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For a 5th birthday, based on a design by Debbie Brown.  Surprisingly easy but required alot of fondant
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By laneysmom
Apr 30, 2008
Cake covered in marzipan. Harry is done in sugar flow. Golden snitch is actually a store-bought chocolate candy ball with a golden wrapper. Hogwarts and mountains are hand painted using paste color and brush. The glitter is regular sugar mixed with silver lustre dust. Stars piped in RI.
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By cakehelp
May 22, 2008
This cake was so easy and too much fun.  My daughter is a Harry Potter nut.  So I came up with this one.  It is a sheet cake cut in half.  The cake is frosted in chocolate butter cream, and has fondant accents.  The "furry" look came about by using a fork.  It's crazy just how easy this one was.
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By Chrisi
May 26, 2008
Confetti  cake with cookies-n-cream filling.  This was my first attempt at making figures and stacking books- I was pretty happy with my first try.
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By bonnierubio
Jun 1, 2008
Toba Garret white cake recipe, SMBC inside, chocolate fondant covering.  Ran out of cornstarch and powdered sugar, used cocoa powder to roll fondant and also for finishing touches.  TFL!
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By cakelady11215
Jun 9, 2008
My daughter, Ashley, just turned 9.  She's a big fan of Harry Potter.  She's read the whole 7-book series, and is reading it again, twice.  She's currently on the 5th book.  She requested a HP cake,  particularly with the Gryffindor seal.  Cake is white choc mud cake, and covered in fondant.  Seal is also in fondant, royal icing writing.

Added a figure model of Harry Potter in clay, which I made for her to keep.
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By rouv
Jun 12, 2008
Did this a few years ago now for my daughters 9th bday theme party was harry potter.... all cake with fondant accents.(I used Debbie Browns Magical Wizard cake in her Enchanted cakes book for inspiration adjusted to my requirements.  the spell in the book reads:
9 moons
Makes a Birthday Magic
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By Ariginal
Jul 15, 2007
two layer sheet cake with pineapple filling and buttercream icing
By monica7
Jun 12, 2008
A friend wanted a Father's Day/Birthday cake in one.  The Father's Day theme was fishing, and the birhday theme was Harry Potter.
By amandamoomoo
Jun 15, 2008
this is al marsefond I used the picture to "puzzle" Harry.
had a lot of difficulties with tha hand but cannot figure out what is wrong so I just left it like this.the cake is so low because it is chocolate cake and the girl did not want any filling just some jam.
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By dutchdecorator
Jun 19, 2008
My attempt at making "The Sorting Hat" from Harry Potter
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By cmcgarr
Jun 29, 2008
Stack of HP books covered in BC with edible image covers.  Snitch is made of Chocopan sprayed with gold, gumpaste wings
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Jul 13, 2008
I made this cake for a girl who graduated from High School.  She wanted Harry Potter fighting Darth Vader. I though that was a weird request. The girls is loves them both. This is what I came up with. I painted the Harry Potter book with the my americolors.
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By karapags
Jul 22, 2008
I made this cake for my friend's kids.  They were all born around the same time and they are having one big birthday party this year....thus the three themed cake.  We have Harry Potter, fairies, and army themes.
By Gweniveer
Jul 25, 2008
My niece wanted the Harry Potter logo on her birthday cake.  It was my first time using fondant and it was before I took any classes, so it's pretty novice. I did like how the "smoke" around the cake came out though.
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By Wing-Ding
Aug 3, 2008
For a five year old boy.  All buttercream with fondant accents. Thanks to all for the inspiration on this one.
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By DiscoLady
Aug 8, 2008
I made this for my DD's birthday. The castle is made from rice krispie treats and the cliff is made from 3 11x18s stacked and carved. It is all covered with fondant and hand painted.
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By PennieK
Aug 9, 2008
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By Edee
Aug 14, 2008
For my Harry Potter crazed sons 6th birthday
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By Mettek
Aug 16, 2008
Chocolate broom with buttercream icing.  Yellow cake Quiditch ball covered in fondant, fondant detailling and gold luster dust,
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By mom2owen1
Aug 16, 2008
My customer brought in this pan and wanted me to make the cake for her, my hand killed me for 3 days.  All those STARS!!!
By Jenni2383
Aug 28, 2008
1/2 & 1/2 cake; free-handed drawing; all bc icing.
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By AmyCakes2
Aug 28, 2008
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By natou
Sep 11, 2008
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By Bunsen
Sep 19, 2008
My husband and son had to bake a cake for their cubscout pack with a book theme.
By bsalto
Oct 23, 2008
My first fondant cake. The Dark Mark, the mark of Lord Voldemort ^^ (The Dark Lord in Harry Potter series)
I made it for Halloween in my Harry Potter group and I think it turned out pretty well... being the first and all... what do you think? :$
By Alice_Cullen
Nov 3, 2008
My first attempt at making a sphere and at using fondant.
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By Ness101
Jan 13, 2009
Some of the greatest kids and young adult books represented in a tower of cake!  Cakes were vanilla, chocolate and peanut butter (2 of each kind).  Frosted with white and chocolate buttercream.  Books include (bottom to top): Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Fablehaven, Twilight, Ella Enchanted, The High King, The King of Attolia and Artemis Fowl.  The top pictures shows the cake on the left and the actual books on the right.  And yes, I changed the color of Fablehaven on purpose. :)
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By Ness101
Jan 13, 2009
Each chess piece was handmade, individually moulded using sugarpaste. They  are moveable therefore it was possible to play  a game of chess. It took about 2 months to make all the pieces. This cake won third prize at the Royal Adelaide Show. 
 Thanks for looking.
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By Brontecakes
Jan 17, 2009
Done for a customer who requested her daughter's favorite books as well as a scrapbook page.  Didn't turn out as well as I'd like but hopefully they like it.  My photography also stinks!  Thanks for looking.
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By Kitagrl
Jan 17, 2009
Harry Potter
By janny1000
Jan 23, 2009
By moni81
Feb 2, 2009
The hat is 6" round cakes stacked and carved  then covered in fondant with some fondant pieces added to make the face.  The whole thing is dusted with cocoa powder.  
The house shields are all fondant done by hand.
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By JulesM7
Feb 4, 2009
Fondant done by hand
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By JulesM7
Feb 4, 2009
All fondant
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By JulesM7
Feb 4, 2009
All fondant
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By JulesM7
Feb 4, 2009
All fondant
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By JulesM7
Feb 4, 2009
I am doing a Harry Potter cake for my nephew for his birthday and made these figures to go around the cake. They are from the 1st 3 books, since those are the ones I got him for his birthday. The Philosopher Stone, Dobby the House Elf, Harry's Nimbus 2000 and the Golden Snitch and the Sorting Hat. I still need to make Buckbeak the Hippogriffe, and have no idea where to start with him so we'll see how that one goes. Made out of gumpaste/fondant mix. My first time doing figures based on a picture or movie.
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By Lovebug20
Feb 6, 2009
Here are the rest of the Harry Potter figures I did: Buckbeak the Hippogriffe and I also decided to do a bag of Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans. All made out of Fondant/Gumpaste mix. Jelly Belly's used for Bertie Botts Beans.
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By Lovebug20
Feb 9, 2009
This is the finished Harry Potter cake I did for my nephews 12th birthday. The top cake is WASC with Skor toffee bits and chocolate buttercream, the middle cake is WASC with mini chocolate chips and chocolate buttercream and the bottom cake is Mud with Oreo buttercream filling and vanilla buttercream. It was a huge hit and I was very happy with how the cake turned out!
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By Lovebug20
Feb 15, 2009


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