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threw this cake together this after noon for a neighbor who baby sits my youngest daughter.  it's fudge marble bundt cake, with two muffins in the center hole, and one for the head.  the cake is covered in a poured fondant that was colored orange, and the spider was covered in a white poured fondant before being piped with purple colored bc frosting.  the eyes are MMF and the fangs are BC icing
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By KCsmom98
Oct 14, 2005
Buttercream icing.  background airbrused with edible paints.  Pumpkins done with buttercream.
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By tootsa
Oct 18, 2005
Chocolate Roll-out cookies decorated with royal icing.
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By culinarilyobsessed
Oct 22, 2005
actually 3 pumpkins but the other one is too small to count.
By fizzyfree
Oct 22, 2005
Had a lot of fun making it!
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By thesocialfrog
Oct 23, 2005
Based on Bronwen Weber's Spooky Cake Challenge design. Pumpkin and hat are cake, hat brim is fondant covered cake board.
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By alimonkey
Oct 24, 2005
This is my seven year old first cake experience... I wasn't allowed to watch or help... Only my hubby helped with the general direction of it all... They did a great job...
By kristingeorge
Oct 26, 2005
This was my first attempt that using antonia74's methods.  I put a darker shade on and I hated it, so I had to go back over with the lighter one and it ended up with 3 layers of icing.  LOL.  In the end, it's not too bad, but I need more practice.
By KarenOR
Oct 29, 2005
Cupcake cake with FBCT image.  I had such a hard time w/ this one -- the frosting on the words just would not work with me ... my black coloring was dried up (should have checked first) ... This could have been so much better ...
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By finally928
Oct 30, 2005
This was my 2nd batch of cookies using the Chocolate Rolled Cookie recipe from  The batter smelled (and tasted) soooo good!  Also iced with antonia74's icing recipe.  Can't wait to make Christmas cookies now!
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By tripletmom
Oct 31, 2005
Pumpkins, witch's hat, and broom bristles all in fondant.  Fence is royal icing.  I had so much fun doing this cake!!!  Thanks to everyone who gave me advice!!
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By Cake_Geek
Nov 1, 2005
This is a close up of the details!!
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By Cake_Geek
Nov 1, 2005
the pumpkins are on edible paper, the rest is buttercream icing
By jen573
Nov 14, 2005
Found this in an old Wilton Yearbook and had to make it.  It was Banana cake with cinnamon buttercream icing. This was done October 2005.
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By cindy6250
Feb 24, 2006
Two bundt cakes stacked on top of one another and covered in buttercream, upside-down ice cream cone for stem, fondant leaves and ivy.
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By allissweets
Aug 16, 2006
this was one of my first cakes for monthly birthday parties at my previous job. the pumpkins are rounds of cake and covered with fondant.

this was a fun cake!
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By amylynn
Sep 3, 2006
I made this cake for a customer who was throwing a baby shower for a friend.  This friend is due to have her baby girl on Halloween.  So the baby shower was a Halloween fun!  
The cake is 10" & 8" chocolate round tiers with buttercream icing, accented with hand molded gumpaste figures.  It was soooo much fun making this cake!
Thanks for looking!
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By CustomCakesBySharon
Oct 2, 2006
By travelingcakeplate
Oct 4, 2006
This is darn good chocolate cake with marshmallow buttercream (MMM good) I made the witches hat with fondant the cat is a mini ball and a lot of frosting. The pumpkin is two bundt pans, though my frosting was so thick I had to make my own indentions because you couldn't see the fluted edges in the cake. The broom stick is a mini wondermold with a pretzel rod for the handle. This thing weighs a ton hopefully it will make it to my sisters in tact. Thanks for looking.
22 48
By Rambo
Oct 5, 2006
Chocolate single layer character pumpkin cake.
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By khoudek
Oct 11, 2006
Sugar Cookies (No Fail Receipe) and Antonia74 Cooking Icing.  These cookies were made to raise money to help with the expenses of our family reunion.  Hope they sell! :)
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By Richiescakes
Oct 11, 2006
Made with the 3-D Jack-o-Lantern pan and the Wilton Double Tier pan.
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By MaryAtk
Oct 13, 2006
I got this idea from a magazine. Its two Bunt cakes on top of one another. Covered in Whipped Icing. I should have put a face on it.
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By aerorach73
Oct 14, 2006
This cake is soooo easy but turns out sooo cute! Make two bundt cakes, Turn one upside down and then place the other on top were the flat sides will be touching. Decorate with orange icing (I used Buttercream) then take a standard ice creeam cone and place in the top, open end down. Decorate green. If you want to put a face you can use black icing or you can take orange gumdrops. Place some sugar on a flat surface then roll out gumdrops till they are falt like a pie crust. Cut out faces and put on cake.
By miranda1129
Oct 16, 2006
<b><img src=trophy.gif align=absmiddle>2006 Halloween Cake Contest Winner</b>
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By spitefiresas21
Oct 16, 2006
This was a cake for a twin birthday.  The little cakes were removable for their smash cakes.  Buttercream with Fondant accents
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By frostingfanatic
Oct 17, 2006
My very first cake. Not great, but cute! I've had no lessons, but plan on taking some. All in all not impressive, but still cute! Chcolate w/chocolate chips cake with buttercream frosting!
By jespooky
Oct 18, 2006
Here is a photo of the big pumpkin with all the ones I made for all the kids. I was not happy with how the small ones turned out, but the kids liked them.
By bubbatraut
Oct 21, 2006
My first pumpkin cake was made for a Halloween party.  It is sitting on top of a brownie that I baked in a 12" round pan.
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By wonderfullytallented
Oct 22, 2006
Fondant pumpkin cake with mice and vines
6 167
By LolaT
Oct 23, 2006
NFSC with Antonia's icing.  First time using the icing and I love it.  Easy to work with and tastes great!
4 2
By zoraya
Oct 25, 2006
I made this for a little girl whose birthday is on Halloween.  I also made her a pumpkin smash cake to go with it.
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By mocakes
Oct 26, 2006
Cookies for a Halloween party
1 2
By MahalKita
Oct 26, 2006
I haven't made a cake since August and was dying to make one.  I was actually planning on making a totally different cake but my 2yr old kept telling me "punkin mommy" so I HAD to make one.  I wanted to make a cutesy face but my other boys wanted a Jack o Lantern just like this.
3 3
By Momof3boys
Oct 26, 2006
Chocolate combo cake with buttermilk, whipped cream icing - to stablize - tried using boxed orange jello, I used a small amount of water to dissolve it - but I think it was still too much water.  Next time, will stablize using SOP.  Chocolate cats made with mold painted with charcoal luster dust.
By AnnMelanie
Oct 27, 2006
Practice fake cake decorated in fondant with fondant decorations.
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By rshippo
Oct 27, 2006
These little bears are all dressed up and ready to go trick-or-treating!  They (and the pumpkins) are all hand moulded MMF.  The bats are rice paper/piping gel/MMF, and the rest is all buttercream!
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By BarbaraF
Oct 27, 2006
Pumpkin made out of mini bundt pans.  Covered with fondant and puttercream leaves.  Cake is orange flavored with vanilla filling. I made a bunch of these as prizes for a costume contest my kids were throwing at school.
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By drazil
Oct 28, 2006
I made this cake for my niece's Halloween party.  It is one that was in the Wilton book this year.  The cake is white with Orange, black and purple bits and layered with a chocolate cream filling.  The two pumpkins on top are made out of white chocolate.  This was a fun cake to make.
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By JoanneK
Oct 28, 2006
Pumpkin cookies with royal icing.  Practice for Halloween.
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By LaylasMommy
Sep 14, 2005


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