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By Connie515
Apr 13, 2005
This was one of two cakes I entered at my local fair (first competition ever).  I entered this in the novelty cake division and it took 1st place!  I didn't get a picture before wrapping it to take to the fair.
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By thecakemaker
Apr 13, 2005
Fondant covered lemon cake with rasberry filling. The dome of the cake rests on a 9" sugar cookie. The flowers and bow are fondant.
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By Anonymous
Apr 13, 2005
This cake was for my older cousin who graduated from college.  It was a vanilla sponge with custard and strawberries.  The cake was covered in whipped cream and had some gumpaste flowers on it.  The base of the hat was a small chocolate cake for my grandma who couldn't eat the strawberries in the rest of the cake!
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By pastrypuffgirl
Apr 13, 2005
This cake was made for a close friend's retirement party.  The theme of the party was red and purple hats (I think she's going to start a chapter of Red Hat Society).  The hat is a ball pan cake, covered in fondant, and BC frosting.  The cake is a 3-layer, white/lemon marble with lemon pudding frosting.
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By momsandraven
Apr 16, 2005
This cake was covered in Fondant.  Then painted with Luster Dust.
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By eve
May 16, 2005
Made for my son's 3rd birthday - used the pampered chef measuring bowl for the hat
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By cakecre8tor
May 19, 2005
Cake was made for a victorian tea party bridal shower theme...everything edible, cake iced in buttercream with fondant accents.
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By Kitagrl
Jun 16, 2005
This is what I ended up with for the 12yr. old boy...He was thrilled.. My first MMF cake..
Thanks for looking.
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By cakegal
Jul 6, 2005
I made this for a co-worker who was leaving the company. He's known for always wearing our logo hat around. Cake is one layer chocolate, one white with BC and strawberry filling. MMF used on top.
By Thalia
Jul 13, 2005
I was asked to do another Fiesta cake.  I love making this one!  It is a 9 X 13 lemon-blueberry cake tha is cut in half and stacked.
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By tripletmom
Jul 18, 2005
Second Cowboy Hat for 6 year old nephew's birthday. Made of faudant and satin ice with butter cake and butter cream frosting.
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By Molly2
Jul 26, 2005
I purchased some impression mats and this was first attempt with the diamond mat.  I LOVE this cake.  I'm very critical of myself, but I feel really good about this cake
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By umfalcon
Aug 10, 2005
Fondant hat, tassle, diplomas and front banner, gold is painted on.
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By Ginger08
Aug 10, 2005
Whew!  A lot of work and time went into this one...Didnt' come out as I wanted to (had a hard time with the head)!, but still fun to make.  For the head I layers 6' & 7", body used 9" and carved, feet were each 4" round cakes.  Put dowels in the feet for support ofcouse, as the cake was quite heavy. Put extra support in the body to hold the head...
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By Godiva
Aug 24, 2005
Cowboy hat made with strands of barbwire.
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By froggyjustjumpin
Aug 29, 2005
My mom is in the Red Hat Society and she asked me to make a cake for her meeting.  I made it out of MMF and I  bought the feathered hair comb for the feather decoration.
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By Kristen
Sep 8, 2005
This is my first picture posting. I am so intimidated by the talent here that I hesitate to post mine. This is a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream icing covered in fondant.  Royal icing flowers.  I loosely followed the directions for making butterflies found on this site.  Then sprinkled real peridot gems on the wings.  The cake was for my sister's birthday.
By cybourg
Sep 10, 2005
More cookies to go along with the shoes. This is my first real cookie attempt. I learned lots. They will be better next time.
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By jgclucas
Sep 16, 2005
When my boss asked me to do a beach theme cake for his wife, it was going to be on a 1/2 sheet. I had already made the hat and sandals when he asked me to make it an anniversary cake as well. Since the anniversary theme was pearls, I was able to tie them in together. This was a really fun cake and I am happy with the way it turned out.
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By lynsval
Sep 19, 2005
This is the last one I made for a puberty seremony. The mother wanted a hat and flowers. And the colours had to mach the girls saree (dress). Nobody belived at first this flowers was made by me and by sugar.
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By elin
Oct 4, 2005
Chocolate cake with raspberry filling covered with raspberry buttercream frosting covered with fruity MMF.
By christinasconfections
Oct 4, 2005
By christinasconfections
Oct 4, 2005
This is a sculpted pumpkin I did in class today. I took it with Alimonkey. Talk about a GREAT class. Anyway, hers is much cuter than mine, but I learned a ton. I'm definitely going to have to practice my fondant. The color is airbrush.
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By gdixoncakes
Oct 22, 2005
I made this for my grandma and aunt's b-days. This is my first two layer fondant cake and my first bow.
By jenndubose
Oct 23, 2005
This cake was made today for a baby shower I attended. It was a 6" & 8" Lemon Cloud Cake.  For the hat, I used half ball pan on top of the 6" and wrapped with gumpaste. All other decor was made with fondant.
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By Godiva
Oct 29, 2005
Another pic of previous cake put all together
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By Jenc95
Nov 1, 2005
another view
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By kjb
Nov 2, 2005
I made this for the Red Hat Society in my area.  Their main colors are red and purple so I wanted to incorporate both.  The base cake is vanilla with pastry cream and strawberries.  The dome is chocolate cake with whipped cream.  Both are covered in fondant.  The roses are fondant as well as the leaves and luster dusted.
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By pastrypuffgirl
Nov 3, 2005
This cake is for a little girl that is having her party at a riding stable.  11 X 15 sheet cake on bottom with a horse cake on top frosted in BC.  Red fondant cowboy hat--per birthday girl.  Sides are decorated with a fence pattern and bordered with "grass"
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By Mac
Nov 4, 2005
Bulldozer with oreo and black licorice treads and a candy shovel and a hard hat smash cake on top.
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By Kitagrl
Nov 12, 2005
Gingerbread cookies with Royal Icing
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By _ChristyB_
Nov 30, 2005
ok...  trying to duplicate the cowboyhat cake here..Can't seem to get the top right,  had to make a seam in the top where it meets the sides and the brim is rough but I'm getting there!!!
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Dec 2, 2005
This is a batch of cookies I made to take to the staff at my grandmother's nursing home. No fail cookies, Antonia74's icing and sanding sugar.
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By mamafrogcakes
Dec 2, 2005
This a hat decorated with Ponisetta for a lady who had a birthday in december
By crishna
Dec 21, 2005
This cake was just made to see if I could do it.  I didn't have the proper colors or decorations etc.  It was fun though.  I can not believe how easy it was.

I used two 4" round cakes for the dome of the hat.  I stacked them with buttercream inbetween.  I rounded the edges.  I then stacked them on top of an 8" cake single layer.  I iced the whole thing with buttercream and then let it dry awhile and then used papertowels to put a little design in the icing.  I then just piped some ugly stars around it.
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By tsuitor
Dec 31, 2005
This cake was made for a friend leaving for Iraq and also it was his birthday - the letter made of Royal icing say - We Will Miss You, We Love You and then the top is supposed to be a birthday hat.  First layer was white cake with Lemon filling, second layer was white cake with raspberry mousse and the top was chocolate with raspberry mousse.  All frosted with buttercream.
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By cakecre8tor
Jan 7, 2006
This is a 3 - 8" layer round cake...covered in fondant.  I used cardboard (covered in fondant) for the rim.  Fun to make!
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By Laurag1
Jan 10, 2006
My bosses favorite team was the Angels so when he left us I made him this cake. I used the mini ball cake pans for the hat and ball but afterwards I thought it would have been much easier to just use snow balls. Duh! :o)
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By chefdot
Jan 14, 2006
This cake was done for a little girl's dress-up tea party birthday.  The hat is a 6" cake covered in rolled fondant with buttercream roses.  The pearls and gloves are made of rolled fondant.
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By mycakesandmore
Apr 13, 2005


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