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11x15 chocolate with strawberrys and carmel filling.  I was able to torte, ice and decorate in 3 hours time...that's good for me!! I didn't like the teeth but everything was free handed from the invitations...thanks for looking
By seagoat
Jan 29, 2007
By: Sweet Celebrations
Stacked cake with gumpaste and fondant decorations. Books are cake covered in fondant.
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By jamiet
Feb 10, 2007
Re-uploaded as there seemed to be a problem with the original pic (wasn't showing up properly!). 32 chocolate cupcakes decorated with vanilla buttercream in Gryffindor house colours. Chocolate transfer and fondant stars, name, age and pearls. Lots of disco glitter!
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By MikeRowesHunny
Feb 23, 2007
Chocolate cake for box, mushed brownie for handle, and fondant for wand.
By Jiki
Mar 2, 2007
b/c with fondant accents and hat.
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By Joannah
Mar 22, 2007
NFSC, Satin Ice fondant, and RI details.  Sample cookies for the local Harry Potter festival. Used luster dust for the first time, so went a bit crazy with it. Used a rubber stamp for the golden snitch texture. Finished at 3am, hope they look okay and she likes them!
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By MichelleM77
Mar 31, 2007
All chocolate cake and chocolate buttercream frosting.  This cake stood a good foot and half tall and weighed a!
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By cfdwife
Apr 11, 2007
This is NOT my favorite! I hate the face since the lips are terrible and there is no nose! Oh well, I am tired and DONE! :)
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May 14, 2007
I made this for my mom's voice student who loves Dobby(from Harry Potter), she does yoga, crochets, swims, and sings. This was a lot of fun.
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By reese04
May 18, 2007
32 vanilla cupcakes decorated with vanilla buttercream, CT, fondant letters and dragrees. One of two cupcake cakes done for twin sisters today!
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By MikeRowesHunny
May 24, 2007
By bellsnbows
May 31, 2007
chocolate cake iced in chocolate buttercream, with fondant Golden Snitch and Nimbus 2000.  Lettering done in gold luster dust mixed with clear vanilla and brushed on with a very small brush.
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By gramofgwen
Jun 3, 2007
Vanilla cake with BC icing. The gray portion is Wilton ColorMIst.
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By bridgett413
Jun 12, 2007
I made this cake for my nephews birthday.
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By mom_of_4girls
Jun 18, 2007
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By chocolateandpeanutbutter
Jun 21, 2007
Graduation cake for a big Harry Potter fan. From Debbie Brown's book. I added the two large books in the back - one rich chocolate with whipped ganache filling, the other Heavenly white with lemon filling. all covered with MMF. All other books and owl's body heavenly white. Owl's head is all fondant. TFL.
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By mary-ann
Jun 24, 2007
my first attempt with fondant and it was a flop. Yup it was wiltons and i made the mistake of serving it at my son's birthday party. live and learn
photo taken with web cam prior to my digital cam day (woefull look)
By GenGen
Jun 25, 2007
What I think Harry Potter's coffee cup would look like.  I did this just for fun
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By Sparklepop
Jul 7, 2007
There is also a bolt of lightening on the side of the coffee cup.
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By Sparklepop
Jul 7, 2007
Mini-wondermold cakes covered in fondant & topped with jelly beans.  I got the idea from an old Wilton Yearbook.
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By bluehen92
Jul 11, 2007
I just did this cake last minute for my DD's birthday tomorrow.  It's not my best work, as I am sick as a dog, with fever and all.   On top of that it's been very hot the last few days.   I found a "wand" pen at Hot Topic(boy was I out place in that store! LOL) and I had an edible printed for me from her favorite pic of "Harry".    Nothing fancy, and not my best, but she loves it!  Thanks for looking!
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By Momkiksbutt
Jul 13, 2007
all buttercream frosting and picture is accented with color flow icing
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By SweetToothFairy
Jul 15, 2007
Did this a few years ago now for my daughters 9th bday theme party was harry potter.... all cake with fondant accents.(I used Debbie Browns Magical Wizard cake in her Enchanted cakes book for inspiration adjusted to my requirements.  the spell in the book reads:
9 moons
Makes a Birthday Magic
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By Ariginal
Jul 15, 2007
Cake is chocolate with Chocolate BC. Wand was made from gumpaste then brushed with brown petal dust. The gold seal is gumpaste painted with gold luster. Thanks for looking!!
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By CakeL8T
Jul 16, 2007
This was for a coworkers birthday who LOVES Harry Potter!  Yellow cake with chocolate buttercream icing.  Glasses and wand are fondant/gumpaste.  Crest is royal icing
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By kms2402
Jul 16, 2007
Alternate view of my Hogwarts cake. I have more photos but will have to scan them first.
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By milkfor2
Jul 18, 2007
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By rmi
Jul 20, 2007
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By rmi
Jul 20, 2007
This is a broom cake ( Wilton 2008 yearbook) that I whipped up real quick for DS because he wanted something for the Harry Potter book release. I also made a witch hat from a cookie and icecream cone dipped in chocolate. It's not the best looking cake but he was pleased.
By cncgirl00
Jul 20, 2007
First time using fondant, first time doing an impression ever, first time using airbrush, first time using luster dust and it came out pretty darn good! For a Book 7 release party!
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By berryblondeboys
Jul 20, 2007
I made this for the Theme of the Month and took it to the book 7 release at a local bookstore.  Carved from two 1/4 sheets.  Top is one big FBCT.  Sprayed the whole thing with gold luster dust.
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By amysue99
Jul 23, 2007
Butter cupcakes with vanilla and chocolate buttercream dream frosting.  Decorated for Theme of the Month - Harry Potter.  Mail Delivery Owls, of course.  TFL!
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By gina1221
Jul 24, 2007
My first closed book!  Covered in MMF.  Learned a lot on this one.
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By alphafemale
Jul 26, 2007
This is a birthday cake for a nine year old boy.  Chocolate fudge cake with french vanilla filling.  His mother purchased the toy to put on the cake.  This cake was inspired by  mom_of_2girls.
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By kathik
Jul 29, 2007
I used the Wilton castle kit and LOTS of luster dust for this castle. The reason the cake is so small is that it was for only four people, and I had to buy a gluten free mix -- expensive!
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By mqguffey
Aug 6, 2007
By rcopeland
Aug 6, 2007
My version of the fab HP Quidditch cakes on here! I couldn't get the figures and towers in plastic so I had to make it all from scratch - aaarggghhhhhh
Everything edible except for the wires holding Harry up
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By murf
Aug 10, 2007
My friend made a choc cake for her daughter but wanted some help decorating it.  Red is airbrushed and the Harry is made from a chocolate transfer.
By srod911
Aug 19, 2007
This was for my son's Harry Potter birthday. The toppers were the candles.   I even made a golden snitch pinata for the party. Thanks for peeking.
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By gingsd
Aug 19, 2007
I have been making cakes after work for only a year and I am starting to feel a bit more confident. I made this recently for a boys 9th birthday and apparently he loved it.
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By lou
Apr 13, 2005


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