is what I came up with. First time doing anything like this. This is a lot of fun.
By mistygaildunn
Nov 8, 2005
This is a half of a sheet with buttercream icing. The animals, fence, tractor and veggies are all MMF. I had a hard time with the tractor and it didn't turn out exactly the way I wanted it but I think the animals made up for it.
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By mariak
Oct 2, 2006
3D tractor with trailer of hay and piggies. Inspired by Boween's version.
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By KimAZ
Oct 21, 2006
Barn with hay bale, garden, duck pond and mud pit.  All sunflowers, animals-horse, pigs, sheep, cows, chickens, rooster, ducks, mouse and all vegetables-corn, tomatoes,pumpkins,lettuce and carrots made of fondant. My first time making any of them. Inspired by many similar cakes here at CC.
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By KimAZ
Nov 3, 2006
The amazingly versatile Wondermold, covered in Tip 233 straw with gumpaste man and pitchfork and buttercream animals. I love the teeny mouse at the bottom, I wish he didn't fade into the board so much. Maybe a brown mouse would have been better.
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By mqguffey
Nov 15, 2006
This is the cake I did for my nephew's b-day. The cake is iced in BC and all of the accents are in MMF. This is the first time I have ever worked with MMF and it was so much fun.
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By mariak
May 1, 2006
Made this for my sons mini Ham Days at school. We have a Fall Festival in our town called Ham Days, pigs are everywhere.This was made with the large 3d bear pan, covered in MMF. He is sitting on a bale of hay, 9x13 trimmed town, and iced in BC.Hat is MMF. Got the pig idea from someone else on this site, thanks for the help.
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By brightbrats
Sep 22, 2006
This was a cake I did for the youth group at my church.  The kids earned a hayride by memorizing bible verses.  FBCT with BC writing.
By Fancymcnancy
Nov 29, 2006
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By CakeL8T
Jan 27, 2007
Country themed wedding.  Bride wanted cake to look like a haystack.
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By wonderwoman
Feb 15, 2007
My son requested this for his 3rd birthday. 12x18 marble cake with buttercream, and tractor is covered in fondant with royal accents. Wheels are doughnuts.
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By Lueet
Mar 20, 2007
11X15" funfetti cake covered in BC...the barn is also cake, and the silo and hay stack are rice crispie treats...animals, veggies and accents to the barn and silo are MMF...'water' is piping gel and the 'mud' is chocolate buttercream...completely edible except for some supporting dowels in the barn and silo, and the sticks that are holding up the sign.
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By CustomCakesBySharon
May 7, 2007
This is a devil's food cake with vanilla marshmallow filling and buttercream icing.  The cow's are figurines that were keepsakes for the happy retiree.  The trees are constructed from pretzels with rice krispie treats covered in green candy melts.  The leaves on the border are molded from green candy melts and the berries are jelly bellies.  There was another cake with sheep to go along with this one.  Also the bails of hay are toasted coconut on squared marshmallow candies.
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By TinaRee
Jun 5, 2007
This is a cake I did for my twins when they turned 4.  One was into tractors, and the other horses.   My daughter still loves horses.   It was a simple but fun cake to make.   The second cake I've ever done.
By Momkiksbutt
Jun 20, 2007
this is one of the cakes i made for my cake decorating class. the yellow stuff is hay... i didnt really know how to make hay so if anyone has any tips for next time, please let me know.
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By lotsofsprinkles
Jun 20, 2007
This is my Thanksgiving cake, the decorations are MMF and the cake was covered in Chocolate MMF.  It is an 8" round x 5" tall.
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By nefgaby
Nov 24, 2006
This was a barn cake for a little boy's 1st b-day. I baked 2 11x15 cakes and stacked and filled it. I also used a cake board and dowel rods for support. This was a chocolate cake, with MM hay stacks and fondant sign. This cake took a long time to put together and decorate. The invites for the party had pigs on them.
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By klsrtr
Jul 7, 2007
This is a vanilla sheet cake covered with buttercream icing. The barn is chocolate cake with BC filling and iced with BC as well, the roof is fondant.  I made all of these animals from fondant, then painted the details on each.  The ducks are sitting in a "pond of gel icing and bc" the chicken & rooster are in the garden.  I used yellow wafers from wilton for the hay patches in front of the cow, horse, pig, sheep.  The sheep was also covered with bc puffs.  see if you can find the mice too?
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By mommicakes
Jul 19, 2007
Buttercream with gumpaste fences, fondant rocks.
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By tasteebakes
Sep 7, 2007
this is a repeat for me and i've got 2 more scheduled within the next 6 months.....11X15" yellow cake, icing in BC.....the barn is also yellow cake, the silo is rice kripie treats.....all animals are MMF and barn/silo is covered in MMF.....choc BC mud and piping gel water.....GP fence & sign.....TFL!
2 29
By CustomCakesBySharon
Sep 11, 2007
For the Tulare County Fair, Category Fair theme.  This cake shows Tulare County's top 10 in Agriculture!  Lots of fun to do!  Thanks to people who helped me perfect the nuts!  Special thanks to TipTop57 (steak), Meghan89 (oranges), Wonderwoman and  gengenpic (Hay- mine is alfalfa though! :) ).  Hopefully I win a ribbon!  Everything is edible except the bucket handle and the steak foam.  For size reference the nuts are correct sizes and the milk bucket is 6 inches at base and 7 at top.  Thanks again CC!!!!
42 60
By marthajo1
Sep 11, 2007
The second of the Down on the Farm Baby Shower Cakes.  Made for 2 moms-to-be that were expecting soon!  The shower was thrown at their work place and both moms were doing farm-themed nurseries.
2 7
By Mencked
Sep 18, 2007
I done this John Deere cake for a 4 yr. old and done they John Deere Hay Buggy to go with it .You will have to look up the John Deere Hay Buggy to see it. It was a huge hit for this John Deere fan.
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By nelda1210
Sep 21, 2007
This was a small cake to add for a few people that was added on to the John Deere cake I made
This is a cart or buggy what ever you think it is.....LOL
By nelda1210
Sep 21, 2007
My inspiration for this cake was from brendaanne's cake and the ducks were from milliegonza.  I was glad when this cake was over.  It was a big cake.  It was over 2 feet tall and sat on a 20"cake board.  All buttercream except the fondant animals.  The barn started shifting the last 15 minutes of the hour road trip.  Other animals were hidden mice and and the bird in a nest on top of the barn.  Other views in my photos.
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By kathybenitez
Sep 23, 2007
here we go again!  :0)
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By CustomCakesBySharon
Sep 24, 2007
I made this cake for an auction for a local teacher who is battling cancer. It's an 8x8 cherry chip cake with bc icing. The sharp pieces of hay are royal and the decorations on top and the scarecrow are MMF. The cake sold for $90!
16 3
By jadak
Oct 2, 2007
Candy melt pumpkins; buttercream icing (marshmellow on top of Mini Wonder Mold cakes)
2 5
By Spills
Oct 18, 2007
Pralines and Cream flavored cake with Pralines and Cream icing.  Everything is edible.  The large pumpkin is an apple covered in fondant to give stability for the scarecrow.  The scarecrow is entirely made from fondant and hand painted.  The "wooden" flower pot is made from fondant and hand painted as well.  The mums are a combination of fondant and tip #16.  The cake itself was made from three loaf pans.  They were torted and filled with the pralines and cream icing.  This was my favorite cake to make.
20 145
By Tawana
Oct 28, 2007
This is the cake I did for the final cake in my Wilton Fondant &  Gumpaste Class. All items are done out of a mixture of fonadant & gumpaste. I hate doing the cakes out of the book and my teacher was more than willing to let our imagination's run wild. Thanks for looking.
3 8
By geri4292adams
Oct 29, 2007
So I totally bit off of many on the site and thank you to all who inspired.
2 1
By Ladivacrj
Oct 30, 2007
Fondant figures that were for my son's Rhyme time Halloween cake. I had so much fun making these guys!
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By coreenag
Nov 6, 2007
Boy did my hand hurt after doing this one.  I had no strength left when it came to the last hay bail, which is why it doesnt look as good as the other two.  Chocolate cake with cream cheese icing.  The pumpkins and scarecrow are fondant, first time at modeling fondant.  I got the idea from Tawana.
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By Karate
Nov 22, 2007
Yellow butter cream frosting with gum paste daisies, gumpaste/fondant blend hay bales and chocolate rocks.  Sizes are 12" 10" 8"
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By danasflowers
Nov 24, 2007
This is actually a grooms cake but I think it would be a good cake for a little boy. I looked at so many tractor cakes for inspiration. The bride wanted a tractor to resemble the grooms. It was made from chocolate pound cakes baked in loaf pans iced in BC with MMF accents.
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By BlairsMom
Nov 29, 2007
cousin's daughters birthday; a haybale with hats from michaels craft section and farm toys from discount store;  fork used to create haystrands. BC frosting; rubbermaid "lid" used for cake base and the bottom of the container used for cake "lid" had to package it this way because it was being transported 4 hours out of my hands and around alot of kids; makes a great cake carrier!
By GenGen
Jun 25, 2007
A little cake I did for a 1 year old with a barnyard theme. I got inspiration from MariaK on here - her's is much better!!! I completely ran out of time with my crazy work schedule so I wasn't able to make more animals and I also wanted to do a better job on the fence! Oh well, maybe next time.
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By Carson
Dec 15, 2007


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