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Its not a grooms cake but couldn't think where else to put this - I think it would make a good grooms cake though! Made for a builder, with an old fashioned hammer (made from RKT covered with fondant) as he has been in the industry a long time. Board paper is made from junk mail covered with contact plastic. Other tools are candles.
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By amberhoney
Jan 20, 2008
This is the last one I promise!  This is for a father, is daughter and his son.    Kinda plain but wasn't sure what else to add. Wish I would have had a hammer mold!
By charlieinMO
Nov 2, 2005
Here is my cake for Habitat for Humanity.  I made a triple chocolate fudge cake with whipped chocolate ganache as the filling.  Iced in Vanilla BC.  Saw, hammer, and nails are fondant painted and luster dusted.  Thanks for looking!
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By dtmc
Apr 10, 2006
# 2 view. Dark Chocolate mud sheet cake Covered in ganache, for a 30th.Party theme was GOLD as first name translated means GOLD and surname is HAMMER. Originally she wanted me to have a FLAT edible image made and just lay it on the top of the cake. She provided me with image that a graphic artist friend made for her. I suggested a 3d of some sort. We made the hammer out of fondant with gum trag and my hubby… clever lad that he is hand painted it… all edible and non toxic… set solid... may crack teeth. lol
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By dky
Mar 24, 2006
I made this cake for my dh and his co-workers at Home Depot.  Company slogan is, "You can do it, we can help" but they say, "You can do it, we'll watch!"  Everything is MMF with the exception of the pin in the bottom right corner (a real HD pin), the "sawdust" (crushed vanilla oreos) and the "wood shavings" (chocolate shavings).  The gift card is accurately marked and is the same design as the one they sold for Father's Day.  The tools are MMF dusted with lustre dust.
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By candy177
Jun 21, 2006
This is a chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling.  The top is iced in BC and the sides are iced with the chocolate syrup icing recipe from this site.  This is my first time making it, it tastes just like Betty Crocker's canned frosting.  The hammer is made out of fondant and the nail heads are silver beads.  You definately need a big glass a milk to have go with a piece of this cake, it's so rich.  Too bad I won't get to taste it.
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By Lousaria
Aug 6, 2006
Thanks to Aine2, I could make this little carpenter. I couldn't find my sugargun, so the hair is made of royal icing.
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By frulund2600
Sep 2, 2006
This cake was done for my husband's birthday.  He is a maintenance man so I wanted a tool cake for him.
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By Mommyofseven
Sep 12, 2006
These are no fail sugar cookies iced with MMF.  I used luster dust on the metal portion of the tools.
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By giovanna
Oct 31, 2006
For my step father who's been a carpenter for over 30 yrs. My Mother always wants me to make small cakes because it's just the two of them so it's hard to do anything very complicated so this isn't anything fancy.  8in round, a little bigger then she wants, but he loved it lol! It's chocolate cake with buttercream icing.
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By cakesbgood
Jun 17, 2006
Well Grammasue . . . here it is!  It's not nearly as polished as yours, but the customer liked it, and that's what counts!!  Thanks for your inspiration and help!
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By srodge1
Dec 15, 2006
This was my very first cake, it is a chocolate mud covered in fondant.  All of the tools and daisies are made from modelling paste.  This was for a friend who is a retired woodwork teacher.
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By debbiew1
Jan 5, 2007
I made this cake for my husbands birthday. He is always building something to improve our home so I thought this just suited him. Although it didn't turn out as well as I planned, I can learn from my mistakes. A hammer, a wrench and the round cake has an extension cord and measuring tape.
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By fmcmulle
Jan 28, 2007
Chocolate Butter cake from the WBH filled with cookies & cream filling - SO YUM!!! I also used thier House BC which was soft so buldging occured but it was ok to experiment on this cake since it was for DH.  The tools were done in chocolate.
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By cakecre8tor
Feb 7, 2007
My first "decorated" cake. I just started taking the Wilton classes, but I wanted to go ahead and try to make a two tier cake for a "tool and gadget party" for a couple I know. This was just a trial run, and I pretty much just made up the chocolate designs as I went on. Not sure what the final product will look like in a few weeks.
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By blondewithabug41
Feb 13, 2007
I made this cake for my son's birthday it was a horrible day and I spent the whole time making the cake crying but I am happy with the way it turned out. I used Vanilla Bettercreme
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By cakesbygrandma
Feb 25, 2007
"Man" cookies.......I work with all guys...mechanics...they always were teasing me about the girlie cookies...they ate them anyway, but I decided to present them with more manly cookies....they loved them.
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By CIndymm4
Mar 23, 2007
These are NFSC with Antonia's Royal icing.  I made them for my dad's birthday and had to ship them half way across the country...hopefully they will make it there in one piece!
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By mawagner
Apr 10, 2007
This cake I did as a surprise grooms/birthday cake for my father's wedding.  The cake is done in buttercream with a diamond impression mat.  The tools are done with white chocolate.  The "screwheads" on the side of the cake are done in fondant as well as the tool belt.
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By jaklotz1
Apr 29, 2007
This was for my nephew's wedding.  It's chocolate cake frosted in buttercream and covered with fondant.  The cake board is covered in fondant, all the tools are hand made with fondant except for the pliers and vice grips, they are chocolate from a mold.  Thanks for looking!!
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May 21, 2007
I did these last month for my brother's Med. School Graduation.  One chocolate with CBC and one white with white BD.  Cake design/decorations are fondant except for the name tags.  Other tools are gum paste.  These were fun to do but very unnerving!  First time doing a cake for someone else's event.  They were a hit!  Thanks for all the ideas on here!!
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By destini377
Jun 7, 2007
fondant covered cake with gumpaste tools
4 11
By frulund2600
Dec 1, 2006
These were made as sample to display at my table at the farmers market. They are NFSC with royal icing and lustre dust.
4 7
By zacharysmom
Jun 9, 2007
"Painted" Hammer Cookie
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By jmarks
Jun 21, 2007
Chocolate cake with chocolate BC.  Tools are BC and the screws are MMF with silver luster dust.
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By SarahsSweets2006
Jun 22, 2007
Fondant hammer, nails and level.  Buttercream frosting.
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By Fishercakes
Jul 20, 2007
everthing on this cake is edible. it is either chocolate fondant or buttercream.
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By tripleD
Jul 22, 2007
My MIL asked me to make these for a party she's going to. Their  friend is into home renovation stuff. Plus I couldn't resist doing a couple spirograph ones, these are just for the kiddies anyway :)
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By Brickflor
Aug 18, 2007
This was for my Dad.  He loves to build things and so I thought this was appropriate.
The hammer and wood are fondant.
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By tararw
Aug 29, 2007
This was for a tool and gadget shower.  Customer allowed me free 
reign.  All iced in bc, even the hammer.  I just cut some extra cake in
 the shape of a hammer and applied to top of iced cake.
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By tippyad
Sep 29, 2007
Bhoc. marble cake with vanilla pudding in between 6 layers.  B/C frosting.  Hammer, wrench, screwdriver and wood letters are all fondant.
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By birdtweet
Oct 26, 2007
3 9
By Barbend
Nov 2, 2007
By Barbend
Nov 2, 2007
This is a cake I took to work the day we went "Live" with our new hospital wide computer system.  This cake was the only thing good about the whole day!!!
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By SoldierJunkie
Nov 14, 2007
Designed piped in buttercream with handmade MMF hammer, ruler, pliers, screwdriver and wrench.
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By KimAZ
Nov 16, 2007
Cake I made for my husbands birthday.  Chocolate cake with (what I named) black beauty mmf.  Chocolate bc between 4 layers.  Fun to make.  And very happy with how it turned out!  Especially happy to finally learn how to make chocolate mmf (thanks to GI giving me the link) and the great gal (sorry can't remember name) who's recipe it was.  Thanks for drooling!  I mean looking!
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By cocobean
Dec 12, 2007
This was for my dad's 75th birthday.  Tools are BC - I had wanted to use chocolate molds, but I couldn't find any.  Inspired by Dixiegal01 and kakesbykitty.  TFL.
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By gakali
Dec 17, 2007
For 2 yr-old little girl who loves to play with tools. 9x13 chocolate cake with buttercream,torted. I did the tools freehand.
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By Crystal74
Dec 21, 2007
This guy really does like a little of EVERYTHING.....junk food, beer, poker, games, outdoors, landscaping list goes on...thanks for loooking!
8 19
By chqtpi
Jan 16, 2008
this was for the other twin-boy.  bob is made out of RI, painted with icing colors. wall is made out of red and white chocolate melts.
4 3
By birdtweet
Jan 21, 2008


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