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I'm really loving doing people's favorite things on cupcakes.  It gets such a reaction.  These got full on tears! :)  These were for my brother's girlfriend who is a proud scifi geek/nerd and lover of all things Disney/Pixar.  We have the apple from Fringe, Stark emblem from Game of Thrones, Spaceship Earth at Epcot, Steampunk Mickey mashup, Les Mis logo, MST3K, Harry Potter, Up, Wall-E and Eve and Jurassic Park.  All done in fondant, edible marker (Americolor) and some painting with gel colors and vodka mix.
By gingerlycreative
Aug 16, 2012
Sponge cake With Strawberry Jam & B'cream filling for base.
Chocolate Cake With B'Cream filling
By pearlycakes12
Aug 25, 2012
Double Chocolate Fudge Cake take on a Harry Potter Book
By cupcakeangel1
Aug 26, 2012
Inspired by the many CCers on here!
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By cakegirlcakes
Aug 27, 2012
Strawberry cake covered in Satin Ice fondant.
By jllivingston
Aug 28, 2012
Harry Potter themed Gradutation cake for an avid fan.
By cjsterkel
Aug 29, 2012
By CharismaticConfections
Aug 30, 2012
With golden snitch, wand, broom, glasses, sorting hat, Hogwarts' House badges and Hogwarts' ties.
Vanilla sponge with chocolate buttercream filling
 Decorated with fondant, gumpaste and rice paper
By VioletVision
Sep 2, 2012
Harry Potters Hogwarts Express birthday cake
By deedee1978
Sep 5, 2012
I'm unhappy with this cake on many levels, but its recipient was made up with it, so I'm ok overall.
By cashcameo
Sep 5, 2012
Harry Potter themed cake with scarf, wand, logo and evil hat - all of fondant and gum paste
By shancakes
Sep 7, 2012
By Luvahunt
Sep 14, 2012
I made these cupcakes for my best friend who is a huuuge fan of Harry Potter, as I am too hehe :P This had to be my favourite one to make!
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By IsisCakes
Sep 18, 2012
Hedwig the Owl, books, inkwell and snitch - choc mud cake - harry potter themed
By Willownic
Sep 19, 2012
I loved doing this cake, it was so much fun. Never done a book before, so was really pleased :) I took photos with and without the figure on, I couldn't decide which I preferred.
2 13
By alisonchapman
Sep 20, 2012
This magical cake was requested by Eli Potter's mommy Lorie and aunt Kara for his 3rd birthday. They specifically wanted elements from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. So we used a lot of magic spells to put this cake together.

Each book is a Dark Chocolate Cake with Light Caramel Frosting and all decorations are edible. By Chef JB Cada and Stephanie Santos of The Regali Kitchen.
5 10
By RegaliKitchen
Sep 26, 2012
This is my first ever snake cake... Tis supposed to look like the Basilisk from Harry Potter :)
By allycakes75
Sep 26, 2012
handpainted background on sugarpaste. Sparklers as wands :)
2 5
By button-moon
Sep 27, 2012
My son wanted a harry potter quidditch cake for his 6th birthday
By kstroud03
Sep 28, 2012
harry potter
By pbawife
Sep 29, 2012
Pumpkin cake covered in white chocolate dusted with gold pearl dust, white chocolate wings dusted with silver pearl dust. Custom pop stand. This was a short notice order - the order was placed about 24 hours before the pick-up - and was for a bridal shower.
By Ambria
Sep 29, 2012
Vanilla cake, vanilla frosting with fondant details
By Homemade-Goodies
Oct 2, 2012
By shaynajune
Oct 4, 2012
this was a cake i did for a friend.
the sorting hat is rice krispy.
By ember84
Oct 5, 2012
For my brother's birthday - chocolate chocolate chip cake with peanut butter butter cream. Featuring a WW2 Victory button, Hufflepuff crest, Mario bros 1 up, Tolkien book, PBS logo, Beatles white album, Donald Duck, Death Star, Millennium Falcon, Radiohead logo, Charlie Brown shirt and Indiana Jones hat and whip. :)
By gingerlycreative
Oct 9, 2012
By kscakes2u
Oct 12, 2012
I made this for my nephew who is a big fan of Harry Potter. The sorting hat and wand are rkt, the book and base of hat is chocolate cake with buttercream.
By MichelleDAB
Oct 13, 2012
By Cat52480
Oct 21, 2012
I made this for an 11yr old girls birthday!
By uhmayzn
Oct 22, 2012
Earmuffs at the ready!!!

The leaves are not edible xx
2 3
By button-moon
Oct 27, 2012
Harry Potter's Sorting Hat.   4 layers, 8,7,6,5 inch rounds.  Rice crispy treats formed into a cone makes the top of the hat.  Rolls of fondant under the main layer of fondant make the wrinkles.    I used special dark coco in my chocolate marshmallow fondant, so he's a shade darker than he should be.
By BillieH
Oct 27, 2012
(Front) One Direction cake for 6th birthday.  Edible images on sugar cookies, the rest fondant. (soccer balls are candles)
By AvaDoodles
Jul 12, 2013
Harry Potter Cake hand modelled Harry, Dragon and Mermaid
By JM Cake Craft
Jul 28, 2013
Made this for my daughter's birthday cake.  Made of polymer clay, so she can keep it.
By rouv
Jun 12, 2008


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